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If you read [ profile] fandom_secrets on anything approaching a regular basis, you know there are a lot of secrets posted about this web manga/anime thing(?) called, "Hetalia." Which seems to be about the world's nations...personified. I thought the concept was cute but odd, and basically ignored the secrets.

Yesterday, someone had a secret about wanting to get to know Canada/Canadians better, since they like Canada (named Matthew, or "Matty" in the series) a lot. This led to some discussion in the comments about why Canada is popular in the kink meme, and such.

I was curious enough to ask for a link to said kink meme. And then spent last night reading variations on pairings between Canada/Matthew, and either the U.K. (Arthur) or the U.S. (Alfred).

Some quick samples: )


Simply reading the lists of prompts is enough to inspire both shocked jawdrops and wild fits of giggling. For example:

Japan/N.Italy, schoolgirl outfit

S.Italy/N.Italy, awkward but sweet unification

Spain/S.Italy, foodsex [unfilled!]

And then this, which I think is about the ULTIMATE:

UK/America, teabagging


(...I just had to tell SOMEBODY about that.)

Aside from the numerous lulz, I think I just got quite seriously sucked in - and I haven't actually even seen this series. Granted, I was a bit woozy from lack of sleep last night, but I spent some serious time arguing the finer points of Canada/U.K. with myself. I think the argument went something like, "Arthur would top," [as much as it pains my sense of national pride to say so], "usually, but Matty has a young, rebellious streak that would balance Arthur's stuffiness rather nicely." Or something like that. And of course, they're both a little knocked for a loop by Alfred - loud, obnoxious, annoying and pretty self-absorbed...but brilliant and beautiful despite all his flaws.

Also, I now have this weird desire to re-learn all the French I used to know when my family lived in Montreal. I lost it when we moved, and I've NEVER had the desire to re-learn it before, but I've downloaded a bunch of French language mp3s to my player now. (It's a little freaky to me how easily some of it is actually coming back.)

I think...I think I might have officially lost it.

I mean, I'm shipping NATIONS now. Personified, but still. I ship Canada/U.K.

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Discovered via [ profile] t_eyla:

Steven Moffat will be replacing Russell T. Davies as head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who.

For anyone who might watch Who, but not be sure who he is: he wrote the two-parter, "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances," in series one; "The Girl in the Fireplace" in series two; and the well-awarded, "Blink," in series three. Also, "Time Crash," and the upcoming "haunted library" two-parter this series.

I spent a solid twenty minutes HAPPY DANCING to this news! I mean, I physically got up and danced. And giggled and grinned to myself for about an hour while I had lunch. SO MUCH YAYNESS AND AWESOME.

Also? I have a giant Dairymilk bar all to myself right now.

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It took until after the second episode of the fourth series...but there is FINALLY a Ten/Donna community starting up. (Yes, I AM perverse enough to ship the one New Who ship that both writers and actors swear will never sail.) It's here:

[ profile] andtheropes <-- Ten/Donna. (No commas here.)

Fandom comes through again!

Honestly, I'm deeply relieved by this. Cut for R-rated musings )
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1. Dear Doris Egan,

Thank you SO MUCH for remembering how to write House in character. I could say thanks for so much else, but this is the thing that means the absolute most to me. Other people have been complaining for a while now that House has been OOC this season, and while I haven't had quite as low an opinion of it as some, I did agree that this season's House was drifting somewhat. The thing that's really saved it has been Hugh Laurie's consistently brilliant performance; without him, this character would have been all over the place.

Not this episode. THIS is the House I fell for so many months ago when I watched the pilot; THIS is the House I know so intimately, and so adore.

Hopefully, the rest of the writing team will follow your lead. But even if it's only for an episode...

Thank you for bringing House back.


2. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!!!11!eleventy!


This subtext is rapidly becoming...oh, whatever, it's already text )
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Dear Who fandom:

No, actually, physical sex IS NOT the same thing as gender.

Having the ability to change your body does not mean you can change your gender identity. (Of course, that's leaving aside any biological causative factors in gender identity; but you weren't thinking of that in the first place, right?)

In short: a female Doctor?



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It's "ES" people! "ES!"


T. H. R. O. E. S.

"THROES" of passion! Not that "throws of passion" doesn't conjure up some interesting mental images.

It's not that goddamn hard!

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I woke up today with a nasty leg cramp, so I went back to sleep, and slept in WAY too long. I missed the opportunity to do a birthday dinner with my dad, but since I didn't feel like going out anyway, I don't really care. I forgot to call my Aunt Krista back, too...

Today has been a NOTHING day. I didn't even get the growing hole in my work pants patched. I feel like crap about that.

About the only dubious accomplishment I managed today was typing up a TL;DR application to [ profile] house_stamped. I think it's a bit biased (or maybe that's just how it looks to me), but after several attempts to "fix," it, it's as unbiased as it's going to be. I just avoided giving a direct answer to the "who do you relate to" question.

So yeah. My work for the day is here if you're a member.

I need a shower. And food.
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The internet is annoying tonight. I'll provide you with some links to demonstrate.

When I logged on, this came up on my homepage: And so on and so on: Obesity 'socially contagious,' study finds

A landmark study has found that whether those closest to you are overweight or slender can significantly influence your own body shape and that of others in your social group - and that could have huge implications for public health measures to battle the growing obesity epidemic.


And in other news, look what LJ and Six Apart are doing THIS time (courtesy [ profile] theclamsman) - the latest [ profile] lj_biz post (note: several pages of comments, may load very slowly):

Just another clarification of our previous clarifications, that's all.

Seriously, what?

1. First they apologize for Strikethrough 2007, and promise to set things right, i.e. restore the targeted journals. Which they mostly seem to do.

2. Then they promise and swear that it will never, ever happen again.

3. Then they provide clarification after clarification of their policies. Which actually clarify...not much at all...and which don't seem to be different from the policies that led to Strikethrough in the first place. Except maybe they'll try actually READING people's bios next time.

4. Then (as [ profile] theclamsman pointed out) after promising so many times to be good, they hold the Permanent Account sale.

5. Finally, just before everyone gets their HP books and are therefore avoiding the internet (credit again to the same clam-whatever guy for noting their timing), they come out with MORE clarifications:

They want to apply the fucking MILLER TEST to underage sex in fanfiction to decide if it's appropriate or not.




You want community standards? I know where you can find some )
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Since it was only two weeks ago, some of you may recall me posting about this House/Wilson slash author:

"I...had an accident."

I had no intention of sending people to pile-on when I posted that; I really just wanted to vent. And I felt sort of guilty for doing so, honestly, since it's really not my usual style to snipe at people in locked posts. As a general rule, I find that cowardly. If I have an issue, I take it up with that person, or post publicly, or say nothing.

As much as she annoyed me, I just wasn't willing to tell her that I thought her House and Wilson were way out-of-character when she'd already written 56 chapters. Whether or not it's professional to accept crit gracefully, I know I'd be crushed if I had that much invested in a story and was told that. And hey, a lot of people apparently enjoyed it regardless. She even seemed to clarify the drabble issue for me. So I was almost sorry I posted.

Well, I just went to [ profile] house_wilson, and at the top of the page is a new post from her. It opens with this note:

(Okay, you all have nagged me, so I'm doing this the "correct" way. Apparently, people don't appreciate the possiblity of character death without being forewarned. Silly me, I thought this was just fiction.)

And her "disclaimer" reads:

Possible Character Death; Story not told in order of occurence

So: she's apparently unaware of what the disclaimer is actually for (despite the fact that I've seen her comments around for ages); she doesn't bother to spellcheck her posts; she's unwilling to clarify whether the damn character actually dies or not (does she know?); AND she's willing to mock someone's attachment to a fictional character that she's writing about.

And I'd be willing to bet that she probably figures she should be entitled to the same privilege published authors receive, and not have to warn for character deaths to protect the integrity of her story. Which would be well and good if it weren't for the fact that she's writing in FANDOM, where people can choose another story about the same characters if they don't like YOURS, and it's just courtesy to let people know what they're in for. (Or alternatively, can look forward to.)

JESUS. What a wanker.

I'd actually say something this time, but you know, I'm getting the distinct sense it would be futile.
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Regarding the Biting Beaver (a largely anti-porn focused blog), makeshyftmakeshyft
in fandom_wankfandom_wank [on Journalfen] has this to say:

If you scroll down a bit, there's these just loverly rants about how masterbating[sic] to porn supports sexual slavery. There's a whole mini-rant about the Suicide Girls in the second one.

Of course, it's worth it for the phrase "organic, home-grown empowering sex-positive feminist erotica."

Cause where
I'm from, they just call that fanfic.
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This is absolutely THE BEST THING I'VE READ IN AGES.

Ganked via [ profile] fandomtossed on gj (but the post itself was made by an lj user), an anthropomorfic featuring FANDOM/LJ as a pairing.

Het (but don't let that stop you!), BDSM themes. VERY much NC-17, NSFW, etc.

Making Up Is Hard To Do

LJ's heart ached. "I'm sorry," he said. "It was a mistake."

"Yeah, it was." She didn't look at him. "Look, just get out of my face for a while, okay? I'm so mad at you, I could- I could-"

"What?" LJ eyed her warily. An angry Fandom was unpredictable and quite possibly dangerous.

Fandom's lips curled bitterly. "If I say 'kill you', will you suspend me for death threats?"


Also? I've now discovered [ profile] anthropomor_fic. I wasn't aware there was a community for this brand of crack. (Or, well, I didn't know where it was.) I'm betting that will be another place to find random funny when I'm bored.

*yawns* Long week. Customers have been so bitchy lately; it's great to come online to gems like this.


May. 30th, 2007 01:08 am
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It appears that lj is busy suspending both communities and individual user accounts (although maybe just RPG journals thus far) which have "incest," and possibly any "pedophilia"-related interests listed. (I'm not sure about the last part.)

Ganked from [ profile] darkrosetiger:

Here's a link on some of what's going on.

I'm honestly not clear here myself what IS going on. (Other than a sudden witchhunt!) But as a preventive measure, I'd personally STRONGLY recommend that everyone remove "incest" from their interests list, if you have it listed FOR ANY REASON.

Also, remove anything like:


(And possibly "lolita" - apparently a BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP has been suspended.)

And just in case, I'd also throw in:

-"ageplay" (at least one ageplay community has also been suspended)
-"pedophilia" (even if your interest is academic!)
-Anything else you can think of which might be targeted by nuts on a warpath.

Because yeah, some site called "Warriors for Innocence," is rumoured to be behind this somehow. (I'm not linking because it seems their server tracks where people are linked from, allowing them to track links back to their source, and they've shown up in other people's journals when mentioned.)

Now, "WFI" is claiming innocence (here), but I think it's an awfully big coincidence if they are.

According to their own site, they consider lj interests, "child sex, pedo love, child molestation, child porn, boys in panties, daddy [sic] little girl," to be, "advocating adult-child sex and rape." [Emphasis mine.]

More links:

-A partial listing of suspended comms and journals.

(Note that lj has apparently also suspended journals listing "bestiality"-related interests. I may be especially paranoid here...but the FURRIES on my list might want to remove some interests as well.)

-The discussion on the [ profile] fandom_lawyers community.

I just don't fucking BELIEVE this. WTF.
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*dying* *laughing so hard*

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Stop. No, don't stop, ahhhhh!

*still laughing*

*finally dies*

*last gasp*

Read. You must.

No, don't even bother reading the fic. Unless you really want to.

Just read the review.

Edit: Oh, and this one, too.
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YAY! I basically have a free night! A free night to READ YOU PEOPLE! A free night to get caught up on who's upset, and who's in love...dream posts, link posts, essay posts, diary posts, all kindsa POSTS!

Guess what. I have a blinding headache. And I still feel sick from yesterday, when a cold, combined with my lung, laid me low.

*pained sigh*

So when I finish some replies and this post, I am going to go swallow painkillers and have a hot bath. And then come back!

HP blah blah )


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