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I decided to finally make a Delicious account.

When I did, the site prompted me to add the Firefox Delicious add-on. I figured okay, that'll add a Delicious button to my toolbar. Sure! So I did.

It added three buttons to my toolbar.

It also added three buttons to my status bar, a sidebar which immediately opened and pinned itself, another toolbar and a Delicious-specific menu.


*backs slowly away from his computer*

I don't think I'm ready for this age.
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So we finally, FINALLY got our new computer all set up!

(Well, almost. It's lacking a lot of our old programs, like Photoshop and the Windows Office suite. WTF is "OpenOffice"? I don't want compatibility problems with school files, given that all the school computers use the newest versions of Windows Office programs. Will have to rectify this state of affairs soon.)

BUT. Finally, my mother, my sister and I are no longer frantically juggling a single free gig of space between the three of us. Our new computer has about 250 gigs, and our new external hard drive has twice that. We shall never run out of space again! Ha-HA!

So... What I SHOULD be doing is schoolwork, but naturally what I AM doing is playing with Firefox add-ons, since I can finally put Firefox on our computer. (And this eliminates the need to download Orbit Downloader. Which Mom and my sister have been endlessly complaining about, since they don't know how useful it is or how to use it. And they can't be bothered to learn.)

Babbling about my favourite add-ons thus far, which will probably make no sense to you if you use IE )

Besides all that messing with the internet, I've also been trying to get my iPod set up on our new computer.

Easier said than done. I have it set up for use as an external drive, i.e. it doesn't sync my files. I manually move them on to my iPod. Earlier this was helpful, since it meant that I didn't have to take up our precious free space with music. But it does mean that if anything ever happens to my iPod, I loose ALL my music in one fell swoop.

So I'm trying to put the files onto the new computer. Only, there's not really any way to do that. If I go ahead and sync it, it will just erase all the files from my iPod. Suck.

Previously, I noticed the option to "transfer purchases" FROM an iPod TO a computer. So I just put absolutely everything on my iPod into the "Purchased" playlist. And when I hooked it up today, I told it to transfer purchases.

But ah, no. You see, iTunes is too smart for me!

It transferred purchases. And ONLY purchases. As in, stuff I've actually purchased from the iTunes Store. Which is about 3/10ths of my collection. Everything else - I can't sync it, and I can't transfer it. ARGH.

I can, if need be, re-burn several thousand songs from my CDs again. If I have to. (GAH.) But not everything on my iPod is from a CD. Some of it is just stuff from around the intarwebs. I have no idea how I'm going to get this stuff onto our computer.

Apple, I HATE you! How fucking hard would it be to make it possible to transfer files from an iPod?

(Please don't tell me to buy a non-Apple MP3 player. I have a black/blue 4GB Creative Zen V. It sucks massively, and tech support for Creative products is basically non-existent.)

Change is necessary; but it can be such a serious pain in the ass.
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In the past twelve hours, I have:

-once-and-for-all-maybe deleted Alice 2.0 off my computer. +2MB (Yes, it's sad that 2MB was too much space for the program. Now that my sister's cleared all her damn music off, it hardly matters, but still.)

-downloaded Orbit setup -2MB

-saved 18 photos -2MB (approximately)

-downloaded Einstein and Eddington again, in three zipped parts -800MB total (approximately)

-burnt the first two parts to disc and deleted them (which I hope works, because I have the big file on a flash drive right now, and they love to eat .avi files) +572MB

NET TOTAL, if I've added this all up correctly, should be: -230MB, or thereabouts. I've also been using the internet, so I should have lost a certain amount of space to temporary internet files, but I'm not including that because I don't know what it is.

So explain to me why my free space has jumped from 1.20 GB to 2.14 GB in the past few hours? What the hell is my computer doing?! Some sort of room-making process? Defragging? Shouldn't I notice that happening? And why the hell didn't it do that when I actually needed more space?!

I'm a bit worried it's just eating stuff.


Nov. 27th, 2008 07:20 am
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Technology, I BEATS U!

David Tennant in tight, early-twentieth-century British trousers and being woobishly gay, yes I CAN has.

I'm watching the BBC's Einstein and Eddington right now, and it's really awesome. I should be doing homework, but, well, the day is young. It's not even 8:00 a.m., after all.

There was as assignment for programming class that I had to hand in Monday, despite the fact that I had major problems with it and couldn't really finish it. Still, I was relieved to finally be able to delete Alice 2.0 off my computer, since it meant that I now have room to get back to making discs for people - something I've been unable to do as long as I had to have that stupid program taking up room on my computer. (Also, it helps that my sister finally cleared a bunch of music off.) With an assignment due every week, there was just no taking it off. I tried to squish it in somewhere, but I just suck at programming in Alice, so I've ended up taking the maximum amount of time to do the assignments, every time.

(Of course, those discs are kind of silly now that series 4 of Doctor Who is out on DVD - wow, I fail - but hey, it's a really expensive DVD set and these are free, so Frank and Ann Marie, you still want 'em? Like, um, for Christmas? *blush* It might have gone faster for you to DL them yourselves!)

But it turns out there was a submission problem with my assignment. So my instructor is giving me the rest of today to re-submit it. So...I actually have a chance to try and fix what was wrong. Like, the universe is giving me a chance to save that grade after all.

But it means I have to download Alice again. And struggle with it for several more hours. DAMMIT.

Not looking forward to it. NOT.

Going to finish the movie first instead.

Edit: Poor Eddington! *wibbles*

Edit II: Oh... *wibbles more* This movie will kill me yet. I should stop editing this until I finish it, but I'm doing this in lieu of giving Eddington a hug. WAH.
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I feel like crap today, so I didn't go to school. I'm just desperately trying to catch up on my calc in time for the first quiz tomorrow.

I emailed all my instructors, and one of them has something screwy going on with email. (Well, that, or it's mine.) When I emailed him, the message ended up looking "malformed" from my end. Same thing with the instructor I emailed directly after viewing a message from the first instructor - the email is "malformed," and it looks like my email tried to send my message FROM the first instructor's email. Buh? So weird.

At [ profile] t_eyla's urging, I'm currently giving Mozilla Firefox a trial run as a web browser. (Well, actually she specifically suggested Opera; but whatever, our school comps have Firefox, so might as well try that, anyway.) I dunno, guys. It's fun in a lot of ways, but...yeah, I don't know.

Both squee and bitching about Firefox follows )

So...once I'm done playing with it, I will pretty much have to go and uninstall Firefox again, because we just plain and simply do not have the space for it on our desktop computer.

But when Mom gets back, she's promised that she and I are going to go laptop shopping together at Laptop Depot. Whatever I get, it'll be bound to have way more space than our desktop, so I'll probably put both IE and Firefox on it. Oh, and I'll be able to stop using MP3 players as external drives.

(Actually, my sister has a laptop as well, so we'll then all have laptops that we're using partially as external drives for the home desktop. A sad statement on how obsolete our computer is, that we need 3 laptops on which to keep the stuff it can't hold. Also, the monitor is dying. ALSO, the right mouse button on our mouse died a few days ago, and I had to switch the scroll button to a right-click button.)

Mom's back tomorrow actually, so maybe we can arrange to go shopping sometime next week. Thursday, maybe.
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Okay, guys:

How the HELL do you get avi. files OFF your computer and onto a disc?

I don't need it to be a playable video disc. (Unless there's no other way to do it.) I just want to back some TV eps onto disc so I can delete them off our computer, and I'd be fine with a data disc as long as I could later open the episodes on my computer.

But everything I've tried with Nero Express doesn't work, and I don't understand why. Is this not possible, or what?

HELP! Please! Anybody!
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I just FINALLY figured out a way to screencap in Windows Media Player. FEAR MY AWESOME SKILLS. Nothing can stop me now.

So naturally, I had to do this straightaway. I apologize if I give any offense, but this was the very first thing that popped into my brain while watching this moment in "Planet of the Ood."

Textually NSFW:

'You've got a box, he's got a Ferrari!' )
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WHOO-HOO, I HAVE JOINED THE 21ST CENTURY! Got uTorrent downloaded (thank you Frank, very user-friendly), and seem to have gotten things going by pressing "OK" buttons a lot.

Ugh. ...16% in...HOW many minutes? Is this how bloody slow torrents download?! Fecking hell. I might be better off trying to find an avi. file on Sendspace or something. Except I'd probably have to wait a few days for that. Meh.

Oh, and apparently my father has joined the 20th century himself. He got a cell phone. Although he warns me, "I probably won't remember to turn it on much." *snort*

And I had another great day at work. The fates conspire against me or something, in ironic fashion. Since I mentioned yesterday that the Boss's Daughter doesn't need her period to be able to moan about how miserable she is (since she's sick), I got mine. And someone already went home sick today (one of our kitchen staff has a digestive disorder, it seems), so I couldn't go home. Not that it would have mattered - B.D. would likely have left before I got there today if he hadn't. Holy crap, I was in so much pain tonight. Two more days of work, and then I'm sleeping, like, 16 hours straight or something.

(Apologies for all these "and I had Wheaties for breakfast" entries lately, but I don't have much to do at the moment but sit here and type.)

Mmmm....20%. *sighs* This wouldn't be necessary if the CBC was just going to air these episodes a few weeks behind, but no. The CBC most definitely has NOT joined the 21st century.

Die, CBC, die.

Edit: Oh my god, fucking awesome episode. Notes to follow tomorrow. But now, BED.
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The phone my mother got me when I was 18 - for emergency calls, mainly, after I had my first lung collapse - is now so apparently out of date that our network service provider will not support it anymore. Or, as Canadian comic Ron James puts it, "The guy at Best Buy is looking at my four-year-old phone like I dug it up from the saaaands of Egypt!"

So they sent me a new, replacement phone. Supposedly the most basic flip-phone on the market.

Basic, my ass. From the instruction manual:

Access codes

Security code

The security code (5 to 10 digits) helps to protect your phone against unauthorized use. The preset code is 12345. To change the code and set the phone to request the code, see "Security," p. 39.

PIN codes

The personal identification number (PIN) code and the universal personal identification number (UPIN) code (4 to 8 digits) helps to protect your SIM card against unauthorized use. See "Security," p. 39.

The PIN2 code (4 to 8 digits) may be supplied with the SIM card and is required for some functions. 

The module PIN is required to access the information in the security module. See "Security module," p. 51.

The signing PIN is required for the digital signature. See "Digital signature," p. 52.

PUK codes

The personal unblocking key (PUK) code and the universal personal unblocking key (UPUK) code (8 digits) are required to change a blocked PIN code and UPIN code, respectively. The PUK2 code (8 digits) is required to change a blocked PIN2 code. If the codes are not supplied with the SIM card, contact your local service provider for the codes.

Restriction password

The restriction password (4 digits) is required when using the
Call restrictions.  See "Security," p. 39.




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