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Got this from [ profile] griffen. Not something I'd even thought of, but obviously other people have, so I'm passing it on.

IF YOU ARE LEAVING LJ and you plan to make an RSS feed of someone else's journal so that you can continue to read it elsewhere:

Do not create an RSS feed and name it with a username. Doing so blocks the use of that username by its owner. Always create RSS feeds with a prefix or suffix such as "ij_stewardess" or "stewardess_rss" and so on.

RSS feed names are treated just like usernames, and that creates problems.

For instance, if an InsaneJournal member had created a feed named "stewardess" for my LiveJournal, I would be unable to get an account called "stewardess" at InsaneJournal.

[From here.]
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The internet is annoying tonight. I'll provide you with some links to demonstrate.

When I logged on, this came up on my homepage: And so on and so on: Obesity 'socially contagious,' study finds

A landmark study has found that whether those closest to you are overweight or slender can significantly influence your own body shape and that of others in your social group - and that could have huge implications for public health measures to battle the growing obesity epidemic.


And in other news, look what LJ and Six Apart are doing THIS time (courtesy [ profile] theclamsman) - the latest [ profile] lj_biz post (note: several pages of comments, may load very slowly):

Just another clarification of our previous clarifications, that's all.

Seriously, what?

1. First they apologize for Strikethrough 2007, and promise to set things right, i.e. restore the targeted journals. Which they mostly seem to do.

2. Then they promise and swear that it will never, ever happen again.

3. Then they provide clarification after clarification of their policies. Which actually clarify...not much at all...and which don't seem to be different from the policies that led to Strikethrough in the first place. Except maybe they'll try actually READING people's bios next time.

4. Then (as [ profile] theclamsman pointed out) after promising so many times to be good, they hold the Permanent Account sale.

5. Finally, just before everyone gets their HP books and are therefore avoiding the internet (credit again to the same clam-whatever guy for noting their timing), they come out with MORE clarifications:

They want to apply the fucking MILLER TEST to underage sex in fanfiction to decide if it's appropriate or not.




You want community standards? I know where you can find some )
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This is absolutely THE BEST THING I'VE READ IN AGES.

Ganked via [ profile] fandomtossed on gj (but the post itself was made by an lj user), an anthropomorfic featuring FANDOM/LJ as a pairing.

Het (but don't let that stop you!), BDSM themes. VERY much NC-17, NSFW, etc.

Making Up Is Hard To Do

LJ's heart ached. "I'm sorry," he said. "It was a mistake."

"Yeah, it was." She didn't look at him. "Look, just get out of my face for a while, okay? I'm so mad at you, I could- I could-"

"What?" LJ eyed her warily. An angry Fandom was unpredictable and quite possibly dangerous.

Fandom's lips curled bitterly. "If I say 'kill you', will you suspend me for death threats?"


Also? I've now discovered [ profile] anthropomor_fic. I wasn't aware there was a community for this brand of crack. (Or, well, I didn't know where it was.) I'm betting that will be another place to find random funny when I'm bored.

*yawns* Long week. Customers have been so bitchy lately; it's great to come online to gems like this.
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For those very few who haven't heard it by now (hard to miss, since it's on the main page):

We've been apologized to. More specifically, Mr. Asshat CEO of SixApart - a.k.a. Mr. Barak Berkowitz - has apologized, as rightly he should.

Well, we really screwed that one up...

He's promising they'll fix it - really! - and boy is he ever embarrassed, etc.

Well, it's nice that they jumped so fast to respond to the outcry. It's nice that lj has such a loyal and vocal userbase who will put on this kind of pressure.

I don't think this is entirely over, though. And even if it is, I'm taking some extra steps I admittedly haven't bothered with before.

1. I removed all my interests. I've heard of people having interests of theirs - INCLUDING "SLASH" - removed mysteriously from their userinfos. They were NOT the ones to remove it.

So even if lj will no longer be suspending journals for certain interests, they may be REMOVING YOUR INTERESTS FOR YOU, without notifying you of the change.

So...that's it. I'm not taking any more risks with my interests list. It's gone, at least for now. Possibly forever.

2. I'll be backing up my journal. I know, I know, everybody should do this. But I'm getting serious about this, now. I have entries in here dating back to early 2002 - I do not want to lose this.

I've never backed up my journal before, so anyone who has advice? It would be greatly appreciated. What's the best way, can you back it up on CD-Rs, etc.

3. I'm copying all my entries to my account at GreatestJournal. Right now I'm doing that manually - anybody know if there's a better way than simply C&Ping everything, and backdating all the entries?

I'm not "moving" to GJ just yet...for multiple reasons. (Fuck, if nothing else, I just spent like $50 bucks on this account.) But I am PREPARED to move, if it comes to that.

My account is here:

beandelphiki @ GreatestJournal.

If you have a GJ account, feel free to drop me a line there and add me. And I RECOMMEND everyone snag an account there - even if you don't plan to use it right now - in the event that you need to move.

...That's all for now, because I have to go to work. Possibly more later.


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