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The July 2007 issue of Scientific American has an article called, "The Evolution of Cats." It's unfortunately not available online, though, or I'd link you guys.

From the "key concepts" summary:

  • The family history of the cat has been murky because cat fossils are sparse and difficult to tell apart. But advances in the study of DNA have made it possible to construct the first clearly resolved family tree for cats.

  • The DNA evidence shows that all living cats trace back to a pantherlike predator that lived in Southeast Asia 10.8 million years ago. The great roaring cats were the first to branch off; seven other lineages followed.

...And apparently the domestic cat comes from the most recent branch ancestor, which lived 3.4 million years ago!

I opened the magazine to the page showing the "cat family tree" and held it in front of Callisto's nose today. (See my icon; that's Callisto, the biggest of our four.)

ME: Look, Callisto! It's your genealogy!

CALLISTO: *sniffsniff* *looks at me: IZ NOT EDEEBALL!*

ME: Well, you're not supposed to eat it, cat.

CALLISTO: *disdain* *rolls over* *look: PLZ TO BE RUBBIN MAH BELIE*

Conversations with him generally go something along those lines.

In other news - because everyone's doing it, and it's actually rather attractive - my badge )
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Trying this again. And if it doesn't work THIS time, I'm really gonna scream.

I've become nosy curious enough to ask: What's the MBTI type of the people on my flist? And, heck, what's your Enneagram type? (While I'm asking...)



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Oct. 30th, 2002 08:29 pm
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Many thanks to [ profile] siegeengine and whoever it was that posted in his journal this link:

I'm an INTP, and I LOVE description I found on this site! It's so me!

I wondered while reading it, though, if I might contradict the description a little bit, what with my opinionated-ness, and all...

Since accurate analysis needs to avoid becoming hampered with details or being influenced by the actions of others, the INTP invariably seeks to withdraw, at least in spirit, from the situation being considered. This detachment can sometimes be so marked that he will readily see himself as a neutral observer having no personal association with that going on around him (unless forced to become directly involved through an attack on his principles). The INTP enjoys speculating about how a news item (for example) might be received by other people or how a point of view might offend certain types of people and be supported by yet other types; but to have a point of view of his own rarely seems relevant!

But then I saw this:

Where the extraversion of the iNtuition function becomes obvious is during discussions, especially heated ones. In contrast to INTJs, an INTP will often make controversial, speculative points of argument, often annoying the discussion-partner, and make them in such a way as to leave the impression that he is very serious about what he says. In reality, the INTP is not actually even certain himself whether he really stands by what he is saying, but his Ne strongly suggests that there must be a core of truth there. The purpose then of his outspoken style of argument is to sharpen his own intuitive understanding by testing the reaction of the listener, and indeed to examine the logic of his own arguments in real time while speaking them out. On occasion, INTPs may seem brash and tactless, but for themselves it is part of their way of getting closer to the truth.

Ha...I totally do that! That doesn't cover my "whatever, like, N-O!" thing I got going on, but I know I do that do. Hmm, maybe there's more. I'm not done reading, but I wanted to share that.

I wonder what the world would be like if everyone understood everyone else's basic motivations?
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The Enneagram Test

Type 1: the Reformer; rational, idealistic - 3
Type 2: the Helper; caring, nurturing - 2
Type 3: the Motivator; adaptable, success-oriented - 4
Type 4: the Artist; intuitive, reserved - 5
Type 5: the Thinker; perceptive, cerebral - 6
Type 6: the Skeptic; committed, security-oriented - 5
Type 7: the Generalist; enthusiastic, productive - 3
Type 8: the Leader; powerful, agressive - 6
Type 9: the Peacemaker; easygoing, accommodating - 2

I think some of this is seriously off...I cannot believe I scored so high on Leader. And I think my score for Artist should definitely be higher. But Thinker?
Nailed me right on the head.

I suppose it's too bad I'm not much of a nurturing person...but,oh,well, leave that for the people who are good at it. I'm not going to try to be someone I'm not. Not anymore.

Also...I scored as an INTP (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver) on an online Myers-Briggs test. Just like I thought.


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