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Jun. 21st, 2008 10:04 am
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Two recs I've been meaning to get to:

Everything Passes, by [livejournal.com profile] rude_not_ginger, is the first Doctor/River fic I read following "Forest of the Dead," and it made me LIKE River a lot more than anything in the episode did. I strongly recommend giving this one a shot, even if you don't like Professor River Song. Hell, especially if you don't like River. I think this story fleshes out her character a bit more than the episode had time for; but mainly, it made me believe the Doctor could go forward knowing what would happen and still end up loving her.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] sizeofthatthing is lj's Doctor Who Anonymous Kink Meme. It works like this: people post smut prompts (mostly anon, although you don't have to be) in the form "[character/pairing/threesome/moresome] - [kink/scenario]" in the comments, and then other people (also mostly anon) post stories to fit the prompts in reply.

Right now it looks like the current batch of members are flagging a bit when it comes to the writing part, so the comm could maybe use some fresh blood.

So if you think you're up to writing some Whoporn (and seriously, this isn't strenuous - the longest prompt responses I've seen so far have been 8 or 9 comments long, but it's totally acceptable to keep a response to 1-2 comments), then please go join!

SMALL WARNING: Some of the prompts and fics are SERIOUSLY kinky, and not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Click at your own discretion.

ATTN: [livejournal.com profile] siegeengine/[livejournal.com profile] haleth. There's been a delay in getting you guys discs. On the best free day I had to burn stuff, I discovered my sister has stolen the rest of my blank CD-Rs. So I had to wait and go buy more. *eyerolls* So at this point guys, I might as well wait a couple more weeks and then I can send you everything at once.
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Er, what's the fannish etiquette surrounding swiping someone else's fic idea? There IS no real fannish etiquette for that, is there? Beyond, of course, "don't do it."

Because...I've done it. Had a conversation with someone about a fic they wanted to write. Sat around wondering how that fic idea would work. Got an idea for how to make it work. Started writing it...

And then, 2,000 words in, it has JUST hit me that I COMPLETELY SWIPED THE IDEA. I never once really thought about it, because honestly, my track record for finishing fic is so terrible. I never thought I'd actually finish it. (And I haven't, as a matter of fact. Not even close.) The idea of my actually finishing a fic is so laughable that I was treating this as...basically an abstract concept. And it might as well be, since I'm sure I wouldn't have finished this one either, except...

Except now I've realized that if I actually DID, on some off chance, finish this fic, posting it would be low since I stole the concept. *facepalms* Oi. So I guess I shouldn't bother working on it any more, then?

LORD, THAT IS TERRIBLE. I can't believe this has really only just occurred to me. That bothers me more than the actual swiping, as it's still only on my hard drive now anyway and thus still private.

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[Certain fandom] + [certain pairing] + [certain act involving abuse of synthetic polymers] = BRAIN EATEN.

Actually wrote about 900 words of fic last night before passing out on my face. (Which means nothing, because I never, ever finish fic, EVER. I've still got three Housefics and two Whofics sitting around on my hard drive/in notebooks unfinished, and they're likely to stay that way. Especially the Housefic which I got up to 1900 words with a YEAR ago before stalling.)

Was fun, though, since I got into that place where the characters refused to do anything I told them (i.e. wouldn't shut the hell up, why do these people talk so damn much, etc.), and surprised me with every line. I actually didn't do anything else last night: no lj, no surfing the intarwebz, just writing. I keep letting life lead me to forget the fact that I actually LIKE to write, when I'm not writing at someone else's say-so.

Although trying to get these two characters IN character feels like I'm blindfolded and trying to hit a piñata, and I honestly should just admit I can't. That I'm terrible at this. Which is probably the reason I never finish or post any of it. THEN EVERYBODY WOULD KNOW I WRITE BADFIC, OMG.

It's nice to feel productive though, even if it's the most useless sort of productive.

...Apparently, the U of C admissions stupidly think they're still waiting for transcripts from me ("Alberta Postsecondary,") when I can clearly see from the list of what they DO have records of getting (high school, MRC, SAIT) that they HAVE all my transcripts already.

I'm going to have to call someone, aren't I? Fuck, I HATE THE PHONE. *grumps*
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This is absolutely THE BEST THING I'VE READ IN AGES.

Ganked via [livejournal.com profile] fandomtossed on gj (but the post itself was made by an lj user), an anthropomorfic featuring FANDOM/LJ as a pairing.

Het (but don't let that stop you!), BDSM themes. VERY much NC-17, NSFW, etc.

Making Up Is Hard To Do

LJ's heart ached. "I'm sorry," he said. "It was a mistake."

"Yeah, it was." She didn't look at him. "Look, just get out of my face for a while, okay? I'm so mad at you, I could- I could-"

"What?" LJ eyed her warily. An angry Fandom was unpredictable and quite possibly dangerous.

Fandom's lips curled bitterly. "If I say 'kill you', will you suspend me for death threats?"


Also? I've now discovered [livejournal.com profile] anthropomor_fic. I wasn't aware there was a community for this brand of crack. (Or, well, I didn't know where it was.) I'm betting that will be another place to find random funny when I'm bored.

*yawns* Long week. Customers have been so bitchy lately; it's great to come online to gems like this.
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*dying* *laughing so hard*

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Stop. No, don't stop, ahhhhh!

*still laughing*

*finally dies*

*last gasp*

Read. You must.

No, don't even bother reading the fic. Unless you really want to.

Just read the review.

Edit: Oh, and this one, too.
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YAY! I basically have a free night! A free night to READ YOU PEOPLE! A free night to get caught up on who's upset, and who's in love...dream posts, link posts, essay posts, diary posts, all kindsa POSTS!

Guess what. I have a blinding headache. And I still feel sick from yesterday, when a cold, combined with my lung, laid me low.

*pained sigh*

So when I finish some replies and this post, I am going to go swallow painkillers and have a hot bath. And then come back!

HP blah blah )


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