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I'll admit this is a meme. But it's a really COOL meme. I did this days ago, and haven't had a chance to post it, but I think other people should find this fun.

Okay, here it is (I've completely forgotten who I originally saw post this, so these are the rules from memory): put your iPod/MP3 player (this assumes you have one) on "shuffle." (If you don't have one, I suppose you could just turn on the radio. It ought to work the same way, since you don't pick the rotation on the radio, either.)

Then, write down the first lyric of the first twenty songs. These form a poem. The first lyric of the 21st song is your title.

Did I cheat when I did this? You betcha! But not so much as you might think. I did move a few lines around (and skip some really goofy songs), but some of the eeriest combinations of lines were pure serendipity. (The boat/stowaway thing, for example.) Totally freaky.

I'm pleased that it sort of formed a story (especially with my bits of re-arrangement, heh), even if it IS unintentionally hilarious with the way you keep getting smacked between the eyes with really obvious, well-known song lyrics.

Also, I didn't see anything saying I HAD to keep this to a strict, four-line stanza format (unless I missed it), so um...I didn't. I actually spliced one line into another towards the end, but hopefully the credits are clear enough.

So...TA-DAAH! [Re-]shuffled art.

I Have Sailed The World )

NEAT, huh?
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Honestly, I don't want to talk about what a disappointment Proposition 8 was. You know, I truly, genuinely believed it wouldn't pass.

All I can say to the Californians on my list is this: the fight's not over. Take heart, and don't give up!

So here's something a bit more fun, hopefully, ganked from [ profile] blackfolk:

Presidential playlists!

(If you have a slow connection, see behind the first cut below for text lists of both playlists.)

The above link opens automatically on Obama's playlist. McCain's playlist is here, although you will probably have to sign up with to access it. (I did. It takes 10 painless seconds, though.)

Supposedly "top ten" lists of both Obama and McCain's favourite songs, as reported by the media. And they basically match what Psychology Today reported in their October piece, "Accounting For Taste." (It was in a sidebar. I included most of the text of that sidebar down below, under the second cut.)

Now I want to say this: I like both playlists! This isn't specifically a, "yay Obama" post, it's just a post to share this, because I think it's pretty awesome!

That said, here are the playlists! )

I can't help but notice that both of them have Sinatra on their playlists. That's Sinatra for you, loved by all.

What Psychology Today had to say about McCain and Obama's respective artistic tastes )

Okay, thoughts? Likes, dislikes from these lists? Feel free to list your own top ten, if you can pick ten. (I sure can't!)
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One thing I'm really liking about Guitar Hero is that it's teaching me to love music I've never really gotten into or liked much before.

I don't have anything against rock, exactly. It's just really not the sort of music I ever listen to myself. My favourite musical genre, let's be honest, is show tunes. Which should tell you right there what sort of a music listener I am. The only "rock" in my personal collection needs to be followed by, "and roll." Think, "Jailhouse Rock" at its hardest.

Oh, and I used to listen to my parent's old cassette tapes ('70s/'80s rock and pop) when I was kid. That's about it.

Not quite sure why there's such a sizable gap in my musical education, but it basically amounts to: when I was old enough to choose my own radio stations, I listened to pop. And then only for a few years before I swore off the radio and started getting most of my musical entertainment in the form of battered cast recordings of Guys and Dolls and Annie Get Your Gun from the library.

My sister takes GREAT delight in mocking my ignorance. You've never heard of Radiohead? We'll just add THAT to the list of things you can't find under your little elevator Muzak rock.

Like I said though, I have nothing AGAINST rock as a genre. I just...haven't taken the time to really sit down and get to like much of it. And admittedly, I'll pick something else first to listen to when I want music.

But since I'm forced to listen to various rock song covers OVER and OVER in the course of playing Guitar Hero, well, I'm sort of getting to like more and more of it.

I know I'm twenty years behind on discovering, "Sweet Child o' Mine," but HEY. Better late than never? The first forty-five seconds of it are so singularly awesome that I can't even get to the rest of the song, I just keep repeating those 45.

Oh yes, and I'm getting pretty comfortable on Medium. I actually got 85% on "Free Bird" today. I think I might be able to ace it soon. I'm NEVER going to be especially good at this game (especially since I never really get time to play it), but it's way more satisfying to get BETTER at than most games.
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Some weeks back, House fandom alerted me (via a fanfic) to the existence of the PlayStation 2 music video game Guitar Hero. Which I'd never heard of before. (Yes, I'm THAT clueless. I was also so late to DDR that it wasn't cool anymore by the time I had a dance pad.)

I've been looking around for it ever since, but it wasn't selling anywhere in the mall where I work. And then last week, suddenly everyone was carrying it again - new shipments must have come in or something. My coworker informed me, so I hustled my butt down to EB Games and picked up the bundled game/controller package for Guitar Hero II.

(Well, hustled down there and then stood by patiently waiting for the guy at the till to stop monologuing to the harried cashier about his gameplay in some first-person shooter or other. It occurs to me that the employees at games stores must get that sort of thing on a regular basis, and I have new appreciation for my job.)

Anyway. Guitar Hero II. This game ROCKS you guys, no pun intended. I may be the only one who hadn't heard of this game before, but just in case I'm not: if you own a PS2 or an Xbox, you should try this.

The breakdown (okay, THAT pun was intended): )

Basically: it's DDR air guitar crossed with pretending you're Whitney Houston or Josh Groban in the shower. Admittedly embarrassing to be caught doing, but seriously INSANE AMOUNTS OF FUN.

I'm not so hot yet, but I've started getting 5 stars (out of five) on the Easy songs the first or second runs through (and my first perfect score, whoo), so I've started trying some Medium, and DAMN is this game a pain with small hands. I played today until my hands were about ready to fall off at the wrists, so I guess I'll see how much this aggravates my RSI...and how obsessed with this game I actually want to be.

FOUND ON YOUTUBE! Favorite song to play so far, despite the fact that it still completely kicks my ass:

"Free Bird" cover on Medium. (Yeah, yeah. Favourite song to PLAY, I said. It's fun.)

I'm doing okay on the first half of the song, but after it kicks into the next gear, I'm pretty much left mashing the buttons. I WANT TO NAIL THIS SONG SO BAD. But I've only got 70% accuracy rate on this song right now. (Oh, and DUDE, I just noticed it's almost ten minutes long. That explains why my hands and arms were cramping so badly after playing it all afternoon.)

*is still trying to get some feeling back in his fingertips*

Okay, some more vids unrelated to my own playing:

An 8-year-old kid playing "Psychobilly Freakout" on Expert. There's a bunch of vids of this kid, who apparently owns more than one version of the game. Check out the parts where he turns his back to the screen. Awesome.

(Less awesome: the fact that he's one of several Guitar-Hero-playing children on YouTube. Ooooh, your child can play on Expert and is only eight? Mine is FIVE! Well, mine is FOUR! Is there NO competition parents won't exploit their children for?)

Also, a double-necked controller! Actually just two controllers stuck together that someone in a pizza costume is playing very badly. Which is just LOL-worthy...that someone would go to the trouble to build that. TOTALLY POINTLESS.

And for even more lulz, the comments left on Guitar Hero vids are always full of people who don't know what the word "game" means. I mean, I could have embedded these, but you'd miss the opportunity to read the gems people leave each other over this game.

That's probably enough obsessive geeking in public for one day.


Jan. 17th, 2007 03:37 pm
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Stolen from [ profile] med_school:

A music video spoof made by students at New York Medical College.

Get Your Study On!


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