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Birthdate:Sep 13, 1984

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50's music, 5w6, 80's music, a chorus line, acting, activism, add, adult add, anti-anti-porn, anti-homophobia, anti-patriarchy, anti-racism, astroboy, atheism, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum, bdsm, bean delphiki, beethoven, being first to list, biking, bill clinton, bisexual women, bmb, bondage, books, boys don't cry, brandon teena, broadway musicals, bun-bun my hero, carson kressley, cats, chadd, civil rights, classical music, comedians, comics, crossdressing, dan savage, david tennant, doctor who, domination, dory, douglas adams, education, edward scissorhands, emmett honeycutt, ender's game, ender's shadow, environmentalism, essays, evolution, feminism, fetch dickson, fetish psychology, forbidden broadway, ftm, gay erotica, gay rights, gay-on-straight sex, general psychology, geometric proofs, glbt rights, gryffindor, guys and dolls, haleth, harry potter, homoerotic, house md, hugh laurie, human rights, hyperactivity, inattention, internets, intj, intp, intx, kink, lighting design, literature, manga, monty python, more anti-, movies, music, neo, nerdx, not reading the bible, not sharing this interest, orange and cream soda, orgasm denial, palilalia, pat califia, patrick califia, peter paige, photography, poetry, polyamory, pro-choice, psychology journals, queer, queer as folk, queer eye, queer history, queers too much, restless leg syndrome, rps, sadism, sarcasm, savage love, sci-fi, science fiction, scientific theories, sensory integration dysfunction, serial killers, set constuction, sexuality, show tunes, siegeengine, skids diangelo, slash, sluggy freelance, snow leopards, soccer, sociopaths, soggs, sports, starsky & hutch, t&d, tacos, techies, technical theatre, the curtain going up, the gay agenda, the requisite anime interest, thinking, transguy, transmen, transsexual, trouble reading clocks, under my livejournal interests, wallace and gromit, writing
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