Mar. 19th, 2009 10:33 am
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*deep breath*

I really wish people would just rent a laptop and book a study room when they need to do a group project on a computer.

I guess that's not really fair - college students can't go throwing money around, even if it's not much to rent a laptop - but how did I end up sitting across from the three loudest girls in the room, working on a project? And the loudest one has a new tongue stud, or braces, or SOMETHING, because she sounds like she has marbles in her mouth.

Also, my wrist hurts. And the keys on the computers in the lab are so old and sticky you practically need to smack each one with a mallet.

Maybe I should go rent a laptop.

Edit: The lab monitor just told them to shut up. HEE.
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Holy fuck, am I ever tired.

I fruitlessly stayed up most of last night to do homework (I really should have just gone to bed, since I didn't do that much work); and tonight I REALLY have to stay up to finish a chem lab write-up on spectroscopy and the prelab for tomorrow.

(Worrisome news: I just heard from someone in my biology lab that a guy in a chem 1201 section - who got this lab write-up marked a week ahead of my section - wrote 14 pages for the spectroscopy lab and barely got a 60%. Ugh, do they want it written in blood? We like, looked at four emission spectra, got a spectrometer demonstration, and burned some metal chloride salt crystals to see their flame color. That's it.)

I'm reading about the use of spectroscopy in astronomy (actually pretty damn cool), and I just read, "Canis Majoris, a young, extremely massive hot star in the Big Dog constellation," as, "Canis Majoris, a young, extremely massive hot star in the Big Dong constellation[...]"

And blinked, and rubbed my eyes. Er, what? Oh my lord, I clearly have such a dirty mind.

On the flip side, I was writing something more private the other day about a strong kink of mine, and, without thinking much about it, described it as, "the carbon atom" of my libido. (Without it, not so many options. With it? Graphite, diamond, carbon nanotubes!)

...Please send help.
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Doing some more Calibrated Peer Reviews.

Seriously, I could CRY. On our last round, two out of three essays I marked were terrible. This round (writing a lab report introduction from a provided procedure/materials/results write-up) also seems to be following that pattern - the last one I marked was SO bad I was forced to flunk it. It's the first one I've actually flunked. And the one I'm looking at now isn't much better - if it actually isn't worse.

*skims* Okay...it's worse. Jesus. HOW are these people ever going to work in a laboratory if they can't bloody read basic instructions?! E.g. DON'T put the procedure in a lab report introduction! Both have! Neither have a hypothesis! Both re-state the results! Which, obviously, are already IN the "results" section of this hypothetical report.

And neither paper so far has been able to follow APA format - holy fuck, the one I'm looking at now cites one source as, "Adobe Acrobat file." OMFG.

Why can't I just write, "You've got to be fucking kidding me," on these? Because I really, really want to.

...I don't drink, so I can't drink heavily to get through this. Maybe I'll deal by going and looking for some pr0n again. Even if it's bad, it's bound to be better than THIS.

Also, my image host appears to have been abducted by aliens. Like, the site isn't even there anymore. Buh? Possibly they just had a major server crash or something, but if it's not back in a day or so, I guess I'll be re-uploading everything somewhere else.

Does Scrapbook actually work for mood icons? Since I'm paid up for a while, I might as well take advantage of it if it'll work.
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I'm sitting in a computer lab right now taking notes off a PowerPoint (oh god, horribly behind AGAIN - how does this HAPPEN??!), and I'm listening to the sound of typing happening all around me, and I had to stop to type myself. I don't really have anything TO type as of yet, but I felt the very desperate NEED to type something. So I am.

I think this, more than anything, demonstrates that typing has become my primary mode of written expression. Years ago, I would have been more likely to be typing and would have felt the desperate need to write something down by hand. Now I am so much more comfortable typing; I can nearly keep up with the flow of my thoughts this way, which is something I could never, ever manage to accomplish when writing by hand. My graphic motor skills are just too weak for me ever to print with any speed, and I cannot write in cursive at all.

(I don't know if this is good or bad for my RSI, since both typing and writing aggravate it. It's just something I'll have to deal with as I go along, but I think at this point typing is actually the better option because I'm more relaxed at it...AS LONG AS my workstation is physically suitable, and I take breaks.)

So by the time I get to a class which is very heavy on hand-written notes (i.e. med school, if that EVER happens, which I am doubting more and more each day), I am going to NEED a notebook computer to take notes on, or I'll never keep up.

Feeling a bit better now that I've typed a bit. I don't want to spam you guys, so I'll just add to this post behind a cut if I feel the strong urge to type some more.

Also, random note: all my mood icons will appear as red x's for a bit because falling asleep in front of Livejournal is really HELL on my bandwidth. (Which I've been doing a lot because our computer monitor is so buggered right now that it keeps dying on me every few minutes, which means I stay up much later trying to work in between it's little fits, which means I'm that much more tired, which means...UGH, FML.)

Cuuut, it's a cuuut, which doesn't have the same ring as snaaaake, but whatever )
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My biology course this semester is doing this bizarre thing called, "Calibrated Peer Review," or "CPR." (And if THAT isn't a confusing acronym, I don't know what is.) The website describes it thusly:

Calibrated Peer Review (CPR)™ is a Web-based program that enables frequent writing assignments even in large classes with limited instructional resources. In fact, CPR can reduce the time an instructor now spends reading and assessing student writing.

What this means is that, above and beyond the regular classroom work, we're all expected to write three extra writing assignments (around 500-600 words each) and submit them online, "calibrate" ourselves by marking three instructor-written essays of varying levels of technical skill, and then mark and comment on three pieces written by our classmates. If you aren't within a certain amount of allowed deviation when you mark the calibrations, you have to do it again until your calibrations are on par; following that, the marks you assign your fellow students are weighted according to how well you matched the instructor's marking on the calibrations.

I call this system, "a waste of my fucking time - YOU'RE the instructor, YOU mark it," but whatever. I'm not exactly going to sacrifice these grades, either.

I just finished my calibrations and got the results back. I was vaguely surprised to see that my grading and answers to the "guiding marking questions" were in some places off the instructor's by as much as 50%, so I asked to see the full comparative breakdown.

Aaand...apparently, you wouldn't want ME for an English teacher )
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Bad News: I don't remember chemistry.

I mean, it's been four years since I did any of this stuff, and I quite seriously do not recall ANY of this. I discovered last night that I don't really even remember how to balance equations. *FACEPALM* Although at least THAT's gradually coming back to me as I look over chem help websites.

Ugly News: There's no way I'm even going to pass my prelab. None.

As hideous as it is to contemplate having to do this for the FIRST wet lab, I think I will skip it, catch up on some missed math homework instead (I hear we have a quiz today), and contact the instructor as per the course outline to ask for make-up work. Claim I was awake all weekend (I was, actually), and that I slept in (I did, actually, since I was planning to get up in the wee hours and figure this crap out, and I didn't wake up until 6:15 because I forgot to set an alarm, ARGH). And that it will NEVER, EVER happen again, really.

(I hope and pray. *dies* Why, oh why, does this lab have to be at 8 am?)

Then I'm going to go find some tutors (electronic or otherwise) and I'm going to spend ALL AFTERNOON (since I have no classes) on REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW so that I'm not sitting in front of my lab manual next week looking at it going, "What's a mol again?"

I got a 98% in chemistry once. It HAS to all be in my brain SOMEWHERE, I just need to nudge it out.

Good News:


Um. I look really, really awesome in a pristine, white, knee-length lab coat. If I do say so myself.

Yeah, that's not a lot of good, but there had to be SOMETHING.
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My computer programming exam is in three hours.

I haven't slept because I took some Dexedrine in order to be able to wake up...and then took some more, just to be sure...and then it was TOO much Dex, and I was awake all night. Smoooooth.

Now it's 5:30 and I'm wide awake and have been up for the past hour and forty-five minutes. But I haven't studied because I'm too jittery and wound up.


Got a haircut yesterday, at least. And Christmas shopping for my coworkers done. Geeked for a bit over Restoration Hardware stocking stuffers, which I'm kind of hoping some of which make an actual appearance in my stocking, since I talked them up to Mom. (Click here and scroll down to "Tools and Gadgets" to see what I mean.)

Also found the December issue of SFX (the Who special) at Great White Games. I noticed some stuff behind the counter that they didn't have on display, so I guess next time I'll ask if they carry DWM.

I think I'll go to the school now. Maybe I can study there.

God, I don't even want to THINK about my Geography exam tomorrow. Don't even go there, self.


Nov. 27th, 2008 07:20 am
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Technology, I BEATS U!

David Tennant in tight, early-twentieth-century British trousers and being woobishly gay, yes I CAN has.

I'm watching the BBC's Einstein and Eddington right now, and it's really awesome. I should be doing homework, but, well, the day is young. It's not even 8:00 a.m., after all.

There was as assignment for programming class that I had to hand in Monday, despite the fact that I had major problems with it and couldn't really finish it. Still, I was relieved to finally be able to delete Alice 2.0 off my computer, since it meant that I now have room to get back to making discs for people - something I've been unable to do as long as I had to have that stupid program taking up room on my computer. (Also, it helps that my sister finally cleared a bunch of music off.) With an assignment due every week, there was just no taking it off. I tried to squish it in somewhere, but I just suck at programming in Alice, so I've ended up taking the maximum amount of time to do the assignments, every time.

(Of course, those discs are kind of silly now that series 4 of Doctor Who is out on DVD - wow, I fail - but hey, it's a really expensive DVD set and these are free, so Frank and Ann Marie, you still want 'em? Like, um, for Christmas? *blush* It might have gone faster for you to DL them yourselves!)

But it turns out there was a submission problem with my assignment. So my instructor is giving me the rest of today to re-submit it. So...I actually have a chance to try and fix what was wrong. Like, the universe is giving me a chance to save that grade after all.

But it means I have to download Alice again. And struggle with it for several more hours. DAMMIT.

Not looking forward to it. NOT.

Going to finish the movie first instead.

Edit: Poor Eddington! *wibbles*

Edit II: Oh... *wibbles more* This movie will kill me yet. I should stop editing this until I finish it, but I'm doing this in lieu of giving Eddington a hug. WAH.
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I expected to be going a little nuts without lj, so I decided to - gasp! - attempt to do some homework. But I was so tired for some reason that even after taking my Dexedrine, I managed to fall asleep in front of the computer and sleep through the entire move. Heh. I woke up to refresh LJ Status, and it went from saying, "We've taken the site down [six minutes ago]," to, "Livejournal is back up. Expect slow page loads."

I hope and trust everyone's move went okay?

My film class watched Lola rennt (Run Lola Run) on a day when I wasn't there, and I just watched it yesterday in the library to catch up. I went in blind, having no idea whatsoever what it was about, but it scored big points with me when I realised: This movie is about time loops! Heh.

Overall, a really cool movie, although it was one of those ones that was really hard to sit through for some reason. Some movies are just like that for me - no matter how good they are, I struggle to sit still and watch them. And then I definitely can't watch them twice. Movies with a slower, thoughtful pace tend to fall into this category, as well as movies that require me to be pretty mentally alert to follow them more than superficially. (Citizen Kane, for example, despite being genius, is hard for me to watch.) This movie is supposedly pretty fast-paced, but the fact that the story is repeated several times, albeit differently each time, makes it rather slow to me.

I liked the soundtrack, so I went looking on iTunes and mininova to see if I could find it, with not much luck thus far except for finding the music that plays over the interludes between runs.

I did, however, read the Wikipedia page on it, and noted this bit, from the summary of her third run:

[Lola] hitches a ride in the same ambulance, unnoticed by the driver, as it stops in front of the crew with the window pane. The ambulance is carrying Schuster, the security guard from her father's bank who has apparently suffered a heart attack, as foreshadowed by his clutching his chest and his loud heartbeats in the Second Run earlier in the film. Although some English subtitles here have Lola saying, "I'll stay with him," the actual German line is, "Ich gehöre zu ihm," which translates as, "I'm with him," or, "I belong with him." She holds Schuster's hand, and moments later, his heart rate begins to return to normal. The paramedic is stunned and relieved.
(Bolds mine.)

Okay, a question for the Germans on my list, if you see this:

Which translation do you think is the better one? Is, "I'll stay with him," something that fits how her words would generally be taken, regardless of how it literally translates? Or did the people who wrote the English subtitles just mess up?
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Just got my marked Globalization essay back. (On the topic, "Will there be an inexorable clash of civilizations which will lead to conflict?" Whoo-hoo. God, I can't stand the "clash" theory, or Huntington.)

I was sick at the time it was due a few weeks ago, and simply wasn't able to finish it by the 11:00 p.m. due date. It was supposed to be 5-10 pages, not including the cover page and page of references. But I had NOTHING actually completed (I even forgot my instructor's name on the cover sheet), or even spellchecked (as I discovered when I found all the little typos my instructor marked) at 11:00; I'd actually only typed up 2.5 pages. Still, I fired it off because it was that, or nothing. Even a failing mark is better than a zero, right?

Despite all this, I got it back with...

...a B+. A goddamn B+.

I was expecting a D at best. In truth, I really, honestly SHOULD have gotten an F. I didn't complete the bare minimum requirements of the assignment!

My instructor is this guy. (Someone who's read through what comes up for him on Google informed me that, "everybody hates him!") But I certainly don't doubt his intelligence, so I'm torn between feeling complimented and feeling like I got a pat on the head for my widdle first-year work. I can't complain in terms of my final mark, but I'd hate to think that I got a B+ for a half-finished paper because his expectations weren't that high to begin with.

His comments were as follows:


You write really well. Your arguments and
[sic] clear and easy to follow, and your style and tone are a pleasure to read – blending the academic tone you need with eminently readable vocabulary and a truly engaging pace. I am interested to know how you would have completed your thesis had you been able to finish this paper. If you would like to finish it and resubmit, I will consider a higher grade (I don’t do this often – OK, ever – but I sense you would like to finish the paper yourself for some intellectual closure).

He hasn't said WHEN I should re-submit, which I plan to take full advantage of if I do this (I have a big assignment tonight, so there's just no way I could do it tonight). Tuesday, I might be able to do.

The biggest problem?

I really don't KNOW how I was going to finish this paper. I was running out of things to say at 2.5 pages, having lost a lot of research time while sick. Part of the reason I gave up and submitted it when I did was the sense that I was never going to be able to close my argument anyway.

He is right, though. I would like to finish it.

What to do.
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Ugh. Just finished my comprehensive Geography midterm.

Unweighted, my mark in this course is a bare pass. (I didn't do so hot on the first quiz.) Properly weighted, it's about a 75%. But this last midterm? Is worth 25% of my mark. And I DEFINITELY just bombed it. Had to leave an entire page of short-answer questions blank, for god's sake. I didn't have a clue.

I studied for this stupid thing for FOUR HOURS. I checked the course syllabus online before I began studying, and since it didn't specify the material, I assumed it was for all the chapters we've completed thus far (five in total). So I managed to get through the first three in detail and skimmed the last two, thinking that I was at least guaranteed to pass.

And the test was on the fourth and fifth chapters. Everything I DIDN'T study. Fifty multiple-choice questions and 34 marks worth of short answer, and there were maybe 10 questions that didn't sound like gobbledigook.

So I just found my hard copy of the syllabus, and the midterm material is penned in on it - they forgot to include that information on the syllabus originally, and I wrote it down the first class and forgot all about it.

I'm just...really mad at myself. For the hit my already suffering grade will take, for my stupid oversight, for the wasted time I spent studying material I didn't need to. By the time the final rolls around, I bet I'll have forgotten it.

It stings that between all the classes I've missed due to being ill recently, my weak grades and my general tendency to be late to everything (including, most likely, my own future funeral), I KNOW my instructor thinks I'm a worthless slacker. I made it into class today as he was starting to pass out the bubble sheets (FAR from the last one there, maybe two minutes after the official start of class), and I didn't miss the faintly annoyed expression he made at my mere appearance. People who came in afterward got smiles.

I'm the annoying one. AGAIN.

I'm really, really hating this class.

WHAT made me think that this school year would be any different? All I do is fuck up.
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  • Due to being sick all last week, I'm at least a bit behind in most of my classes.

  • Let's face it, my calc class honestly sort of left me in the dust the first WEEK. I might just be better off withdrawing and attempting it again next semester, in a different time slot (e.g. NOT 8 a.m.) and with an instructor who doesn't have an accent I'm unable to understand. Trouble is, that means I'm behind two classes in the program. Since I'm basically a semester ahead with prior credit, that's not TOO bad. Still...

    (I don't know...maybe I should talk to advising about the, "at least one undiagnosed sleep disorder and possibly more, eight a.m. classes will NOT work, even if I AM in a Bachelor's program," thing. Maybe they can help me?)

  • I didn't sleep at ALL last night. The same button that always falls out on my watches fell out on the most recent one again, and the fucking alarm went off every five minutes ALL night for some reason. I tried to fix it - couldn't. Tried to bury the damn thing - could still hear it. ARGH. I feel like I have a hang-over or something.

  • I still have to write my essay for Globalization which I didn't work on at all last week because I was inches from death. So I have, like...a day to do it in. No extensions, because today is the last class. Grr.

    I'm tempted to say, "fuck it," and suck up the 15% loss in my grade. But I've already made those sorts of sacrifices in math (assuming I don't withdraw), and probably BOMBED a 10% quiz in geography two weeks ago, and I'd really prefer not to totally destroy my GPA this semester.

    Plus I REALLY want to do a good job shredding Samuel P. Huntington's "clash of civilizations," theory, oh Mr. "Those Black Folk Askin' For Special Rights Causes Racism."

    (And second-hand opinions don't make you look any smarter, the song I'm currently listening to sez. If only Huntington could hear it right now.)


  • I just got my period today.



Make it stop. I want to get off.
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A question for you guys:

Is there really any food or substance which (in your personal experience) ACTUALLY works as an aphrodisiac?

I know there's a lot of mythology out there (oysters and so on), but does anything really, truly increase libido?

(Other than any drug that's actually meant to, like Viagra. Viagra might not actually be officially considered an aphrodisiac, but considering some of the second-hand accounts I've heard of its effects on people, I think it might as well be one.)

I'm just wondering if there's something I'm doing or eating differently lately that I could STOP doing or eating.

I am taking more Dexedrine for school, but since I'm ingesting it orally, I would think that it wouldn't have the same effects as amphetamines taken recreationally. (Besides, I'm pretty sure that's just meth, and doesn't apply to Dex whether I was snorting it or not.) And the only thing I think I'm really eating that much more of is salad, and well.

Eggs, button mushrooms and spinach aren't aphrodisiacs, are they? I really wouldn't think so.

I have hoooomewooork! Eleven pages of how globalization is affecting the Muslim world, and a debate on the "clash of civilizations" tomorrow to prepare for - to say nothing of my geography quiz to study for, my programming readings, my film study readings, and all the math I'm behind on.

(Why yes, I did spend today in bed in agony with my shitty back! Missed my first class because I was so tired I slept in, and then when I woke up, I was physically unable to get out of bed. So I spent all day in bed with a heating pad, and finally made it up and loosened up with heat patches. FTL.

Which leaves me even more to catch up on. Sigh.)

And this is very distracting on a day-to-day basis. How do you some of you people cope?!

Edit: Apparently there's a keyboard shortcut for "post." Wish I knew what THAT was so I could avoid it.
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WHY is it that whenever I'm in the computer lab, I end up at a computer next to someone who is a very loud mouth breather? Or someone who smacks their lips constantly? I could understand this happening once in a while, but this seriously happens to me every damn day.

Today, for example, I entered the free lab to work on my geography independent study course with the online tutorial help at hand. And shortly after I first booted up a computer, I discovered that the guy sitting beside me had this habit of sighing loudly and frequently.

But he left after less than an hour. ...Only to be replaced by this girl who's, you guessed it, loudly breathing through her mouth.


Ugh. I pulled an all-nighter to work on a math project that was due today. (I finally gave up on the last question because my sister's graphing calculator was unable to calculate it. "Some stupidly large number," was my answer. So it's probably wrong, but oh well. I think MOST of it is right.)

And now I have classes today until five, plus my debate group meets at three.

But I'm head-bobbing right now. I hope I get a third wind later today (third because I'm sure I've used up my second wind).

God, I want to go back to bed.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

...I honestly think the fact that someone would even ask this question is sick. I live in a country with a universal health care system: a system which is currently under attack from critics who think we would do better to just make health care a free market (or at least put some services on the market - like expensive surgeries), and I'm TERRIFIED this will happen.

Don't get me wrong, Canada's health care system is in huge crisis right now. But that doesn't scare me anywhere NEAR as much as the proposed alternatives, where only the rich could afford to see a doctor.

And some of the people who are pushing this the hardest are here in the redneck west, Alberta. Alberta is RICH right now, and yet, the government is somehow failing to put enough money back into health care to keep the system from its rapidly speeding demise. The numbers and news stories just get scarier: more than half the family doctors in Calgary have plans to close their practices within the next few years because of the soaring overhead costs, and hospitals (according to one news story I read some months back) are considering lining the hallways with beds because they don't have enough rooms. (For all I know, they might already have started doing so.) The big story in previous months has been the fact that pregnant women were being turned away from hospitals in droves for lack of beds and being told to seek midwives - a service many, many women can't afford.

It's ALREADY a privilege to have a doctor in Calgary; not necessarily because you can't personally afford it, but because the health care system is so pressed for money that the equipment, space, doctors and nurses simply aren't there.

(Disappointingly - and bitterly so - there is also no real effort being made to increase the number of available spaces in most of Canada's programs of medical study. Many Canadian premed students end up in foreign universities, then foreign residencies, and never make it home to practice. On top of all the doctors fleeing the system here, we are losing an untold number of potential FUTURE doctors.)

So the solution is apparently to put it all on the market and let the health practitioners make up the difference by charging people an arm and a leg to get off the months-long waiting lists for any kind of specialty help.

And if you can't afford it, well, you could be on those lists for much, much longer.

But hey, every Albertan got a $400 cheque last year! Not nearly enough to cover many health care costs for ANYONE directly, but at least everybody got the same amount! That's fair, yeah?

It's just not just.

Which reminds me, I finished all those Globalization readings yesterday (finally!), and I read something from a Scientific American article in my coursepack that made me cry:

According to the estimates of the U.N. Millennium Project, all it would take to lift every single person on the African continent who is currently living in extreme poverty (extreme poverty being defined as making less than $1 a day and being unable to afford the basic necessities of life - including basic health care, ahem) out of it is 0.5% of the combined GNP of donor countries.


Also, Americans (this being an American publication, there were no numbers for Canadians) generally see foreign aid as, "throwing money away," because they think quite a bit of money is going towards foreign aid, and don't see anything happening.

Yet when polled as to the amount of money they believe is being spent on foreign aid, Americans overestimate the amount by as much as 30 times.

...Just something to mull over.
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My Globalization readings are fucking killing me. This was stuff we started last week, but since I was out sick for a few days and worked all weekend, I didn't really have time to do it. That's...very unfortunate.

I'm supposed to have four articles read and summarized (in 1-2 paragraphs, with proper APA citation) by 4 p.m. today. Not including my programming class (which runs from 2-3), I have until four to do it. But I'm currently SLOGGING through the first 8-page article - a transcript of a speech/lecture entitled, "Islam in English Law."

An excerpt (notice that this is ONE SENTENCE):

The rule of law is thus not the enshrining of priority for the universal/abstract dimension of social existence but the establishing of a space accessible to everyone in which it is possible to affirm and defend a commitment to human dignity as such, independent of membership in any specific human community or tradition, so that when specific communities or traditions are in danger of claiming finality for their own boundaries of practice and understanding, they are reminded that they have to come to terms with the actuality of human diversity - and that the only way of doing this is to acknowledge the category of ‘human dignity as such’ – a non-negotiable assumption that each agent (with his or her historical and social affiliations) could be expected to have a voice in the shaping of some common project for the well-being and order of a human group.

(Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Feb. 7/08)

I mean, I can grok it, but slooowly. Too slowly to think I'm going to get this finished. I mean, good thing it's only 4% of my final mark, but aaargh, I want to complete this! And apparently the entire point of this assignment is just to get us used to...


...Aaaand, there's apparently MORE READINGS unrelated to this assignment on the Blackboard. (For anyone who's never used a Blackboard before, that's an online platform for students and instructors which is mainly used to post announcements, assignments, and the like.) I have more reading in this class than all the rest COMBINED.

Back to it. *tears hair*
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Nevermind, I'm a dumbass )

Edit: Oh god, the answer was like, *valleygirl* DUUUUH!
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I saw an academic adviser yesterday. FANTASTIC news:

Due to transfer credit, I have already completed half my general education requirements for the next four years.

Generally, students in a Bachelor's program are required to take a total of 12 General Education classes - four, "foundation," level, four second-level, and four third-level - from four "clusters." Those clusters being:

1. Numeracy and Scientific Literacy [math and science, obviously]
2. Values, Beliefs and Identity [humanities]
3. Community and Society [a weird mix of stuff that wasn't under the first two clusters, including more geography and history, women and gender studies, economics, more philosophy and sociology, poli. sci. and...phys. ed.]
4. Communications [speech and stuff not included under cluster 2, i.e. more theatre and English lit]

SO. Other than the two "foundation" level courses I need to take this year (in clusters 1 and 3), I can go straight into taking third-level Gen Ed. courses if I have the prereqs, or just the prereqs for the third-level courses I will WANT to be taking in the next few years. AND I don't have to take courses from all four "clusters" if I don't want to - I'm only required to spread myself over two clusters in the future, so I have a LOT more freedom of choice in my Gen Ed.

Freaking AWESOME, eh? I can go straight into taking, "Gender and Popular Culture," and things like that.


Edit: Slightly less awesome: I mis-read my schedule and missed a tutorial today. Oops? *frowny face* My schedule's changed a lot, which is probably why I got confused. Plus I didn't have my books ANYWAY (stupid bookstore...).

Not having a printer to print off said schedule really sucks. I need to figure out where I go to put money on my campus card so I can just print it off at school.
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With one small (well, maybe not small, but whatever) sticking point, this week is ending on a MUCH better note than I would have thought.

1. Since I didn't exactly make an official announcement at the time, I will now:

I got into Mount Royal's Bachelor's of Science program. Wheee!

My major right now is, "general science," which I realize isn't a real major, but I'll be tailoring my program to reflect biology/health science courses, and possibly transfer to the U of C in two years as a bio major.

2. Unfortunately, because I was registered VERY late, most of the classes I need to take this year are full. But I am currently registered for:

-"Introduction to Computer-Based Problem Solving for Scientists" [programming]
-"Calculus for Scientists I"
-"The Physical Environment" [geography - next year I take geology]
-"Globalization" ["foundation level" elective]
-"Introduction to Poetry" [elective]
-"Introduction to the Study of Film" [elective]

...Cool, eh? More blather about my course requirements )

BUT. I'm in the, "Intro to the Study of Film" class! I've wanted to take that course since the last time I went to Mount Royal, i.e. five years ago. They can't MAKE me drop it!

Although...I'm in the same section of that class as my sister. Gonna be weeeird much?

3. None of my teachers thus far seem to care a whit that I missed the first day. Whew! Although my family members and coworkers have now all either heard the story or have passed on this, "guess what Dan did THIS time," tidbit, so I guess I entertained some people.

4. My programming teacher is kind of awesome. BUT he wants us all to download Alice to our home computers. Difficult for most people? Surely not. But with MY issues with the space on our comp...urk.

I've been meaning to get a laptop of course, and in that case, I'd simply put Alice on my own machine. But I'm sure I won't have my own laptop by the point where I'll need to start using Alice at home.

So today, I got an iPod instead. Transferring ALL my music on it should free up nearly a gig's worth of space on our comp. Plus I can put the Doctor Who audiobook I've got on it...and possibly some video.

Eighty gigs, you guys. I can't EVEN wrap my brain around that kind of space. It's charging right now, and even with all my music loaded to it, the amount of space that takes up on it is so small that I had to put my face up to my computer screen to see the sliver of blue that appeared at one end of the grey "capacity" bar.

I mean. WHAT.

5. Ugly point of the week - the MRC bookstore took me for $320 when the debit connection failed on me. They didn't let me have my textbooks, AND the transaction went through. But I'm going back on Monday with my bank records, and if they don't either refund the money or give me my books, you can BET I'm gonna throw a blue hairy.

Sooo, all in all, a good week. *whistles*
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Been largely AWOL the past little while due to catching some STUPID virus which left me near death (or felt like it). Am finally returning to the land of the living.

...Well, technically, I was ready to return to the land of the living yesterday except for the part where I felt like I was absolutely made of LEAD. I tried calling in sick yesterday, and my boss told me she had no one to take my place, so I went in. Turns out there was another supervisor on SPARE (not even technically "off"), but because she's a lazy fucking bum, Boss Lady didn't bother to call her. *sulks a bit* So I spent the day letting the wall hold me up.

Oh, and hilariously, when I got to work, my boss wanted to know where my, "bug bite" was. Because when I first called in, I told her that I'd been bitten by some bug, i.e. caught a virus. But she took me literally and thought I'd ACTUALLY been bit by a poisonous spider or something. So she wanted to see the war wound.

Silly Boss Lady! (Although I admit to briefly entertaining Spiderman fantasies there.)

Aaaand, I've concluded that my attempt to go back to school is officially CURSED. I DID get into Mount Royal's BSc program, THANK GOD.

But...I can't register for my classes. Some glitch in the system says they think I haven't been admitted yet. I have the goddamn acceptance letter, but the system won't recognize me. My sister? Had no trouble registering.

So guess where I'm going now? *sighs*

Cursed, I tell you. I'm fucking cursed.


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