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Dear friendslist,

You may have taken note over the past several days of something called the Advisory Board Elections - it appears on the home page, under "Livejournal News." Here is some info on what the board is supposed to be. The election for English-speaking users (in theory, this is actually an election for anyone who doesn't speak Russian, but the REALITY is that these are, I believe, all primarily English-speaking candidates) is currently being held here. Each voter is required to select a first, second and third choice candidate; the selection is made through instant-runoff voting.

If you're like me, you were going out of your way to COMPLETELY IGNORE this. Fact is, Livejournal has already demonstrated that it has no interest in listening to its users, so what good what another "Advisory Board," member do? Surely it's just another tired effort to give lj users the lip service they want.

However, it's recently come to my attention (via [ profile] t_eyla) that [ profile] jameth is running for this board position. Not only is he running, but he currently holds:

  • 21.4% of the first-choice votes
  • 14.5% of the second-choice votes
  • 13.2% of the third-choice votes
He doesn't have the highest number of first-choice votes...but given the IRV process being used, he could win given the number of second- and third-choice votes for him.

Now, I don't know what good this Advisory Board will really do. What I DO know is that having [ profile] jameth on it would be as much of a disaster as the position could allow.

He was one of the first users I learned to avoid on Livejournal, waaay back in 2002, due to the fact that he apparently exists for the mere purpose of trolling and starting drama. I cannot recall the last time I saw a comment from him which was not offensive and rude in some way, shape or form. His community membership reads like a list of hot trolling spots.

If the Advisory Board can do ANY good, [ profile] jameth will not be the one doing it.

So, who to vote for instead?

At the moment [ profile] legomymalfoy has 35.7% of the first-choice votes, and is the most logical choice for EITHER your first or second choice option, as she has the best chance of winning against [ profile] jameth. (I doubt third choice will matter at this point.)

From her campaign platform post:

When speaking about value, I feel that the irresistible value of LiveJournal is in its community. We are what makes LJ valuable. The users who post about their day, about their kids, about their last BDSM encounter, about sex and food and everything under the sun. Without its users, LJ is nothing but an empty husk. To continue being valuable, LJ needs to work on retaining existing users by keeping the aspects of the site that are most valuable to them, while at the same time attracting new users by making new features available and taking advantage of new ways of thinking.

Other reasons to vote for [ profile] legomymalfoy, besides her chances of winning:

  • She is socially leftist. This is good for the diversity of lj's userbase.
  • She appears genuinely respectful of that diversity. (I'm thinking in particular of how people have been feeling lately that lj is less and less queer-friendly.)
  • She appears to appreciate the limitations of an "advisory," position while still taking it seriously.
  • She is a member of fandom, and can represent that section of lj in an advisory position, assuming lj will listen to her.
  • Given all of the above, I trust she will listen to ideas which are not her own if they are good ones. (I say this because other candidates have excellent ideas as well, which I would like to see whoever wins take into consideration.)
As for second- and third-choice candidates, the other two users who are doing most strongly are [ profile] rm (very Old Guard El Jay, fannish, conscious of feminist interests, interested in lj-related disability issues) and [ profile] vichan (also fannish, the creator of [ profile] fandom_counts, claims experience working in committees and management positions.). Their campaign posts are here and here, respectively.

If you'd like to examine the other campaign posts, they all can be found here from the info page of [ profile] lj_election_en.

You still have until tomorrow to vote (that's May 29th, 9:00 p.m. PDT, specifically), and it only take 5 seconds or so.

CLICK HERE to go cast your ballot.

Comments on this post will be DISABLED because [ profile] jameth's supporters are apparently busy trolling posts which cast him in a negative light. I am not embarrassed by anything I've said here (and people are welcome to message me or email me at beandelphiki @, but I will NOT have anyone harassed in my journal for any involvement I may have coaxed them into.
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This is absolutely THE BEST THING I'VE READ IN AGES.

Ganked via [ profile] fandomtossed on gj (but the post itself was made by an lj user), an anthropomorfic featuring FANDOM/LJ as a pairing.

Het (but don't let that stop you!), BDSM themes. VERY much NC-17, NSFW, etc.

Making Up Is Hard To Do

LJ's heart ached. "I'm sorry," he said. "It was a mistake."

"Yeah, it was." She didn't look at him. "Look, just get out of my face for a while, okay? I'm so mad at you, I could- I could-"

"What?" LJ eyed her warily. An angry Fandom was unpredictable and quite possibly dangerous.

Fandom's lips curled bitterly. "If I say 'kill you', will you suspend me for death threats?"


Also? I've now discovered [ profile] anthropomor_fic. I wasn't aware there was a community for this brand of crack. (Or, well, I didn't know where it was.) I'm betting that will be another place to find random funny when I'm bored.

*yawns* Long week. Customers have been so bitchy lately; it's great to come online to gems like this.


May. 30th, 2007 01:08 am
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It appears that lj is busy suspending both communities and individual user accounts (although maybe just RPG journals thus far) which have "incest," and possibly any "pedophilia"-related interests listed. (I'm not sure about the last part.)

Ganked from [ profile] darkrosetiger:

Here's a link on some of what's going on.

I'm honestly not clear here myself what IS going on. (Other than a sudden witchhunt!) But as a preventive measure, I'd personally STRONGLY recommend that everyone remove "incest" from their interests list, if you have it listed FOR ANY REASON.

Also, remove anything like:


(And possibly "lolita" - apparently a BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP has been suspended.)

And just in case, I'd also throw in:

-"ageplay" (at least one ageplay community has also been suspended)
-"pedophilia" (even if your interest is academic!)
-Anything else you can think of which might be targeted by nuts on a warpath.

Because yeah, some site called "Warriors for Innocence," is rumoured to be behind this somehow. (I'm not linking because it seems their server tracks where people are linked from, allowing them to track links back to their source, and they've shown up in other people's journals when mentioned.)

Now, "WFI" is claiming innocence (here), but I think it's an awfully big coincidence if they are.

According to their own site, they consider lj interests, "child sex, pedo love, child molestation, child porn, boys in panties, daddy [sic] little girl," to be, "advocating adult-child sex and rape." [Emphasis mine.]

More links:

-A partial listing of suspended comms and journals.

(Note that lj has apparently also suspended journals listing "bestiality"-related interests. I may be especially paranoid here...but the FURRIES on my list might want to remove some interests as well.)

-The discussion on the [ profile] fandom_lawyers community.

I just don't fucking BELIEVE this. WTF.
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Dear Livejournal,

Thank you for Vertigo. Seriously.

I'm glad I paused to actually skim the new lj news post the other day. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have known about the Vertigo beta. Which I'm now using, since although I don't associate blue-and-blue with lj, it looks more professional than Dystopia, and it has the side bar I positively cannot live without.

I can ALMOST now forgive you for that disaster that was XColibur, and the disaster following that which was Horizon, and your general failure to update Dystopia with all the necessary links. We'll continue to pretend those site schemes DON'T EVEN EXIST.

(I'll never forgive you for the animated ads, though. Or the hideous navigation bar. Or the fact that Google-ads-on-white ruin ANY layout which isn't on a pale background. They are hilarious, though! I thank you for the few hours of amusement I had on my brand spanking new House!fic journal, where the ads along the side suggested "pain management help," and "stylish cane accessories," and asked if I needed to "understand narcotic medications." That was deeply funny until I got sick of them and switched that account back to Basic.)

I was going to renew my paid account anyway, but when I purchased the money order today, I didn't feel NEARLY so ripped off. Unless you fuck me over again, and remove Vertigo as an option, I will never again have to be aggravated by the constant and random layout changes which NEVER help me, or the fact that you keep trying to make me SCROLL SIDEWAYS.

In short Livejournal, thank you. Until the next time I practically have to alter my screen resolution to view this site, we are on friendly terms again.

Enjoy the thirty-five bucks! It's more than forty Canadian, you know.




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