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I expected to be going a little nuts without lj, so I decided to - gasp! - attempt to do some homework. But I was so tired for some reason that even after taking my Dexedrine, I managed to fall asleep in front of the computer and sleep through the entire move. Heh. I woke up to refresh LJ Status, and it went from saying, "We've taken the site down [six minutes ago]," to, "Livejournal is back up. Expect slow page loads."

I hope and trust everyone's move went okay?

My film class watched Lola rennt (Run Lola Run) on a day when I wasn't there, and I just watched it yesterday in the library to catch up. I went in blind, having no idea whatsoever what it was about, but it scored big points with me when I realised: This movie is about time loops! Heh.

Overall, a really cool movie, although it was one of those ones that was really hard to sit through for some reason. Some movies are just like that for me - no matter how good they are, I struggle to sit still and watch them. And then I definitely can't watch them twice. Movies with a slower, thoughtful pace tend to fall into this category, as well as movies that require me to be pretty mentally alert to follow them more than superficially. (Citizen Kane, for example, despite being genius, is hard for me to watch.) This movie is supposedly pretty fast-paced, but the fact that the story is repeated several times, albeit differently each time, makes it rather slow to me.

I liked the soundtrack, so I went looking on iTunes and mininova to see if I could find it, with not much luck thus far except for finding the music that plays over the interludes between runs.

I did, however, read the Wikipedia page on it, and noted this bit, from the summary of her third run:

[Lola] hitches a ride in the same ambulance, unnoticed by the driver, as it stops in front of the crew with the window pane. The ambulance is carrying Schuster, the security guard from her father's bank who has apparently suffered a heart attack, as foreshadowed by his clutching his chest and his loud heartbeats in the Second Run earlier in the film. Although some English subtitles here have Lola saying, "I'll stay with him," the actual German line is, "Ich gehöre zu ihm," which translates as, "I'm with him," or, "I belong with him." She holds Schuster's hand, and moments later, his heart rate begins to return to normal. The paramedic is stunned and relieved.
(Bolds mine.)

Okay, a question for the Germans on my list, if you see this:

Which translation do you think is the better one? Is, "I'll stay with him," something that fits how her words would generally be taken, regardless of how it literally translates? Or did the people who wrote the English subtitles just mess up?
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Honestly, I don't want to talk about what a disappointment Proposition 8 was. You know, I truly, genuinely believed it wouldn't pass.

All I can say to the Californians on my list is this: the fight's not over. Take heart, and don't give up!

So here's something a bit more fun, hopefully, ganked from [ profile] blackfolk:

Presidential playlists!

(If you have a slow connection, see behind the first cut below for text lists of both playlists.)

The above link opens automatically on Obama's playlist. McCain's playlist is here, although you will probably have to sign up with to access it. (I did. It takes 10 painless seconds, though.)

Supposedly "top ten" lists of both Obama and McCain's favourite songs, as reported by the media. And they basically match what Psychology Today reported in their October piece, "Accounting For Taste." (It was in a sidebar. I included most of the text of that sidebar down below, under the second cut.)

Now I want to say this: I like both playlists! This isn't specifically a, "yay Obama" post, it's just a post to share this, because I think it's pretty awesome!

That said, here are the playlists! )

I can't help but notice that both of them have Sinatra on their playlists. That's Sinatra for you, loved by all.

What Psychology Today had to say about McCain and Obama's respective artistic tastes )

Okay, thoughts? Likes, dislikes from these lists? Feel free to list your own top ten, if you can pick ten. (I sure can't!)
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Just saw this in [ profile] atheist

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Between being called back in to work before I'd slept and needing to be up yesterday to go to a barbeque my dad and his girlfriend Jennifer invited me to at their condo (mmm, Cajun steak!), I didn't get a lot of sleep until, oh, TODAY.

But! Now I have slept. Finally. So why am I still draggy and tired? Oh well. I'll probably start to really wake up around midnight. *eyeroll*

And I have a Dalek keychain that [ profile] siegeengine sent me! (Thank you, Frank! I love!) Weirdly, I couldn't find a good picture of it online, but here's a very fuzzy picture of it. [Whoops, link!fail fixed.]

I showed it to my mom the other day after I'd managed to unwrap it from the 60lbs of wrapping [ profile] siegeengine always superglues stuff into (possibly the Dalek might have escaped to terrorize the universe otherwise, though, and YAYZ BUBBLEWRAP):

Me: I HAS A DALEK! *holds up*

Mom: *puzzled* U HAS A DALEK? Y U HAS DALEK?

Me: Frank sent it!

Mom: Ahhh...I wondered what the package was! Looks a bit fragile, doesn't it?

Me: Well, actually the eyestalk and whatnot are soft plastic, so they're pretty flexible. And look, it has wheels! *rolls across computer desk* And look, it came with its own display case! *holds up also*

Mom: Well, of COURSE it does. It's Who!

...Well, I guess she has a point there. (And yes, in case you were wondering, my mom and I DO speak to each other in lolcat.)

I had it in my pocket when I went to Dad and Jennifer's, so part of our dinner-time conversation ended up revolving around Doctor Who. They each examined the little Dalek, with me explaining ("...the whisk is actually a gun...the toilet plunger is kind of like their hand..."). Especially after the bit about the toilet plunger, Dad seemed a little dubious about the further explanation that Daleks are big-time baddies in the Whoniverse. ("Well, it's scary if you're six.")

But we ended up discussing the similarities between Classic Who fen and New Who fen, and Classic/New fen of Battlestar Galactica and the similar arguments/conversations these fen tend to have. Because Dad is fan of the classic BSG series while Jennifer favours the new version, and I just couldn't help but point out how familiar their potshots sounded. ("The old version wasn't one of the best shows on television!"/"The new version ruins the characters!")

In other totally random news (well okay, it's not in ANY way news), Lawrence Miles is the biggest wanker EVAR. Grudgewank highlights this time include:

-Suggesting his, "The Book of the World," script/screenplay/whateveryoucallit is better than Moffat's, "Silence in the Library." (And now I REALLY want to read "Book of the World," just to see if it's any good.)

-Insulting Neil Gaiman(!).

-Blaming Moffat for his own alcoholism and the kerfuffle that lost him the respect of the entire Who production team.

THIS GUY IS SO FUCKING INSANE WHAT. (Although he CAN make the occasional excellent point, as well as be extremely funny - the bit, "We know [RTD's] always had a camp streak as wide as his buttocks, and there have been times during his Confidential interviews when he's looked as if he wants to launch into a chorus of 'That's Entertainment', so perhaps it's no surprise that he might now consider the presence of Kylie Minogue to be more important than the presence of a plot," nearly had me PEEING myself. Doesn't this just make it sadder?)

The LAST time I read one of his rants, he was claiming that Who started to go downhill when it started filming on celluloid in an attempt to look more slickly produced (i.e. "American," according to Miles). I mean, who SERIOUSLY thinks filming on tape is superior?

What a wanker.
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I bring lulzy links!

First, ganked from [ profile] blackfolk, there's this:

13-year-old Steals Dad's Credit Card to Buy Hookers.

(For those who cringed - according to the article, said hookers DID NOT do anything sexual with this boy or the buddies he brought along.)

This really is a Must Read, for:

-The kid's reasoning for hiring these women.
-The kid's incredible RESOURCEFULNESS! I mean, really. It's like a dirty version of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Then there's this: Atheists should all be libertarians.

...Because when YOU support big leftist governments, you put your civil liberties at risk! Those nasty liberals are just WAITING to shove their religion down your throat, doncha know.

More randomly:

-The sixth episode of Doctor Who is downloading for me at the speed that snails fuck. Took me long enough to find the torrent too, since Mininova is limping along today for some reason. God, I'm dying here. At this rate, it'll probably 8 or 9 before it's done. Not viewing DW communities, though. Not. *sighs*

-GOD WRITING PORN IS HARD. Why?! I've read tons of porn. Why can't I write it? What's the block here?

...Well, okay, part of the block is definitely that I write a line and then re-read it and worry that it sounds silly. Then write another line and decide, yup, that definitely sounds silly. Erase it, try to fix the first line. Put the line back the way it was. Fix it again. Undo fix again. Write another line... Lather, rinse, repeat.

And um, I probably shouldn't be reading [ profile] weepingcock at the same time, because reading porn-mockage when you're trying to write same REALLY doesn't help. At all.

So I've got my characters kissing. WHOO ACCOMPLISHMENT. /sarcasm
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I was out running errands yesterday, and while I was browsing our closest Safeway, I ran across a refrigerated sales bin with various Philadelphia cream cheeses and dips. Since I can NEVER resist checking out anything that seems new, odd, or otherwise interesting to me (once it's been brought to my attention, that is), I started sorting through the bin.

Most of the dips looked interesting, but since we have nothing to dip them in at the moment (and I REALLY didn't want to go hauling big bags of chips home in my backpack), I disregarded them. Then I spotted something truly new to me: smoked salmon flavoured cream cheese.

I thought, Ew! Who on earth would eat that?

Then I realized, Oh, yeah. I would. Or at least, I'll TRY practically anything. So I bought it.

When I got home, my mother explained the concept of lox to me. I had no idea! So I guess it's not actually that strange.

She said to me, "It's almost too bad you don't do the grocery shopping in this household. You would, of course, forget to buy toilet paper and dish soap. But you'd constantly be bringing home new and interesting things to try."

<--My personality in a nutshell!

Anyway, I'm having the cream cheese on crackers now. I can't say it immediately brings salmon to mind, but it's pretty good anyway. And I realize this needs another lulz-worthy tag. *adds one*


Also, if you switch Microsoft Word's language preferences to "English (U.K.)," it stops correcting you every time you add a U to "behaviour." And it also stops correcting "arse."

It does not, however, help with this:


(No spelling suggestions.)

Look up!

May. 1st, 2008 04:18 pm
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From here.

It's a little bit PostSecret.
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For lack of anything more creative, I have the Google homepage. (It's called "iGoogle." Very cute.)

If you're not familiar with how the Google homepage works, it's one of those ones where you can add all sorts of widgets to it by selecting them from a directory-thing linked at the top of the page, and then arrange them by dragging the little boxes around the page.

The Google homepage also allows you to set up and name several different "tabs," which are just more pages of widgets you choose and arrange. I have four such tabs - "Home," "Interesting Stuff," "Fun Stuff," and "Very Random." (Yeah, I know, creative titles. I couldn't think of anything when I made those tabs.)

"Home" is mainly Canadian/U.S./world news, Word of the Day and Quotes of the Day. "Interesting Stuff" is U.K. news, online conversion thingies, to-do lists, the NASA picture of the day, and a few other things I can't remember. "Fun Stuff" is basically all games. And I don't even remember what "Very Random" is - hangman and my horoscope and Optical Illusion of the day, I think. Oh, and a spelling game from the Free Dictionary.

I mostly stick to reading "Home." And I swear to god, there are many freaky days when you could swear some of these little widget-things are synchronizing themselves.

Today in Canadian Online Health News:

Britain could face cirrhosis epidemic unless drinking habits change, doctors warn

And on Quotes of the Day:

Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.
-- WC Fields

The only thing that would make that better is if W.C. Fields was British.
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The July 2007 issue of Scientific American has an article called, "The Evolution of Cats." It's unfortunately not available online, though, or I'd link you guys.

From the "key concepts" summary:

  • The family history of the cat has been murky because cat fossils are sparse and difficult to tell apart. But advances in the study of DNA have made it possible to construct the first clearly resolved family tree for cats.

  • The DNA evidence shows that all living cats trace back to a pantherlike predator that lived in Southeast Asia 10.8 million years ago. The great roaring cats were the first to branch off; seven other lineages followed.

...And apparently the domestic cat comes from the most recent branch ancestor, which lived 3.4 million years ago!

I opened the magazine to the page showing the "cat family tree" and held it in front of Callisto's nose today. (See my icon; that's Callisto, the biggest of our four.)

ME: Look, Callisto! It's your genealogy!

CALLISTO: *sniffsniff* *looks at me: IZ NOT EDEEBALL!*

ME: Well, you're not supposed to eat it, cat.

CALLISTO: *disdain* *rolls over* *look: PLZ TO BE RUBBIN MAH BELIE*

Conversations with him generally go something along those lines.

In other news - because everyone's doing it, and it's actually rather attractive - my badge )
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Okay, I realize I've been away from Livejournal from an exceedingly long time. I never meant to be; but then, I'm sure that if I sat down and CHOSE, for my own good, to take a several-week hiatus from posting and reading my friends list, I would never stick to it. But I've been feeling sort of...dysthymic, I guess, detached and run down and sad. I don't know if that's just subconscious worrying about my various health concerns, or lasting fallout from the burnout I went through last year. Or both! Meh.

I don't know if it really HELPED to be away from the computer so much. I've had a fair bit on my mind, but I haven't been writing it down because my home computer setup makes my wrist/arm pain flare badly. I considered just writing a little bit at a time in private entries, and posting them when they were complete, but events and shifts in your life always progress so fast that by the time I had an entry half-done, it was terribly out of date. Oh, well.

But now I'm back in school and finally have access to my laptop again (which was in for virus-related repairs), and I don't seem to have as much trouble with pain with my laptop. So I'll see if getting stuff off my chest in this format again helps or not.

I woke up this morning to the radio DJs discussing the weather in Nevada. Yup, the cold snap down there is even news up here! One of them - the guy on the station I set my alarm to, I don't even know his name after four years of wake-up chatter - commented that a friend of his is currently visiting Las Vegas, where the temperature is currently -1°C. And then, he added, the projected high for the day is 9°C.

"Nine," he said. "NINE. Can you believe it? My friend said she was walking down the street outside yesterday, and it was 'nice and brisk.' But that's just wrong. It's not supposed to be brisk in Nevada."

I found this weather site for the state of Nevada, which hasn't gone higher for the Las Vegas area than 3°C in the time I've been watching. WILD.

Also, check out this state map for weather warnings - Nevada actually doesn't have any, but sections of California have "winter weather advisory"s on 'em, and then there's "freeze warning"s.

(What in fresh hell is a "freeze warning"?! Is that a warning that the temperature is below zero? *amused*)

My mom was telling me yesterday about her American friends complaining about the weather where they are, and while she teased them a tad, she told me we shouldn't dismiss their cold concerns - their houses further south, she told me, are not built like ours are to withstand the cold. (And of course, I'm sure people in Nevada lack proper clothing for the weather they're experiencing.) All Canadian snickering aside, I feel for the poor cold people in the normally hot states.

Huddle for warmth, y'all, no weather lasts forever! *sends 'em all virtual hot chocolate and mittens*

...In the meantime, it's surprisingly warm up here, despite the fact that it's snowing - around minus five.



Aug. 25th, 2006 09:06 am
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Note to my friendslist:


My online time is significantly reduced at the moment, though. I have the name for a chiropractor to see who does Active Release Therapy - apparently, that's supposed to be good for various types of RSI. So hopefully, that all works out. In the meantime though, I've discovered that only an hour or so of scrolling reduces my right arm to a bundle of wildly spasming muscles (like, I lay it on the table and watch it jump around), so I'm mostly laying off the internets when I can for now.

Sadly, to be kept up on my life doesn't take much. I can probably sum it up in bullet points:

-I'm really tired this morning. Didn't sleep last night. Which is...shoot me, because I'm trying to fight off a stupid cold my sister gave me.

-I now own House, M.D., season two. w00t, the blooper reel is the best.

-I'm getting a raise and a promotion in September - I'll finally be a supervisor, and going up to $10/hour. My life's exciting like that.

-I don't recall if I posted about this, but a while back, we had a guy come to Taco Time and try to use a stolen credit card. Luckily, I held on to the card, and when the message, "RETAIN CARD, CALL BANK," came up, I went straight to my super with it - apparently someone reported it stolen a mere 15 minutes before he tried to use it with us. He took off, but he's supposed to have hit at least four other store in our food court, so the police really want to catch him.

Now they want me to identify him from a lineup. Meh, I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing - people can look pretty different in photos, and my memory's not the greatest. Mom says there's an episode of NUMB3RS that deals with the problems with the traditional lineup, so she says she'll pull out the DVD, and I can watch it.

Okay, off to work.


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