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So we finally, FINALLY got our new computer all set up!

(Well, almost. It's lacking a lot of our old programs, like Photoshop and the Windows Office suite. WTF is "OpenOffice"? I don't want compatibility problems with school files, given that all the school computers use the newest versions of Windows Office programs. Will have to rectify this state of affairs soon.)

BUT. Finally, my mother, my sister and I are no longer frantically juggling a single free gig of space between the three of us. Our new computer has about 250 gigs, and our new external hard drive has twice that. We shall never run out of space again! Ha-HA!

So... What I SHOULD be doing is schoolwork, but naturally what I AM doing is playing with Firefox add-ons, since I can finally put Firefox on our computer. (And this eliminates the need to download Orbit Downloader. Which Mom and my sister have been endlessly complaining about, since they don't know how useful it is or how to use it. And they can't be bothered to learn.)

Babbling about my favourite add-ons thus far, which will probably make no sense to you if you use IE )

Besides all that messing with the internet, I've also been trying to get my iPod set up on our new computer.

Easier said than done. I have it set up for use as an external drive, i.e. it doesn't sync my files. I manually move them on to my iPod. Earlier this was helpful, since it meant that I didn't have to take up our precious free space with music. But it does mean that if anything ever happens to my iPod, I loose ALL my music in one fell swoop.

So I'm trying to put the files onto the new computer. Only, there's not really any way to do that. If I go ahead and sync it, it will just erase all the files from my iPod. Suck.

Previously, I noticed the option to "transfer purchases" FROM an iPod TO a computer. So I just put absolutely everything on my iPod into the "Purchased" playlist. And when I hooked it up today, I told it to transfer purchases.

But ah, no. You see, iTunes is too smart for me!

It transferred purchases. And ONLY purchases. As in, stuff I've actually purchased from the iTunes Store. Which is about 3/10ths of my collection. Everything else - I can't sync it, and I can't transfer it. ARGH.

I can, if need be, re-burn several thousand songs from my CDs again. If I have to. (GAH.) But not everything on my iPod is from a CD. Some of it is just stuff from around the intarwebs. I have no idea how I'm going to get this stuff onto our computer.

Apple, I HATE you! How fucking hard would it be to make it possible to transfer files from an iPod?

(Please don't tell me to buy a non-Apple MP3 player. I have a black/blue 4GB Creative Zen V. It sucks massively, and tech support for Creative products is basically non-existent.)

Change is necessary; but it can be such a serious pain in the ass.
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My mother and her two sisters on are a 6-star cruise this week (which my multi-millionaire grandfather financed - no effing way my immediate family could afford to bed down with the rats on something barely afloat, let alone a 6-star cruise), so I'm currently staying in my aunt's apartment to cat-sit for her. (She has three cats like we do.)

Mostly, it's pretty awesome. True, the cats DO wake me up at 7:30 every morning to get fed -but I'm living with that. I have access to a sweet laptop with wireless internet access, my own kitchen, and the entire place ENTIRELY to myself. Well, and the cats. (I accidentally got the "," key on the laptop caught in the spirals of my notebook and it's still slightly crooked, plus I seem to have gotten her lounge chair stuck in a reclined position. Oops. But I DID clean out her laundry corner for her and organized her disastrous cabinets, so maybe it evens out?)

The best thing is, I'm a ten-minute walk away from the school! I can run over and grab myself munchies or whatever anytime the stuff in the apartment isn't enough to sustain me.

Which I might have to. Because all my aunt has in the fridge by way of drinking material is booze and Coke Zero.

And I just discovered why they call it Coke Zero:


...I might have to drink the BUD. Jesus.

Well, yes, I do have filtered water. But sheesh, I shouldn't have to resort to something actually hydrating.
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Holy fuck, am I ever tired.

I fruitlessly stayed up most of last night to do homework (I really should have just gone to bed, since I didn't do that much work); and tonight I REALLY have to stay up to finish a chem lab write-up on spectroscopy and the prelab for tomorrow.

(Worrisome news: I just heard from someone in my biology lab that a guy in a chem 1201 section - who got this lab write-up marked a week ahead of my section - wrote 14 pages for the spectroscopy lab and barely got a 60%. Ugh, do they want it written in blood? We like, looked at four emission spectra, got a spectrometer demonstration, and burned some metal chloride salt crystals to see their flame color. That's it.)

I'm reading about the use of spectroscopy in astronomy (actually pretty damn cool), and I just read, "Canis Majoris, a young, extremely massive hot star in the Big Dog constellation," as, "Canis Majoris, a young, extremely massive hot star in the Big Dong constellation[...]"

And blinked, and rubbed my eyes. Er, what? Oh my lord, I clearly have such a dirty mind.

On the flip side, I was writing something more private the other day about a strong kink of mine, and, without thinking much about it, described it as, "the carbon atom" of my libido. (Without it, not so many options. With it? Graphite, diamond, carbon nanotubes!)

...Please send help.
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My computer programming exam is in three hours.

I haven't slept because I took some Dexedrine in order to be able to wake up...and then took some more, just to be sure...and then it was TOO much Dex, and I was awake all night. Smoooooth.

Now it's 5:30 and I'm wide awake and have been up for the past hour and forty-five minutes. But I haven't studied because I'm too jittery and wound up.


Got a haircut yesterday, at least. And Christmas shopping for my coworkers done. Geeked for a bit over Restoration Hardware stocking stuffers, which I'm kind of hoping some of which make an actual appearance in my stocking, since I talked them up to Mom. (Click here and scroll down to "Tools and Gadgets" to see what I mean.)

Also found the December issue of SFX (the Who special) at Great White Games. I noticed some stuff behind the counter that they didn't have on display, so I guess next time I'll ask if they carry DWM.

I think I'll go to the school now. Maybe I can study there.

God, I don't even want to THINK about my Geography exam tomorrow. Don't even go there, self.
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I rolled over onto my geeky specs glasses waking up this morning, and snapped them clean through in two places.

Holy shit.

So I'm back wearing my old glasses. Guess I'll have to see the optometrist about getting the frames on the old ones replaced. (The lenses, at least, are both okay.)

More than the cost of the replacement frames ($1500, urk - why no, I didn't have to pay tuition this year, why do you ask?), I'm worried that I won't be able to get the same frames again. Because I really did adore those frames. But they're designer frames, and I got them last year, so they'll be out of season or whatever...

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Just got my marked Globalization essay back. (On the topic, "Will there be an inexorable clash of civilizations which will lead to conflict?" Whoo-hoo. God, I can't stand the "clash" theory, or Huntington.)

I was sick at the time it was due a few weeks ago, and simply wasn't able to finish it by the 11:00 p.m. due date. It was supposed to be 5-10 pages, not including the cover page and page of references. But I had NOTHING actually completed (I even forgot my instructor's name on the cover sheet), or even spellchecked (as I discovered when I found all the little typos my instructor marked) at 11:00; I'd actually only typed up 2.5 pages. Still, I fired it off because it was that, or nothing. Even a failing mark is better than a zero, right?

Despite all this, I got it back with...

...a B+. A goddamn B+.

I was expecting a D at best. In truth, I really, honestly SHOULD have gotten an F. I didn't complete the bare minimum requirements of the assignment!

My instructor is this guy. (Someone who's read through what comes up for him on Google informed me that, "everybody hates him!") But I certainly don't doubt his intelligence, so I'm torn between feeling complimented and feeling like I got a pat on the head for my widdle first-year work. I can't complain in terms of my final mark, but I'd hate to think that I got a B+ for a half-finished paper because his expectations weren't that high to begin with.

His comments were as follows:


You write really well. Your arguments and
[sic] clear and easy to follow, and your style and tone are a pleasure to read – blending the academic tone you need with eminently readable vocabulary and a truly engaging pace. I am interested to know how you would have completed your thesis had you been able to finish this paper. If you would like to finish it and resubmit, I will consider a higher grade (I don’t do this often – OK, ever – but I sense you would like to finish the paper yourself for some intellectual closure).

He hasn't said WHEN I should re-submit, which I plan to take full advantage of if I do this (I have a big assignment tonight, so there's just no way I could do it tonight). Tuesday, I might be able to do.

The biggest problem?

I really don't KNOW how I was going to finish this paper. I was running out of things to say at 2.5 pages, having lost a lot of research time while sick. Part of the reason I gave up and submitted it when I did was the sense that I was never going to be able to close my argument anyway.

He is right, though. I would like to finish it.

What to do.
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  • Due to being sick all last week, I'm at least a bit behind in most of my classes.

  • Let's face it, my calc class honestly sort of left me in the dust the first WEEK. I might just be better off withdrawing and attempting it again next semester, in a different time slot (e.g. NOT 8 a.m.) and with an instructor who doesn't have an accent I'm unable to understand. Trouble is, that means I'm behind two classes in the program. Since I'm basically a semester ahead with prior credit, that's not TOO bad. Still...

    (I don't know...maybe I should talk to advising about the, "at least one undiagnosed sleep disorder and possibly more, eight a.m. classes will NOT work, even if I AM in a Bachelor's program," thing. Maybe they can help me?)

  • I didn't sleep at ALL last night. The same button that always falls out on my watches fell out on the most recent one again, and the fucking alarm went off every five minutes ALL night for some reason. I tried to fix it - couldn't. Tried to bury the damn thing - could still hear it. ARGH. I feel like I have a hang-over or something.

  • I still have to write my essay for Globalization which I didn't work on at all last week because I was inches from death. So I have, like...a day to do it in. No extensions, because today is the last class. Grr.

    I'm tempted to say, "fuck it," and suck up the 15% loss in my grade. But I've already made those sorts of sacrifices in math (assuming I don't withdraw), and probably BOMBED a 10% quiz in geography two weeks ago, and I'd really prefer not to totally destroy my GPA this semester.

    Plus I REALLY want to do a good job shredding Samuel P. Huntington's "clash of civilizations," theory, oh Mr. "Those Black Folk Askin' For Special Rights Causes Racism."

    (And second-hand opinions don't make you look any smarter, the song I'm currently listening to sez. If only Huntington could hear it right now.)


  • I just got my period today.



Make it stop. I want to get off.
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WHY is it that whenever I'm in the computer lab, I end up at a computer next to someone who is a very loud mouth breather? Or someone who smacks their lips constantly? I could understand this happening once in a while, but this seriously happens to me every damn day.

Today, for example, I entered the free lab to work on my geography independent study course with the online tutorial help at hand. And shortly after I first booted up a computer, I discovered that the guy sitting beside me had this habit of sighing loudly and frequently.

But he left after less than an hour. ...Only to be replaced by this girl who's, you guessed it, loudly breathing through her mouth.


Ugh. I pulled an all-nighter to work on a math project that was due today. (I finally gave up on the last question because my sister's graphing calculator was unable to calculate it. "Some stupidly large number," was my answer. So it's probably wrong, but oh well. I think MOST of it is right.)

And now I have classes today until five, plus my debate group meets at three.

But I'm head-bobbing right now. I hope I get a third wind later today (third because I'm sure I've used up my second wind).

God, I want to go back to bed.
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With one small (well, maybe not small, but whatever) sticking point, this week is ending on a MUCH better note than I would have thought.

1. Since I didn't exactly make an official announcement at the time, I will now:

I got into Mount Royal's Bachelor's of Science program. Wheee!

My major right now is, "general science," which I realize isn't a real major, but I'll be tailoring my program to reflect biology/health science courses, and possibly transfer to the U of C in two years as a bio major.

2. Unfortunately, because I was registered VERY late, most of the classes I need to take this year are full. But I am currently registered for:

-"Introduction to Computer-Based Problem Solving for Scientists" [programming]
-"Calculus for Scientists I"
-"The Physical Environment" [geography - next year I take geology]
-"Globalization" ["foundation level" elective]
-"Introduction to Poetry" [elective]
-"Introduction to the Study of Film" [elective]

...Cool, eh? More blather about my course requirements )

BUT. I'm in the, "Intro to the Study of Film" class! I've wanted to take that course since the last time I went to Mount Royal, i.e. five years ago. They can't MAKE me drop it!

Although...I'm in the same section of that class as my sister. Gonna be weeeird much?

3. None of my teachers thus far seem to care a whit that I missed the first day. Whew! Although my family members and coworkers have now all either heard the story or have passed on this, "guess what Dan did THIS time," tidbit, so I guess I entertained some people.

4. My programming teacher is kind of awesome. BUT he wants us all to download Alice to our home computers. Difficult for most people? Surely not. But with MY issues with the space on our comp...urk.

I've been meaning to get a laptop of course, and in that case, I'd simply put Alice on my own machine. But I'm sure I won't have my own laptop by the point where I'll need to start using Alice at home.

So today, I got an iPod instead. Transferring ALL my music on it should free up nearly a gig's worth of space on our comp. Plus I can put the Doctor Who audiobook I've got on it...and possibly some video.

Eighty gigs, you guys. I can't EVEN wrap my brain around that kind of space. It's charging right now, and even with all my music loaded to it, the amount of space that takes up on it is so small that I had to put my face up to my computer screen to see the sliver of blue that appeared at one end of the grey "capacity" bar.

I mean. WHAT.

5. Ugly point of the week - the MRC bookstore took me for $320 when the debit connection failed on me. They didn't let me have my textbooks, AND the transaction went through. But I'm going back on Monday with my bank records, and if they don't either refund the money or give me my books, you can BET I'm gonna throw a blue hairy.

Sooo, all in all, a good week. *whistles*


Aug. 21st, 2008 01:39 am
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To all the various people I owe stuff to: OH MY GOD, I AM SO, SO SORRY. It's...really late at this point, I know.

The past two days I've done basically nothing meaningful except post a couple of dumb comments to lj. I pretty much slept ALL of Monday, Monday night, most of Tuesday, and last night. It was simply stupid. Every time I got up I'd think I'd start on my MASSIVE to-do list, starting with answering emails, and then...I'd get woozy and pass out somewhere. I've done a lot of sleeping on the floor. Mustang (that's my cat, the one that's in love with me) is thrilled, he's gotten to sleep snuggled up to me quite a bit recently.

At least I finally figured out what was happening late last night TMI follows )

So I showered, dug out my old glasses to wear, scrambled into some clothes and went to work. Got to listen to people telling me all day, "Wow, did you not sleep last night? You look like you're going to fall over." THANKS BUNCHES, PEOPLE. My eyes still have that gritty feeling to them, as if I haven't spent most of the past 48 hours of my days off passed out on my face. WTF? It's totally bizarre, when you think about it...when I was in withdrawal from Dexedrine, I felt like this for two weeks, which doesn't seem like it should be possible. But that's the human body for you; makes up it's own rules, it does.

So...yeah. "Bad day," doesn't quite cover it here. More like one of those days where you wonder why you got up at all.

But I've got laundry going, discs burning, and I'm in the process of answering email. If I owe you something which can be sent via the internet, you should have it within a few hours, as I'm working on it RIGHT NOW. If, gimme a couple of more days.

Apologies again! I really feel terrible you guys, I'm sorry.

Edit: Whoo, add "HTML fail" to the list.
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Got up about half an hour ago.

I just slept for...20 hours. Yes, 20 hours. Bzuh? Um, my back hurts.

I was going to have a bagel, but the bagels are moldy. So I'm having popsicles to break that 20-hour fast. Yeah.

I'm pretty sure my dreams included being abducted by aliens (no, sadly, not THAT alien...), and they were keeping me asleep/unconscious to examine me. I woke up in a little sleep bubble and didn't know where I was (but my glasses were neatly folded for me on a little shelf behind my head), and they accessed my memories of my bedroom to fool me so that when I felt around, I felt my own bed beneath my hands. They shimmered and shone like they were vessels full of light, and I couldn't look upon them, or maybe I've just read too much about Sparkledämmerung lately.

Also, my arm hurts. I think they hit a nerve taking blood.

*sluggish headshake* UGH.

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Between being called back in to work before I'd slept and needing to be up yesterday to go to a barbeque my dad and his girlfriend Jennifer invited me to at their condo (mmm, Cajun steak!), I didn't get a lot of sleep until, oh, TODAY.

But! Now I have slept. Finally. So why am I still draggy and tired? Oh well. I'll probably start to really wake up around midnight. *eyeroll*

And I have a Dalek keychain that [ profile] siegeengine sent me! (Thank you, Frank! I love!) Weirdly, I couldn't find a good picture of it online, but here's a very fuzzy picture of it. [Whoops, link!fail fixed.]

I showed it to my mom the other day after I'd managed to unwrap it from the 60lbs of wrapping [ profile] siegeengine always superglues stuff into (possibly the Dalek might have escaped to terrorize the universe otherwise, though, and YAYZ BUBBLEWRAP):

Me: I HAS A DALEK! *holds up*

Mom: *puzzled* U HAS A DALEK? Y U HAS DALEK?

Me: Frank sent it!

Mom: Ahhh...I wondered what the package was! Looks a bit fragile, doesn't it?

Me: Well, actually the eyestalk and whatnot are soft plastic, so they're pretty flexible. And look, it has wheels! *rolls across computer desk* And look, it came with its own display case! *holds up also*

Mom: Well, of COURSE it does. It's Who!

...Well, I guess she has a point there. (And yes, in case you were wondering, my mom and I DO speak to each other in lolcat.)

I had it in my pocket when I went to Dad and Jennifer's, so part of our dinner-time conversation ended up revolving around Doctor Who. They each examined the little Dalek, with me explaining ("...the whisk is actually a gun...the toilet plunger is kind of like their hand..."). Especially after the bit about the toilet plunger, Dad seemed a little dubious about the further explanation that Daleks are big-time baddies in the Whoniverse. ("Well, it's scary if you're six.")

But we ended up discussing the similarities between Classic Who fen and New Who fen, and Classic/New fen of Battlestar Galactica and the similar arguments/conversations these fen tend to have. Because Dad is fan of the classic BSG series while Jennifer favours the new version, and I just couldn't help but point out how familiar their potshots sounded. ("The old version wasn't one of the best shows on television!"/"The new version ruins the characters!")

In other totally random news (well okay, it's not in ANY way news), Lawrence Miles is the biggest wanker EVAR. Grudgewank highlights this time include:

-Suggesting his, "The Book of the World," script/screenplay/whateveryoucallit is better than Moffat's, "Silence in the Library." (And now I REALLY want to read "Book of the World," just to see if it's any good.)

-Insulting Neil Gaiman(!).

-Blaming Moffat for his own alcoholism and the kerfuffle that lost him the respect of the entire Who production team.

THIS GUY IS SO FUCKING INSANE WHAT. (Although he CAN make the occasional excellent point, as well as be extremely funny - the bit, "We know [RTD's] always had a camp streak as wide as his buttocks, and there have been times during his Confidential interviews when he's looked as if he wants to launch into a chorus of 'That's Entertainment', so perhaps it's no surprise that he might now consider the presence of Kylie Minogue to be more important than the presence of a plot," nearly had me PEEING myself. Doesn't this just make it sadder?)

The LAST time I read one of his rants, he was claiming that Who started to go downhill when it started filming on celluloid in an attempt to look more slickly produced (i.e. "American," according to Miles). I mean, who SERIOUSLY thinks filming on tape is superior?

What a wanker.
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Quite unexpectedly, I had a Who-related dream last night. (I say, "unexpectedly," because I NEVER dream about anything fannish.) But me being me and very was a meta-ish dream about Who FANDOM:

I dreamt that the screencapped moment I posted about last turned out to be played much more seriously than anyone expected. (Har-har brain - nice wishful thinking!) And Who fandom EXPLODED in wank. And when I went to view [ profile] doctorwho, someone had posted big spoilers on the comm's front page because they were so caught up in complaining about how that moment was played.

And in my dream, I worked out the time zone difference, realized that if the ep had already aired in the U.K., then it was past noon here, and then -

- I SNAPPED AWAKE in pure panic because I thought I had overslept. Half an hour before my alarm was actually set to go off.

Yeah. As Who-related dreams go, it's certainly not what I would have hoped for. Stupid literal brain of mine! (I can't actually dream about the Doctor, Donna, or the Whoniverse - it's Not Real, see.)

But I least I got up on time? Meh.

Also, my wrists hurt. It's not as bad as it could be, and I know this is my own fault because I've been online too much and sleeping too little, but, well... I'm feeling melancholy, and I just don't want to be in pain today. I've been in pain all week already for other reasons, and I've been sick to my stomach from painkillers for two days. So I just don't need this.

My day's barely started, and I think I'm already running low on spoons, to borrow a phrase. *sighs*


Feb. 15th, 2008 08:13 am
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Guess who worked 12 hours without a break yesterday? Yeah, happy fucking Valentine's Day, everyone.

Also, I'm not receiving comment notifications, for some reason. If you reply to me somewhere, and you want me to see it, comment here and let me know!
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The one area where I tend to be just a bit too oversensitive is my work.

I use the term "work" broadly, since the meaning varies depending on my circumstances. But regardless of where I'm working, or what I'm working at, I want to be the best. I want to be the fastest, the most accurate, the smartest, the one who's always one step ahead, the one who thinks of EVERYTHING. I want to be the one who appears almost magical. I want to be invaluable. I want to be the genius.

Naturally, of course, this isn't possible in the real world most of the time.

So failing the above, I want to be AT LEAST as good as everyone else. And to make up for the rest, I'm sure to put in the longest hours. If nothing else, I'll be breathing air in work space more than anyone else.

So when I pick up even the SLIGHTEST vibe that someone thinks I'm not as good an employee in some area I've worked hard to master, I get rather down. (Understand that this doesn't apply to areas that I generally don't cover/haven't been trained in, because that's silly. The kitchen, for example, is one area where I will defer to many other people, because I was never properly trained there.)

Sometimes I think I'm picking up those vibes.

I can read way too much into things sometimes )
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Guuuys, you guuuuuuys, I ordered home delivery KFC by myself!

Sure, go ahead, laugh - or gag because you don't like KFC, whatever - but this, I've never done before. Made and canceled doctor's appointments, made and canceled haircut appointments, called customer service at my school, and (the worst!) called interview subjects for school. But this, I haven't done.

And because I have HUGE amounts of social phobia related to the phone - I mean, "panic-attack-inducing" amounts of social phobia - this is a Big Deal to me. Every time I complete some phone interaction that I haven't before, I consider this a real accomplishment.

I did it mainly because I'm sick (on my ONE day off, ugh) and don't feel like going out - but I had plans to stop by the library today, and then KFC for dinner. When I woke up at 7 pm, I wasn't willing to compromise on the KFC part, so I went looking for the phone book to see if they deliver.

I generalized from the "How to order a pizza" guide in [ profile] aspie_howto - which might also be called, "The How-to for the Hopelessly Sheltered and Totally Clueless." Plus, it always helps IMMENSELY to have stuff written down in front of me when I'm making a phone call, because my brain tends to short-circuit when I'm on the phone. (I have, in the past, forgotten my own address and phone number, introduced myself incorrectly, forgotten to leave my name at all, and the ultimate - asked the person whose number I'd just dialed why they'd called me. Don't EVEN ask.)

There's one thing that the How-to guide did not cover, however: MINIMUM CHARGE.

"...And what would you like to order?"

"Just a Toonie Tuesday combo, please."

"How many?"


"Anything else?"

"Side of gravy, please."

"And what else?"

"That's it."

"...You're seven dollars short for delivery."

OH. "Make it two, then." My sister can have some when she gets home from wherever the hell she is. I confirmed two sides of gravy as well.

"Still three dollars short."

ARGH. "Throw in an order of popcorn chicken, then."

"So that'll come to $16.70..." (So I'm guessing the minimum charge is $15? I noted this in the phone book.)

One other thing I messed up: forgot to turn the front light on for the delivery guy. OOPS. But I apologized for that, and he seemed pleased with the tip. So I think I'm okay, overall. I should probably note "minimum charge!" and "leave front lights on!" over at the HowTo guide. After some PlayStation and Housewatching, maybe.


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What a day.

Kill me now. Please? )

I seriously want to curl up and die. Or cry. Or something.

THANK GOD I don't start until 2pm tomorrow.
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I woke up today with a nasty leg cramp, so I went back to sleep, and slept in WAY too long. I missed the opportunity to do a birthday dinner with my dad, but since I didn't feel like going out anyway, I don't really care. I forgot to call my Aunt Krista back, too...

Today has been a NOTHING day. I didn't even get the growing hole in my work pants patched. I feel like crap about that.

About the only dubious accomplishment I managed today was typing up a TL;DR application to [ profile] house_stamped. I think it's a bit biased (or maybe that's just how it looks to me), but after several attempts to "fix," it, it's as unbiased as it's going to be. I just avoided giving a direct answer to the "who do you relate to" question.

So yeah. My work for the day is here if you're a member.

I need a shower. And food.
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After terrified poking around my room with a big stick (that $20 fold-up drugstore cane I got for the Halloween House episode comes in handy way more often than I ever would have expected!) and close inspection of my bed, I finally slept in it. Only for a couple of hours, and not very well. But I slept in it.

I am still alive.

More updates to follow.

(Not necessarily more updates about this, mind. That's just the sort of thing you do with blogs - update them.)
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Whoo, lj's finally sorta-up.

The Six Apart Status page lists all other Six Apart services as "up" and Livejournal as "degraded." Gotta love that.

Today I went to the optometrist to get my prescription checked, and to see about getting myself some new glasses. After the last mishap with my ancient frames, I figured it was time.

It's been time for a while, actually; I'm good and sick of my glasses falling apart and rubbing the spot behind my left ear until it shreds and bleeds. (I have one ear quite a bit higher than the other, so the longer I wear a pair of glasses without getting them straightened, the more they scrape in odd places.)

So now I have a new prescription, slightly updated. And I have new glasses on the way.

And these glasses? I'm so excited about them. You guys have no idea.

See my icon: it might not be the best picture to illustrate...well, anything (crappy bathroom self-portraits!), but those are the glasses I have right now. At the time I got them (when I was 16), they were wicked expensive (they're Emporio Armani, yo), and they were really stylin'.

But at this point, they're old and worn and out of style. So now I've chosen new ones. They're Dior Homme Black Tie.



Here's a picture! )

...Yes? Hot.

They come in black and gray as well, but I tried various black glasses in that sort of style, and decided it was just a bit too harsh for my face and coloring. The brown blends better. (Plus the frames aren't as noticeable in my field of vision.)

These are the style of glasses I've wanted for YEARS, guys. I'm stoked.

In less shallow news, I learned some new and surprising information about my eyes themselves )


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