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For anyone who has not yet seen that video of Susan Boyle singing on "Britain's Got Talent."

Don't give up on those dreams, guys. This woman is 47 - that's an awfully long wait to get your dream. But I think it must have been worth the wait just to see the audience give her a standing ovation on the fourth lyric.

P.S. If you just want the audio, I've ripped it to an MP3. Let me know if you try to download it and run into trouble.

Sound quality is the best I could manage. It's the audio for the ENTIRE above video, so if you just want her singing, you'll have to crop it yourself. The only sound mixing program I had on my comp was free, and it ran out earlier this year. You can probably find a free sound mixing program to download yourself though, if you look.
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Honestly, I don't want to talk about what a disappointment Proposition 8 was. You know, I truly, genuinely believed it wouldn't pass.

All I can say to the Californians on my list is this: the fight's not over. Take heart, and don't give up!

So here's something a bit more fun, hopefully, ganked from [ profile] blackfolk:

Presidential playlists!

(If you have a slow connection, see behind the first cut below for text lists of both playlists.)

The above link opens automatically on Obama's playlist. McCain's playlist is here, although you will probably have to sign up with to access it. (I did. It takes 10 painless seconds, though.)

Supposedly "top ten" lists of both Obama and McCain's favourite songs, as reported by the media. And they basically match what Psychology Today reported in their October piece, "Accounting For Taste." (It was in a sidebar. I included most of the text of that sidebar down below, under the second cut.)

Now I want to say this: I like both playlists! This isn't specifically a, "yay Obama" post, it's just a post to share this, because I think it's pretty awesome!

That said, here are the playlists! )

I can't help but notice that both of them have Sinatra on their playlists. That's Sinatra for you, loved by all.

What Psychology Today had to say about McCain and Obama's respective artistic tastes )

Okay, thoughts? Likes, dislikes from these lists? Feel free to list your own top ten, if you can pick ten. (I sure can't!)
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One thing I'm really liking about Guitar Hero is that it's teaching me to love music I've never really gotten into or liked much before.

I don't have anything against rock, exactly. It's just really not the sort of music I ever listen to myself. My favourite musical genre, let's be honest, is show tunes. Which should tell you right there what sort of a music listener I am. The only "rock" in my personal collection needs to be followed by, "and roll." Think, "Jailhouse Rock" at its hardest.

Oh, and I used to listen to my parent's old cassette tapes ('70s/'80s rock and pop) when I was kid. That's about it.

Not quite sure why there's such a sizable gap in my musical education, but it basically amounts to: when I was old enough to choose my own radio stations, I listened to pop. And then only for a few years before I swore off the radio and started getting most of my musical entertainment in the form of battered cast recordings of Guys and Dolls and Annie Get Your Gun from the library.

My sister takes GREAT delight in mocking my ignorance. You've never heard of Radiohead? We'll just add THAT to the list of things you can't find under your little elevator Muzak rock.

Like I said though, I have nothing AGAINST rock as a genre. I just...haven't taken the time to really sit down and get to like much of it. And admittedly, I'll pick something else first to listen to when I want music.

But since I'm forced to listen to various rock song covers OVER and OVER in the course of playing Guitar Hero, well, I'm sort of getting to like more and more of it.

I know I'm twenty years behind on discovering, "Sweet Child o' Mine," but HEY. Better late than never? The first forty-five seconds of it are so singularly awesome that I can't even get to the rest of the song, I just keep repeating those 45.

Oh yes, and I'm getting pretty comfortable on Medium. I actually got 85% on "Free Bird" today. I think I might be able to ace it soon. I'm NEVER going to be especially good at this game (especially since I never really get time to play it), but it's way more satisfying to get BETTER at than most games.
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I really had to FORCE myself to sit down and watch this episode. I wasn't sure why at first, but when I thought about it for about...oh...a nanosecond...I realized it's because of the immediate return of a certain someone. And I just...didn't want to see that.

It's not that I have anything against ANY of the Doctor's previous companions (that I've seen thus far); it's just that I was really digging the relationship the Doctor and Donna have been building the last few episodes, and I don't want ANYONE else sticking their nose in it. I knew it was coming, but by the fourth episode? Why so soon?

But, well. I made myself watch it anyway, because c'mon, I look forward to this show all week. I have to watch it now.

So who DID put a dent in the 1980s? )

And if it wasn't obvious from that note about UNIT's music, I downloaded the 2005/2006 soundtrack Friday night. I can tell it's going to be on continuous repeat in my player for a while.
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In other me-related news ([ profile] beandelphiki - all me, all the time!), I'm trying right now to learn how to play the violin.

EVERYBODY keeps asking me, "Why the violin? Why now?" etc. when I tell them.

And I just...don't have any real answers to that. (Other than, I suppose, "Why NOT?") Piano was the instrument I first fell for (probably for no better reason than it was the first instrument I heard and saw performed live); violin was the second. I've been listening to a lot of violin music these days, and I guess I just fell for it all over again.

And this seems to be a decent time of my life to try to learn; in a few years I may be so caught up with the start of some career that I simply won't have time.

A brief contextual history of my limited musical background )

Since I dropped out of school in 11th grade though, I haven't really played anything at all. When I went back to school I couldn't fit Band into my schedule again, and I didn't own any instrument of my own, so keeping up with the clarinet was a no-go.

So here I am, attempting this music-playing business all over again. That was actually the plan when I bought the keyboard, but one of my parent's oldest excuses actually still applies to that one: we have no convenient place in our house to PUT it right now, no handy spot to plug it in. We're massively re-organizing our house right now, too. Maybe when we're done moving the entire contents of whole rooms around, we'll find a spot.

In the meantime, the violin fits much better!

Not that I've gotten very far )

But really, I haven't been discouraged in the least, and I've actually been motivated thus far to practice every day (even if I could only start out bowing on the open strings). I can't quite describe the sense of banked excitement playing this thing gives me.

Playing practically ANY musical instrument gives me this sense of...something waiting for me. Past the period of technical mastery, there's something sitting there inside the instrument waiting for me to bring it out. But I've NEVER felt it as strongly as I do with this violin.

When I first pulled it out of the case and tightened the bow, I fully expected the first sound I made on it to sound like a cat in heat. That's what happened to my sister the time she tried her friend's viola. That's what everything I've ever heard about orchestral string instruments had taught me to expect. So I put the violin up (probably not in the greatest position, I figured, but for the moment it seemed passable), put the bow carefully on the G string, braced myself - and drew the bow across.

And...the sound it made was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely beautiful. I loved it, and that sense of the music waiting inside the instrument for me was so strong it was almost tangible.

Obviously, I'm lightyears from technical competence, but that doesn't frustrate me an iota. Actually, this feeling is driving, for once.

I hope I can hold on to that, because honestly, I don't ever want this excitement to go away again. So the longer it lasts, the better.


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