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One of the most prolific posters on [ profile] anti_feminism made a new community today: [ profile] not_fem_rage.

Since the mods of [ profile] feminist_rage won't allow members to make any rages about the suffering of males, I decided to make a community where people can post said rages.

If you want to post about the suffering of females, but can't join/have been banned from feminist_rage, then feel free to post here.

Members of [ profile] feminist_rage are welcome to join, but the ones who only came here to troll will be banned.

And feel free to use so-called "offensive language" such as 'retarded', 'lame', 'stupid', etc.

They now have five members, and four people watching the community. Three are [ profile] anti_feminism members, and two are not.

The one who isn't watching is [ profile] dysgr8mystake.

The two who aren't anti_fem members are [ profile] madamjolie and [ profile] panic_girl. Two moderators of [ profile] feminist_rage.

Because that makes sense.

I'm kind of considering joining. Because I'm curious now.
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This is as quick as I can make it, and I won't be dealing with anything else for a while. I apologize for not getting back to things. I will soon, I promise.

I just left [ profile] feminist AND [ profile] feminist_rage. I'd been thinking very seriously for the past day or so of leaving feminist, because I was sick of shit in there. I was pissed about the idea of having to deal with [ profile] delphyne_ again, or even see her username somewhere I or my friends didn't type it. I was upset that several people I think are great, and contribute a lot were leaving, one after the other. Can you sense the Winds of Change? Yeah. What was I getting out of there, anyway? Could I seriously say I learned much? The time at which I could have learned a lot from feminist, I was learning the same things, BETTER (I think), somewhere else. So I figured...maybe I'd leave. But I didn't want to give up.

I just never thought I'd leave [ profile] feminist_rage FIRST. Not in a million years.

So what the hell happened? Brief explanation for members and ex-members who might care )

So I just spent several hours saving things. Lots and lots and lots of screencaps, damn. (And no, those aren't for drama purposes, I just want to keep stuff.) There's information in both [ profile] feminist and [ profile] feminist_rage that I will never have access to again, but you know what? Information can be replaced.

(LULZ can't. Hence screencaps.)

I saved all the drama I've been in, and all the drama my friends have been in, and I also saved the Chreebomb thing because, why not? And what I realized as I did so was that I've only ever gotten DRAMA and ANNOYANCE out of both those communities, pretty much. As a last gesture in [ profile] feminist, I read the last thing [ profile] delphyne_ said to me there (which I had refused to open in my inbox before), and it was just pointless crap. Why was I ever there? (Well, a mod added me, I didn't apply. But that's not what I mean.)

I remember a while back (which I forgot to save, so lost forever) there was a locked post in fem_rage where there was a fantastic discussion of classism. That's my best memory there, and I'd never find it again anyway. And [ profile] feminist? The best moment was when I convinced a girl who's close to sociology researchers to try to get them to look into doing a research project on the underdiagnosis of LDs and ADHD in kids of color. My ONE moment of maybe-impact.

And other than that...annoyance. Drama. Angst. Annoyance. Fury. Deppression. Annoyance. Disgust. Did I mention annoyance?

I'll do fine without these communities. I might look for others, but I don't need a "replacement" feminist community, because there's nothing to replace. Fuck 'em all.

For posterity, the comments I left (and yeah, this is ALL screencapped, so if anyone says I'm lying about anything, I can prove 'em wrong).]

Thank you and goodnight )
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WOW. SO MUCH DRAMA in lj-land last night. I didn't get any schoolin' done.

So...people outside of [ profile] feminist have been complaining for ages that the community lets white privilege run unchecked, and that it's exclusionary to women of color. The mods decide to fix this.

[ profile] welsey makes a mod post explaining the new rules.

Based on some feedback, here are definitions of racism and sexism as we are using them. We are aware of the dictionary definition; however, we have chosen to use this definition because it is commonly used in anti-racist and social justice communities, and we ask that you also use it while you are in our space. More clarification may be added later:
racism = prejudice + power
sexism = prejudice + power

We separate these things from prejudice because the implications of racism and sexism (as we define them) are so much more significant and powerful than those of prejudice.


Reverse racism is not a valid concept.

And [ profile] feminist go BOOM.

People disagree, whine, complain, and just generally miss the entire point.

I replied, basically telling the mods pip-pip and good job, and I was sorry they were taking so much crap from the uninformed. I should have realized that would cause a shitload of drama, but didn't really. That also went BOOM.

(Can anybody tell that I have very, very little patience? Yeah. I think I really got off on the wrong foot with the "dingdingding" comment, but really...when someone says that OMG! You're calling all the [white, because that's what I meant] people who disagree with anti-racism rules racist! the snark just tends to come out.)

They're/we're up to 700 comments now. I started replying because I said that I did not want to leave the mods fighting this one alone. I am almost sorry at this point; my inbox is pleading with me to stop, so I'm mostly going to bow out and see how it plays.

Over on journalfen, OTF_Wank is having a real laugh at our expense.

(First comment: "[ profile] beandelphiki is a moron." I think I also got called a "Feminazi," the logic of which makes my brain hurt. I thought that if I ever got called THAT, it would be for arguing hard-line pro-choice or something, not critical race theory. OKAY!)

More fallout:

[ profile] blackfolk: Nice try guys, but you still SUCK.

[ profile] sex_and_race/[ profile] feminist_rage: See, this is why we're all in HERE, instead of over THERE. (Idiots.)

[ profile] ap_racism: Okay, nothing yet, but I'm waiting on the "GAAAH!" reaction. SOMEBODY will say something, I'm sure.

*sits and looks at this mess*

You know, I think it's a good thing I will be busy working a lot during Christmas, and staying (for the most part) far away from lj. MY BRAIN.

Edit: Yes, I'm white. Jeebus. (And if you don't know why I added this, don't worry, just ignore.)


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