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My mother and her two sisters on are a 6-star cruise this week (which my multi-millionaire grandfather financed - no effing way my immediate family could afford to bed down with the rats on something barely afloat, let alone a 6-star cruise), so I'm currently staying in my aunt's apartment to cat-sit for her. (She has three cats like we do.)

Mostly, it's pretty awesome. True, the cats DO wake me up at 7:30 every morning to get fed -but I'm living with that. I have access to a sweet laptop with wireless internet access, my own kitchen, and the entire place ENTIRELY to myself. Well, and the cats. (I accidentally got the "," key on the laptop caught in the spirals of my notebook and it's still slightly crooked, plus I seem to have gotten her lounge chair stuck in a reclined position. Oops. But I DID clean out her laundry corner for her and organized her disastrous cabinets, so maybe it evens out?)

The best thing is, I'm a ten-minute walk away from the school! I can run over and grab myself munchies or whatever anytime the stuff in the apartment isn't enough to sustain me.

Which I might have to. Because all my aunt has in the fridge by way of drinking material is booze and Coke Zero.

And I just discovered why they call it Coke Zero:


...I might have to drink the BUD. Jesus.

Well, yes, I do have filtered water. But sheesh, I shouldn't have to resort to something actually hydrating.
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Ugh. I'm home sick. Stuffed up and tired and coughing and MISERABLE. I also missed a quiz in calc AGAIN - thank god that's only 6.7% of my total mark, but still. Damn.

...I'm not so sick though, that I can't eat cheese and crackers. So I am. Because Mom bought good cheese again - the usual, like smoked gouda and dill havarti, as well as some new ones. There's a mango-flavoured fruit cheese, and a jalanpeño-flavoured Monterey Jack. (I gather that one's popular, but I've never had it before.) She didn't get brie, though. I think she's bored with it or something. *pouts slightly* The havarti's our new brie.

So I tested the latter and had some (very soft, hmm) dill havarti. And boy, does the jalapeño one have BITE to it. But then, that's how I like a lot of my food these days. With teeth. (Thanks, Taco Time...)

To date, I have not found better cheese crackers than these two:

Kraft Stoned Wheat Thins

Slightly salty and not too dry or soft. They have enough flavour to be good on their own, but they really work best with cheese or meat toppings. They're quite sturdy and don't easily crumble.

Cristie's Original Baked Wheat Thins

Again, excellent on their own. Actually, they're slightly sweet and quite addictive on their own. They don't overwhelm the flavour of the cheese you put on them (even quite mild cheeses), and they crack more than they crumble. But they are both small and thin, and not very sturdy. So they work best with little bite-sized toppings.

If you guys have favourite snack crackers, feel free to share! I'm in this, "let's share random favourite things," mood.


Dec. 25th, 2007 08:35 am
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I spent a large portion of Christmas Eve dinner reading The World Encyclopedia of Cheese (my great-aunt and uncle have quite the varied library), and with the help of that book and Wikipedia's article on cheese, I thought I'd share some of what I've learned with you all.

Curds and whey! )

Cheese can be made from the milk of any creature which makes milk; but the most common by far are the cow's milk cheeses. Sheep and goat cheeses are also commonly used, although goat's cheese in particular is tricky to make well, and so suffers from the public perception of it as bitter.

(And I've HAD good goat's cheese, y'all. Believe me, it is THE SHIT.)

But do you know what OTHER animal's milk they can make cheese from?




Traditionally made from reindeer's milk, Juustoleipa is a soft cheese toasted by fire, which makes it look rather bread-like. Apparently, it is considered excellent cheese to have for breakfast.

Cool, huh?

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY! Or holiday of your choice.



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