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Yesterday in [ profile] fandomsecrets, the third secret in ranted FURIOUSLY about all the Avatar fans who are pissed that (apparently? I'm not in this fandom) there are numerous POC characters being cast as white for the live-action movie. According to this anon, none of those fans are the slightest bit involved in offline anti-racism activism (defined as "starting diversity groups in your school" and similar), or gave a damn about racism at all until it affected their, "PRECIOUS COMIC."

Aaand, F!S goes BOOM.

At least half the commenters had something to say about it. "You're an idiot." "Have you even asked anyone if they're involved in offline activism?" "If it got them to care, isn't that a good thing?" "I'm a POC, you jackass, and I'm not in school." Etc.

Truthfully, I think the OP had a bit of a point buried in there...somewhere...not really an accessible one, though. The wording was too Angry White Liberal College Student, which is essentially what I said when I replied to ask if the OP was white. I stated that their behaviour in comments (if it was them) looks like White People Behaviour, so hey, was I right?

It was a toss-off reply really; in retrospect, probably a misstep, meant more to be a smartass than to respond genuinely to the secret. I honest-to-god did not expect a reply. They barely seem to have replied to anyone. (If it WAS them. Hard to tell with all the anons - some identify themselves, some don't.)

I just logged into Gmail, and my inbox looks like this:

Blahblahblahcrap......(time received)
103 OP continued......(time received)
103 OP................(time received)
Blahblahblahcrap......(time received)

...I just went :\ and closed the window without opening either of those. Maybe this person is a POC who SOUNDS like an Angry White Liberal College Student, and is pissed off I think so...or maybe they're white as I guessed, and I hit a MAJOR nerve. Enough that I am the ONLY person to whom they replied in detail. Or maybe they're actually only getting back to comments now, and the whole thing is a, "how dare you assume I have no life," reply.

Regardless, I have no desire to read the reaming-out which is surely sitting in my inbox right now.

Go away, stupid world.
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