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2009-02-23 08:28 pm

What in frang hell?!

Holy fuck, am I ever tired.

I fruitlessly stayed up most of last night to do homework (I really should have just gone to bed, since I didn't do that much work); and tonight I REALLY have to stay up to finish a chem lab write-up on spectroscopy and the prelab for tomorrow.

(Worrisome news: I just heard from someone in my biology lab that a guy in a chem 1201 section - who got this lab write-up marked a week ahead of my section - wrote 14 pages for the spectroscopy lab and barely got a 60%. Ugh, do they want it written in blood? We like, looked at four emission spectra, got a spectrometer demonstration, and burned some metal chloride salt crystals to see their flame color. That's it.)

I'm reading about the use of spectroscopy in astronomy (actually pretty damn cool), and I just read, "Canis Majoris, a young, extremely massive hot star in the Big Dog constellation," as, "Canis Majoris, a young, extremely massive hot star in the Big Dong constellation[...]"

And blinked, and rubbed my eyes. Er, what? Oh my lord, I clearly have such a dirty mind.

On the flip side, I was writing something more private the other day about a strong kink of mine, and, without thinking much about it, described it as, "the carbon atom" of my libido. (Without it, not so many options. With it? Graphite, diamond, carbon nanotubes!)

...Please send help.