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A few months ago, a couple of people out there on the intarwebs (namely Maymay and Sara/Eileen, who is no longer blogging there this year) were frustrated with the lack of porn and artwork of sexually submissive they decided to create a website to address that.

Male Submission Art (NSFW) is that site, a site for photographs, artwork and the occasional video featuring male submission (gay and straight). If you'd be interested in that sort of thing you should check it out. They're open to contributions, so long as those contributions follow their guidelines.

Here's a sample (I'd link, but I haven't figured out how to link individual entries):


Normally, you love to be able to see his eyes. You like to watch them widen or shut in response; you like to watch him fight to keep his eyes on you, even when it makes it worse for him to see exactly what you're doing to him.

But not today. You're doing things just a bit differently today, you told him earlier.

Today, you want his blinded reactions. His head turning in little jerks as he tries to track your movements around the room. The catch in his breath as he strains to hear what's coming over the sound of his own inhalation. His nervous shifting, testing the ropes crossing his body. You've deliberately wrapped lengths around and under his beautiful, muscular ass that you know must be uncomfortable for him to sit on. Maybe in a bit you'll tell him that he needs to remain perfectly still; but for now, you like to see him squirm.

You approach him, very slowly and very quietly entering his space; the upper edge of the blindfold is dark from the sweat running from his hairline. You like the way he flinches just a little whenever you touch him, unable to anticipate it.

When you're right in front of him, his head turns forward suddenly. He can hear you, sense you there, and he looks sightlessly in your direction. You can easily imagine his eyes beneath their cover, flickering uncertainly back and forth, trying to pinpoint exactly where you are. You can nearly taste his unease.

You come within a couple of inches of his skin, still moving very slowly. You compress the air between the two of you until he can sense the change in air pressure and his muscles tic nervously.

Then you wait. Wait.

He shifts, strains. And you wait.

Finally, when you're sure he's decided that he's only
imagining you so near to his skin, you touch him. He gasps roughly, arching from the chair.

"Ssh," you remind him gently. You've told him before that you shouldn't have to say it twice. You're just in the mood to relish invoking the consequences for him of making any noise.

When you touch him again, he arches once more from the chair in a silent plea, the hard wooden back digging into his spine. The only sounds in the room are him swallowing hard and the creaking of the chair as he holds his position, shaking. The seat back in particular squeaks a little as his body weight pulls on the nails, pulls on the cheap glue.

You watch his throat work as he swallows; take a moment to appreciate the lines of his clenched jaw. Normally, you love him to make noise; you love every gasp and sigh and moan. Today though, something about the soft rain outside and the mid-afternoon twilight in this room seemed to whisper to you,
Hush, hush, and you were listening closely enough to hear it.

Today, this is just how you like it.

Obviously, I think this is a really neat idea, as there IS a serious dearth of male submission art (or porn) out there. If you feel similarly and think you've got any art or photos saved that would fit this site, do feel free to pass them along. As well as the link to this site to other parties who may be interested.

(Also there is an lj feed: [ profile] malesubart.)
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