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For anyone who has not yet seen that video of Susan Boyle singing on "Britain's Got Talent."

Don't give up on those dreams, guys. This woman is 47 - that's an awfully long wait to get your dream. But I think it must have been worth the wait just to see the audience give her a standing ovation on the fourth lyric.

P.S. If you just want the audio, I've ripped it to an MP3. Let me know if you try to download it and run into trouble.

Sound quality is the best I could manage. It's the audio for the ENTIRE above video, so if you just want her singing, you'll have to crop it yourself. The only sound mixing program I had on my comp was free, and it ran out earlier this year. You can probably find a free sound mixing program to download yourself though, if you look.
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Wheee, so how was everyone's Christmas? *BOUNCE*

Ours was good )
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Finished getting all the [local] presents wrapped and put under the tree (and my mom's stocking stuffed and hidden) about an hour ago. Finally. Ugh, I think wrapping is just about the worst part.

Unfortunately, non-local things will NOT make it to their destinations by Christmas. In fact, they're not mailed yet. Now that my mom's sister and her husband and son have moved to Sunny Cal, Mom and I decided to co-ordinate our mailing efforts for that part of the world. She went scouting the Canada Post situation earlier this month however, and even THEN express post wasn't guaranteed to make it.

Which, um. Canada Post's "Xpresspost-USA" service is supposed to take 5 days max under ordinary circumstances. Understandable that they might not be able to guarantee 5 days at Christmas, but we had way more than 5 days to get stuff down there, and the woman at the post office said, "Um. Might not make it."

Since we couldn't be guaranteed a Christmas arrival, we mutually agreed to hang on to stuff and send it a bit AFTER Christmas when it's less likely to get lost. Which, in retrospect, was a very wise choice...given the massive storms that have been assaulting Canada the past little while. God only knows how the mail is getting around.

So yeah, Christmas gifts will be late. Big shock, I know, me being late. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. But they're coming, I swear it!

I also feel better because the gifts Mom got her own sister aren't going anywhere either.

At Christmas Eve dinner tonight, my aunt Heather reported that a friend of hers who works for an airline (WestJet, I do believe) admitted to her that they have EVERY PLANE in the air. None on the ground. No back-ups. None down for maintenance. They're ALL flying. WOW.

Meanwhile, the mall was utterly DEAD today, and we all stood around at work and felt silly. And heck, it was so warm today in comparison to the brutally nasty temperatures we've put up with all month!

But apparently, nothing slows Santa down! I SHOULD now be going to bed, but I'm hungry so I'm having chocolate frozen yogurt instead. And I've been watching Santa's speedy progress on NORAD Tracks Santa, since [ profile] darkrosetiger reminded me of it, and the concept never fails to amuse me. Santa's flight is over now, but apparently Calgary was his 293rd stop.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, happy holidays if you don't, and roll on 2009 next week!

Night, guys!


Nov. 27th, 2008 07:20 am
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Technology, I BEATS U!

David Tennant in tight, early-twentieth-century British trousers and being woobishly gay, yes I CAN has.

I'm watching the BBC's Einstein and Eddington right now, and it's really awesome. I should be doing homework, but, well, the day is young. It's not even 8:00 a.m., after all.

There was as assignment for programming class that I had to hand in Monday, despite the fact that I had major problems with it and couldn't really finish it. Still, I was relieved to finally be able to delete Alice 2.0 off my computer, since it meant that I now have room to get back to making discs for people - something I've been unable to do as long as I had to have that stupid program taking up room on my computer. (Also, it helps that my sister finally cleared a bunch of music off.) With an assignment due every week, there was just no taking it off. I tried to squish it in somewhere, but I just suck at programming in Alice, so I've ended up taking the maximum amount of time to do the assignments, every time.

(Of course, those discs are kind of silly now that series 4 of Doctor Who is out on DVD - wow, I fail - but hey, it's a really expensive DVD set and these are free, so Frank and Ann Marie, you still want 'em? Like, um, for Christmas? *blush* It might have gone faster for you to DL them yourselves!)

But it turns out there was a submission problem with my assignment. So my instructor is giving me the rest of today to re-submit it. So...I actually have a chance to try and fix what was wrong. Like, the universe is giving me a chance to save that grade after all.

But it means I have to download Alice again. And struggle with it for several more hours. DAMMIT.

Not looking forward to it. NOT.

Going to finish the movie first instead.

Edit: Poor Eddington! *wibbles*

Edit II: Oh... *wibbles more* This movie will kill me yet. I should stop editing this until I finish it, but I'm doing this in lieu of giving Eddington a hug. WAH.
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Overheard in my Film class today:

"...and if Obama doesn't win? There's gonna be minorities marching in the streets down there!"

(Pause. People nearby nod.)

"...Hopefully with weaponry."

We were all so nervous in Film that our instructor asked one of the students with a wireless laptop to keep checking the election results in between our class discussions and the viewing of Hitchcock's Psycho. (Which, by the way, I've seen before. But it's much better the second time around, not being preoccupied with trying to get into the pants of the girl I first saw it with. But never mind.)

As the chain pulled Marion Crane's car from the swamp, the kid checking the results reported that it looked like a win for Obama, but I had to come here to the library and check it myself.

And my friends list is reporting that the weaponry WON'T be needed.

It's been declared a win for Obama.

God fucking damn. HE DID IT!

If you're not happy? Fine. Mourn in your own journal. Personally, I'm pretty pleased with America today. For pretty much the first time in eight years, it doesn't seem like a place the world should give up on if it only could.

And just so you guys know, the rest of the world is going to be pretty happy, too.

Oh, yes. And I passed all my midterms. Aced Film, in fact. *winks*

Good night, all!
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I saw an academic adviser yesterday. FANTASTIC news:

Due to transfer credit, I have already completed half my general education requirements for the next four years.

Generally, students in a Bachelor's program are required to take a total of 12 General Education classes - four, "foundation," level, four second-level, and four third-level - from four "clusters." Those clusters being:

1. Numeracy and Scientific Literacy [math and science, obviously]
2. Values, Beliefs and Identity [humanities]
3. Community and Society [a weird mix of stuff that wasn't under the first two clusters, including more geography and history, women and gender studies, economics, more philosophy and sociology, poli. sci. and...phys. ed.]
4. Communications [speech and stuff not included under cluster 2, i.e. more theatre and English lit]

SO. Other than the two "foundation" level courses I need to take this year (in clusters 1 and 3), I can go straight into taking third-level Gen Ed. courses if I have the prereqs, or just the prereqs for the third-level courses I will WANT to be taking in the next few years. AND I don't have to take courses from all four "clusters" if I don't want to - I'm only required to spread myself over two clusters in the future, so I have a LOT more freedom of choice in my Gen Ed.

Freaking AWESOME, eh? I can go straight into taking, "Gender and Popular Culture," and things like that.


Edit: Slightly less awesome: I mis-read my schedule and missed a tutorial today. Oops? *frowny face* My schedule's changed a lot, which is probably why I got confused. Plus I didn't have my books ANYWAY (stupid bookstore...).

Not having a printer to print off said schedule really sucks. I need to figure out where I go to put money on my campus card so I can just print it off at school.
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With one small (well, maybe not small, but whatever) sticking point, this week is ending on a MUCH better note than I would have thought.

1. Since I didn't exactly make an official announcement at the time, I will now:

I got into Mount Royal's Bachelor's of Science program. Wheee!

My major right now is, "general science," which I realize isn't a real major, but I'll be tailoring my program to reflect biology/health science courses, and possibly transfer to the U of C in two years as a bio major.

2. Unfortunately, because I was registered VERY late, most of the classes I need to take this year are full. But I am currently registered for:

-"Introduction to Computer-Based Problem Solving for Scientists" [programming]
-"Calculus for Scientists I"
-"The Physical Environment" [geography - next year I take geology]
-"Globalization" ["foundation level" elective]
-"Introduction to Poetry" [elective]
-"Introduction to the Study of Film" [elective]

...Cool, eh? More blather about my course requirements )

BUT. I'm in the, "Intro to the Study of Film" class! I've wanted to take that course since the last time I went to Mount Royal, i.e. five years ago. They can't MAKE me drop it!

Although...I'm in the same section of that class as my sister. Gonna be weeeird much?

3. None of my teachers thus far seem to care a whit that I missed the first day. Whew! Although my family members and coworkers have now all either heard the story or have passed on this, "guess what Dan did THIS time," tidbit, so I guess I entertained some people.

4. My programming teacher is kind of awesome. BUT he wants us all to download Alice to our home computers. Difficult for most people? Surely not. But with MY issues with the space on our comp...urk.

I've been meaning to get a laptop of course, and in that case, I'd simply put Alice on my own machine. But I'm sure I won't have my own laptop by the point where I'll need to start using Alice at home.

So today, I got an iPod instead. Transferring ALL my music on it should free up nearly a gig's worth of space on our comp. Plus I can put the Doctor Who audiobook I've got on it...and possibly some video.

Eighty gigs, you guys. I can't EVEN wrap my brain around that kind of space. It's charging right now, and even with all my music loaded to it, the amount of space that takes up on it is so small that I had to put my face up to my computer screen to see the sliver of blue that appeared at one end of the grey "capacity" bar.

I mean. WHAT.

5. Ugly point of the week - the MRC bookstore took me for $320 when the debit connection failed on me. They didn't let me have my textbooks, AND the transaction went through. But I'm going back on Monday with my bank records, and if they don't either refund the money or give me my books, you can BET I'm gonna throw a blue hairy.

Sooo, all in all, a good week. *whistles*
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Discovered via [ profile] t_eyla:

Steven Moffat will be replacing Russell T. Davies as head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who.

For anyone who might watch Who, but not be sure who he is: he wrote the two-parter, "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances," in series one; "The Girl in the Fireplace" in series two; and the well-awarded, "Blink," in series three. Also, "Time Crash," and the upcoming "haunted library" two-parter this series.

I spent a solid twenty minutes HAPPY DANCING to this news! I mean, I physically got up and danced. And giggled and grinned to myself for about an hour while I had lunch. SO MUCH YAYNESS AND AWESOME.

Also? I have a giant Dairymilk bar all to myself right now.

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Behind the cut, there is the following:

1. A trailer screencap from the upcoming Doctor Who episode, "The Unicorn and the Wasp." So it's spoilerish, naturally, although it's a pretty minor spoiler.

2. An image (same one) which has apparently caused much of Livejournal's DW fanbase to throw up in their mouths a little.

3. Squee and bitching about Rosefen.


Seriously, you HAVE been warned. Even if you click and this image makes your cat piss herself in fright and try to claw her own eyes out to escape the horror, I DON'T CARE and would appreciate not hearing about it.

By now, you probably can guess what this is )
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Okay, this episode was pretty awesome. I was terribly afraid because "the Doctor's daughter" looked so VERY Mary Sue-ish, but she's redeemable. They didn't do too bad a job, consider how horrible this COULD have been.

Episode notes:

Hello, Dad! )
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Ugh, I didn't sleep at ALL last night. Not a bit. I might as well have stayed up and read Doctor Who forums or something. My eyes feel about as gritty as if I did.

Anyway, the episode! SPOILERS AHOY!

'I'm waving at fat!' )
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Just watched the cinema trailer for Doctor Who Series Four )

HOLY CRAP I AM SO EXCITED! It's the return of DONNA! I'm all little-kid-about-to-pee-myself.

So now I need to figure out how torrents work. Because if the bloody CBC thinks I'm waiting until fucking JUNE or something to see this show, they are CRAZY. Get with the 21st century, guys!

ALSO, I need to finally watch Voyage of the Damned. Yes, I have it. No, I haven't watched's the only "new" thing that was left to watch, besides Doctor Who Confidential and such.

Now I have to squeeze it into my crazy schedule somewhere. Whoops.
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1. Dear Doris Egan,

Thank you SO MUCH for remembering how to write House in character. I could say thanks for so much else, but this is the thing that means the absolute most to me. Other people have been complaining for a while now that House has been OOC this season, and while I haven't had quite as low an opinion of it as some, I did agree that this season's House was drifting somewhat. The thing that's really saved it has been Hugh Laurie's consistently brilliant performance; without him, this character would have been all over the place.

Not this episode. THIS is the House I fell for so many months ago when I watched the pilot; THIS is the House I know so intimately, and so adore.

Hopefully, the rest of the writing team will follow your lead. But even if it's only for an episode...

Thank you for bringing House back.


2. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!!!11!eleventy!


This subtext is rapidly becoming...oh, whatever, it's already text )
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Dog update: I think Wicket's fate (with us, anyway) is finally settled.

I came home tonight from our store's [post-] Christmas staff party at Treasures of China (note to self: peking duck is kind of gross, and pina coladas are gooood), and discovered Wicket fenced into the kitchen again.

It seems my aunt has really faced the fact that she can't keep him. Despite following the best advice she's been able to get from people who own both dogs and cats, all her animals have been miserable with each other. Even Wicket, she found, was starting to get down about the fact that he couldn't get the cats to play with him. And her condo simply isn't big enough for them to avoid each other. She says (Mom reports) that she knows she can't leave all three animals in this unhappy situation.

But Wicket isn't going to end up staying with us. Mom's firm on this, to the point of inventing stories about what a Bad Dog he is. (Apparently, his sister is already perfectly paper-trained, while Wicket is still wickedly wetting the floor. Oh, and Wicket BARKS when he plays. TRUFAX. *eyerolls* I asked her to tell me if she's ever met a dog that doesn't bark when it gets wound up playing.)

And my sister is adamant that our household shouldn't have a dog. ("And besides, he's a real wall-eyed little bastard.") I defended his cuteness despite the strabismus, which just resulted in mockery of my convergence insufficiency. ("You and your dog are both lazy-eyed!") TEH WORLD IZ KONSPYEREEN WOE.

So my aunt has asked my mother to take Wicket back to the breeder for her. She evidently feels that if Wicket stays with her, she'll never find the steel to take him back herself, so she told my mother to take Wicket away from her, as soon as possible.

So he's here for the night, and going back to the breeder on Monday.

A part of me is still upset to part with him when we've just given him an identity, but I feel a lot better nevertheless knowing that he WON'T be cooped up in a kennel and neglected all day at my aunt's.

We'll be sending him back with a "care package" including the toys and treats and things he's collected in the past week and the finished dog sweater (which is a bit too big, but he'll obviously grow into it). And I plan to make up a list of links about stabismus/eye disorders in dogs for Wicket's next owner - I'll get Mom to stick that in with his stuff somewhere.

Oh! And he's doing better about peeing on his pads today! When I came downstairs after my bath tonight I said hello to him and noticed he was starting to smell funny, so I picked him up and put him on the nearest pad.

Instead, he waddled over to the other one himself and peed. I gave him lots of ear scratches and pets for that, and got him a doggy biscuit. They're far too big for him, so I broke them up into itty-bitty pieces and left him to it.

It occurred to me about ten minutes later though that he could choke on them, and I wouldn't hear it down here in the basement. Irrational, since I'm sure his kibble bits are bigger than the chunks I left him, but I popped upstairs quickly to check on him just in case.

And he's pooped on the pad! He's NEVER done that before! He's always gone on the carpet.

Might send him back a bit better trained after all!

*iz proud of Wicket*
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Guuuys, you guuuuuuys, I ordered home delivery KFC by myself!

Sure, go ahead, laugh - or gag because you don't like KFC, whatever - but this, I've never done before. Made and canceled doctor's appointments, made and canceled haircut appointments, called customer service at my school, and (the worst!) called interview subjects for school. But this, I haven't done.

And because I have HUGE amounts of social phobia related to the phone - I mean, "panic-attack-inducing" amounts of social phobia - this is a Big Deal to me. Every time I complete some phone interaction that I haven't before, I consider this a real accomplishment.

I did it mainly because I'm sick (on my ONE day off, ugh) and don't feel like going out - but I had plans to stop by the library today, and then KFC for dinner. When I woke up at 7 pm, I wasn't willing to compromise on the KFC part, so I went looking for the phone book to see if they deliver.

I generalized from the "How to order a pizza" guide in [ profile] aspie_howto - which might also be called, "The How-to for the Hopelessly Sheltered and Totally Clueless." Plus, it always helps IMMENSELY to have stuff written down in front of me when I'm making a phone call, because my brain tends to short-circuit when I'm on the phone. (I have, in the past, forgotten my own address and phone number, introduced myself incorrectly, forgotten to leave my name at all, and the ultimate - asked the person whose number I'd just dialed why they'd called me. Don't EVEN ask.)

There's one thing that the How-to guide did not cover, however: MINIMUM CHARGE.

"...And what would you like to order?"

"Just a Toonie Tuesday combo, please."

"How many?"


"Anything else?"

"Side of gravy, please."

"And what else?"

"That's it."

"...You're seven dollars short for delivery."

OH. "Make it two, then." My sister can have some when she gets home from wherever the hell she is. I confirmed two sides of gravy as well.

"Still three dollars short."

ARGH. "Throw in an order of popcorn chicken, then."

"So that'll come to $16.70..." (So I'm guessing the minimum charge is $15? I noted this in the phone book.)

One other thing I messed up: forgot to turn the front light on for the delivery guy. OOPS. But I apologized for that, and he seemed pleased with the tip. So I think I'm okay, overall. I should probably note "minimum charge!" and "leave front lights on!" over at the HowTo guide. After some PlayStation and Housewatching, maybe.


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Whoo, lj's finally sorta-up.

The Six Apart Status page lists all other Six Apart services as "up" and Livejournal as "degraded." Gotta love that.

Today I went to the optometrist to get my prescription checked, and to see about getting myself some new glasses. After the last mishap with my ancient frames, I figured it was time.

It's been time for a while, actually; I'm good and sick of my glasses falling apart and rubbing the spot behind my left ear until it shreds and bleeds. (I have one ear quite a bit higher than the other, so the longer I wear a pair of glasses without getting them straightened, the more they scrape in odd places.)

So now I have a new prescription, slightly updated. And I have new glasses on the way.

And these glasses? I'm so excited about them. You guys have no idea.

See my icon: it might not be the best picture to illustrate...well, anything (crappy bathroom self-portraits!), but those are the glasses I have right now. At the time I got them (when I was 16), they were wicked expensive (they're Emporio Armani, yo), and they were really stylin'.

But at this point, they're old and worn and out of style. So now I've chosen new ones. They're Dior Homme Black Tie.



Here's a picture! )

...Yes? Hot.

They come in black and gray as well, but I tried various black glasses in that sort of style, and decided it was just a bit too harsh for my face and coloring. The brown blends better. (Plus the frames aren't as noticeable in my field of vision.)

These are the style of glasses I've wanted for YEARS, guys. I'm stoked.

In less shallow news, I learned some new and surprising information about my eyes themselves )


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