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For anyone who has not yet seen that video of Susan Boyle singing on "Britain's Got Talent."

Don't give up on those dreams, guys. This woman is 47 - that's an awfully long wait to get your dream. But I think it must have been worth the wait just to see the audience give her a standing ovation on the fourth lyric.

P.S. If you just want the audio, I've ripped it to an MP3. Let me know if you try to download it and run into trouble.

Sound quality is the best I could manage. It's the audio for the ENTIRE above video, so if you just want her singing, you'll have to crop it yourself. The only sound mixing program I had on my comp was free, and it ran out earlier this year. You can probably find a free sound mixing program to download yourself though, if you look.
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My mother and her two sisters on are a 6-star cruise this week (which my multi-millionaire grandfather financed - no effing way my immediate family could afford to bed down with the rats on something barely afloat, let alone a 6-star cruise), so I'm currently staying in my aunt's apartment to cat-sit for her. (She has three cats like we do.)

Mostly, it's pretty awesome. True, the cats DO wake me up at 7:30 every morning to get fed -but I'm living with that. I have access to a sweet laptop with wireless internet access, my own kitchen, and the entire place ENTIRELY to myself. Well, and the cats. (I accidentally got the "," key on the laptop caught in the spirals of my notebook and it's still slightly crooked, plus I seem to have gotten her lounge chair stuck in a reclined position. Oops. But I DID clean out her laundry corner for her and organized her disastrous cabinets, so maybe it evens out?)

The best thing is, I'm a ten-minute walk away from the school! I can run over and grab myself munchies or whatever anytime the stuff in the apartment isn't enough to sustain me.

Which I might have to. Because all my aunt has in the fridge by way of drinking material is booze and Coke Zero.

And I just discovered why they call it Coke Zero:


...I might have to drink the BUD. Jesus.

Well, yes, I do have filtered water. But sheesh, I shouldn't have to resort to something actually hydrating.
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I'll admit this is a meme. But it's a really COOL meme. I did this days ago, and haven't had a chance to post it, but I think other people should find this fun.

Okay, here it is (I've completely forgotten who I originally saw post this, so these are the rules from memory): put your iPod/MP3 player (this assumes you have one) on "shuffle." (If you don't have one, I suppose you could just turn on the radio. It ought to work the same way, since you don't pick the rotation on the radio, either.)

Then, write down the first lyric of the first twenty songs. These form a poem. The first lyric of the 21st song is your title.

Did I cheat when I did this? You betcha! But not so much as you might think. I did move a few lines around (and skip some really goofy songs), but some of the eeriest combinations of lines were pure serendipity. (The boat/stowaway thing, for example.) Totally freaky.

I'm pleased that it sort of formed a story (especially with my bits of re-arrangement, heh), even if it IS unintentionally hilarious with the way you keep getting smacked between the eyes with really obvious, well-known song lyrics.

Also, I didn't see anything saying I HAD to keep this to a strict, four-line stanza format (unless I missed it), so um...I didn't. I actually spliced one line into another towards the end, but hopefully the credits are clear enough.

So...TA-DAAH! [Re-]shuffled art.

I Have Sailed The World )

NEAT, huh?


Nov. 27th, 2008 07:20 am
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Technology, I BEATS U!

David Tennant in tight, early-twentieth-century British trousers and being woobishly gay, yes I CAN has.

I'm watching the BBC's Einstein and Eddington right now, and it's really awesome. I should be doing homework, but, well, the day is young. It's not even 8:00 a.m., after all.

There was as assignment for programming class that I had to hand in Monday, despite the fact that I had major problems with it and couldn't really finish it. Still, I was relieved to finally be able to delete Alice 2.0 off my computer, since it meant that I now have room to get back to making discs for people - something I've been unable to do as long as I had to have that stupid program taking up room on my computer. (Also, it helps that my sister finally cleared a bunch of music off.) With an assignment due every week, there was just no taking it off. I tried to squish it in somewhere, but I just suck at programming in Alice, so I've ended up taking the maximum amount of time to do the assignments, every time.

(Of course, those discs are kind of silly now that series 4 of Doctor Who is out on DVD - wow, I fail - but hey, it's a really expensive DVD set and these are free, so Frank and Ann Marie, you still want 'em? Like, um, for Christmas? *blush* It might have gone faster for you to DL them yourselves!)

But it turns out there was a submission problem with my assignment. So my instructor is giving me the rest of today to re-submit it. So...I actually have a chance to try and fix what was wrong. Like, the universe is giving me a chance to save that grade after all.

But it means I have to download Alice again. And struggle with it for several more hours. DAMMIT.

Not looking forward to it. NOT.

Going to finish the movie first instead.

Edit: Poor Eddington! *wibbles*

Edit II: Oh... *wibbles more* This movie will kill me yet. I should stop editing this until I finish it, but I'm doing this in lieu of giving Eddington a hug. WAH.
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I'm currently trying to do my last Media Literacy project for my Globalization class (the culture module). This involves looking up the same globalization-related story in both an international news source and a North American news source, and comparing them.

I've discovered the BBC website to be invaluable for excellent stories I can use, so I'm on the site now.

And what should happen to be under, "top news headlines"? (No, really.)

Newly released, never-before-seen rehearsal photos and documents from the earliest years of Doctor Who.

Oh, go ahead internet.

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I feel like crap today, so I didn't go to school. I'm just desperately trying to catch up on my calc in time for the first quiz tomorrow.

I emailed all my instructors, and one of them has something screwy going on with email. (Well, that, or it's mine.) When I emailed him, the message ended up looking "malformed" from my end. Same thing with the instructor I emailed directly after viewing a message from the first instructor - the email is "malformed," and it looks like my email tried to send my message FROM the first instructor's email. Buh? So weird.

At [ profile] t_eyla's urging, I'm currently giving Mozilla Firefox a trial run as a web browser. (Well, actually she specifically suggested Opera; but whatever, our school comps have Firefox, so might as well try that, anyway.) I dunno, guys. It's fun in a lot of ways, but...yeah, I don't know.

Both squee and bitching about Firefox follows )

So...once I'm done playing with it, I will pretty much have to go and uninstall Firefox again, because we just plain and simply do not have the space for it on our desktop computer.

But when Mom gets back, she's promised that she and I are going to go laptop shopping together at Laptop Depot. Whatever I get, it'll be bound to have way more space than our desktop, so I'll probably put both IE and Firefox on it. Oh, and I'll be able to stop using MP3 players as external drives.

(Actually, my sister has a laptop as well, so we'll then all have laptops that we're using partially as external drives for the home desktop. A sad statement on how obsolete our computer is, that we need 3 laptops on which to keep the stuff it can't hold. Also, the monitor is dying. ALSO, the right mouse button on our mouse died a few days ago, and I had to switch the scroll button to a right-click button.)

Mom's back tomorrow actually, so maybe we can arrange to go shopping sometime next week. Thursday, maybe.
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I saw an academic adviser yesterday. FANTASTIC news:

Due to transfer credit, I have already completed half my general education requirements for the next four years.

Generally, students in a Bachelor's program are required to take a total of 12 General Education classes - four, "foundation," level, four second-level, and four third-level - from four "clusters." Those clusters being:

1. Numeracy and Scientific Literacy [math and science, obviously]
2. Values, Beliefs and Identity [humanities]
3. Community and Society [a weird mix of stuff that wasn't under the first two clusters, including more geography and history, women and gender studies, economics, more philosophy and sociology, poli. sci. and...phys. ed.]
4. Communications [speech and stuff not included under cluster 2, i.e. more theatre and English lit]

SO. Other than the two "foundation" level courses I need to take this year (in clusters 1 and 3), I can go straight into taking third-level Gen Ed. courses if I have the prereqs, or just the prereqs for the third-level courses I will WANT to be taking in the next few years. AND I don't have to take courses from all four "clusters" if I don't want to - I'm only required to spread myself over two clusters in the future, so I have a LOT more freedom of choice in my Gen Ed.

Freaking AWESOME, eh? I can go straight into taking, "Gender and Popular Culture," and things like that.


Edit: Slightly less awesome: I mis-read my schedule and missed a tutorial today. Oops? *frowny face* My schedule's changed a lot, which is probably why I got confused. Plus I didn't have my books ANYWAY (stupid bookstore...).

Not having a printer to print off said schedule really sucks. I need to figure out where I go to put money on my campus card so I can just print it off at school.
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Between being called back in to work before I'd slept and needing to be up yesterday to go to a barbeque my dad and his girlfriend Jennifer invited me to at their condo (mmm, Cajun steak!), I didn't get a lot of sleep until, oh, TODAY.

But! Now I have slept. Finally. So why am I still draggy and tired? Oh well. I'll probably start to really wake up around midnight. *eyeroll*

And I have a Dalek keychain that [ profile] siegeengine sent me! (Thank you, Frank! I love!) Weirdly, I couldn't find a good picture of it online, but here's a very fuzzy picture of it. [Whoops, link!fail fixed.]

I showed it to my mom the other day after I'd managed to unwrap it from the 60lbs of wrapping [ profile] siegeengine always superglues stuff into (possibly the Dalek might have escaped to terrorize the universe otherwise, though, and YAYZ BUBBLEWRAP):

Me: I HAS A DALEK! *holds up*

Mom: *puzzled* U HAS A DALEK? Y U HAS DALEK?

Me: Frank sent it!

Mom: Ahhh...I wondered what the package was! Looks a bit fragile, doesn't it?

Me: Well, actually the eyestalk and whatnot are soft plastic, so they're pretty flexible. And look, it has wheels! *rolls across computer desk* And look, it came with its own display case! *holds up also*

Mom: Well, of COURSE it does. It's Who!

...Well, I guess she has a point there. (And yes, in case you were wondering, my mom and I DO speak to each other in lolcat.)

I had it in my pocket when I went to Dad and Jennifer's, so part of our dinner-time conversation ended up revolving around Doctor Who. They each examined the little Dalek, with me explaining ("...the whisk is actually a gun...the toilet plunger is kind of like their hand..."). Especially after the bit about the toilet plunger, Dad seemed a little dubious about the further explanation that Daleks are big-time baddies in the Whoniverse. ("Well, it's scary if you're six.")

But we ended up discussing the similarities between Classic Who fen and New Who fen, and Classic/New fen of Battlestar Galactica and the similar arguments/conversations these fen tend to have. Because Dad is fan of the classic BSG series while Jennifer favours the new version, and I just couldn't help but point out how familiar their potshots sounded. ("The old version wasn't one of the best shows on television!"/"The new version ruins the characters!")

In other totally random news (well okay, it's not in ANY way news), Lawrence Miles is the biggest wanker EVAR. Grudgewank highlights this time include:

-Suggesting his, "The Book of the World," script/screenplay/whateveryoucallit is better than Moffat's, "Silence in the Library." (And now I REALLY want to read "Book of the World," just to see if it's any good.)

-Insulting Neil Gaiman(!).

-Blaming Moffat for his own alcoholism and the kerfuffle that lost him the respect of the entire Who production team.

THIS GUY IS SO FUCKING INSANE WHAT. (Although he CAN make the occasional excellent point, as well as be extremely funny - the bit, "We know [RTD's] always had a camp streak as wide as his buttocks, and there have been times during his Confidential interviews when he's looked as if he wants to launch into a chorus of 'That's Entertainment', so perhaps it's no surprise that he might now consider the presence of Kylie Minogue to be more important than the presence of a plot," nearly had me PEEING myself. Doesn't this just make it sadder?)

The LAST time I read one of his rants, he was claiming that Who started to go downhill when it started filming on celluloid in an attempt to look more slickly produced (i.e. "American," according to Miles). I mean, who SERIOUSLY thinks filming on tape is superior?

What a wanker.
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I have a snazzy new journal header!

I don't normally announce these things these days. But I felt I ought to mention it this time, since the person I got the header off of, [ profile] dana_cz, altered it from a full-color version (which she posted in her lj, here) to my specifications so I could match it to my layout colors.

I mean, that's just too kind NOT to mention. Generally speaking, when people have spent hours on a graphic getting the colors and textures and transparencies and blending and so on just so, it's common for them to get tetchy when someone comes along and says, "LOL THATS GRATE BUT KAN I GETZ IT IN EARTHTONES?" At least in my experience.

So yes. Thanks, [ profile] dana_cz! (She made this icon too, incidentally.) I'll probably switch back to my black/grey/white/red House layout eventually, but for Series 4, I quite like this.

Also, since my computer (unlike the laptop I originally created an external stylesheet on for my House layout) will NOT open CSS files in ANY way, shape or form, I got to spend some time pouring over the source file for my lj to alter my layout this time. As a result, I think I understand how CSS works a bit better now - certainly not enough to create anything from scratch, but I DID manage to remove the pesky underlining of links in my lj (which has ALWAYS bugged me), as well as fix some padding issues I was having with my sidebar. So. Yay?

I...really don't want to go to work today. I feel like I might actually have creative writing inside me to do. Which is rare, but it's even rarer I can indulge it. It's not going to happen today, either. Oh, well. Actually, maybe I CAN write something before I have to leave for work. I'm just going to pretend that's going to happen, because I'm feeling optimistic. I've gotten in touch with some people I've been meaning to call, reached my dad, etc. Surely, given my current karma, today will be a good day!

I'm still working on an analysis of David Tennant's handwriting, but I'm quite excited about it. I think I need to email someone about some more puzzling traits, though. I don't want to post until I'm more sure about them.
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Discovered via [ profile] t_eyla:

Steven Moffat will be replacing Russell T. Davies as head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who.

For anyone who might watch Who, but not be sure who he is: he wrote the two-parter, "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances," in series one; "The Girl in the Fireplace" in series two; and the well-awarded, "Blink," in series three. Also, "Time Crash," and the upcoming "haunted library" two-parter this series.

I spent a solid twenty minutes HAPPY DANCING to this news! I mean, I physically got up and danced. And giggled and grinned to myself for about an hour while I had lunch. SO MUCH YAYNESS AND AWESOME.

Also? I have a giant Dairymilk bar all to myself right now.

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For any members (present or future) of [ profile] debunkingwhite - [ profile] stoneself has posted a great article on the purpose of the community:

What I Think debunkingwhite Is About.

Sample quote:

debunkingwhite is about debunking white.


  • not about highlighting white anti-racism.
    debunkingwhite is not the place for white people looking for cookies. no one here is going to hand you a cookie for your "good" anti-racist behavior. and again, just because debunkingwhite isn't about rewarding people for anti-racist behavior, doesn't mean the people here don't see your anti-racist behavior.

    if you really need a group for that, i suggest you go create cookies4antiracistwhites.


Related thought: some of the things people say in [ profile] debunkingwhite, ostensibly to demonstrate their willingness to engage the ideas and the discussion, are so goddamned obnoxious!

I mean really, INTENSELY butt-licking obnoxious. SCREAMING for praise and pats on the head. For example:

*shuts up and goes back to learning*

...Okay?! Do you want your Good White Person sash badge now? Jesus. WTF.

And I keep mentally debating. Should I say something when I see this nonsense? Am I sure it's always as obsequious as it sounds, or am I making excuses for people if I think perhaps in an effort to sound like they were listening, they worded it badly?

Would it actually help things along to say something, or is that just an inevitable stage that every white anti-racist moves through? Is there a way to point it out without having someone who is tentatively becoming more involved in the discussion decide the community is "mean" and "jumps on everything" and withdraw?


(And oh my GOD, I've had this stupid headache for HOURS now, and it won't GO AWAY. *snarls*)
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Some weeks back, House fandom alerted me (via a fanfic) to the existence of the PlayStation 2 music video game Guitar Hero. Which I'd never heard of before. (Yes, I'm THAT clueless. I was also so late to DDR that it wasn't cool anymore by the time I had a dance pad.)

I've been looking around for it ever since, but it wasn't selling anywhere in the mall where I work. And then last week, suddenly everyone was carrying it again - new shipments must have come in or something. My coworker informed me, so I hustled my butt down to EB Games and picked up the bundled game/controller package for Guitar Hero II.

(Well, hustled down there and then stood by patiently waiting for the guy at the till to stop monologuing to the harried cashier about his gameplay in some first-person shooter or other. It occurs to me that the employees at games stores must get that sort of thing on a regular basis, and I have new appreciation for my job.)

Anyway. Guitar Hero II. This game ROCKS you guys, no pun intended. I may be the only one who hadn't heard of this game before, but just in case I'm not: if you own a PS2 or an Xbox, you should try this.

The breakdown (okay, THAT pun was intended): )

Basically: it's DDR air guitar crossed with pretending you're Whitney Houston or Josh Groban in the shower. Admittedly embarrassing to be caught doing, but seriously INSANE AMOUNTS OF FUN.

I'm not so hot yet, but I've started getting 5 stars (out of five) on the Easy songs the first or second runs through (and my first perfect score, whoo), so I've started trying some Medium, and DAMN is this game a pain with small hands. I played today until my hands were about ready to fall off at the wrists, so I guess I'll see how much this aggravates my RSI...and how obsessed with this game I actually want to be.

FOUND ON YOUTUBE! Favorite song to play so far, despite the fact that it still completely kicks my ass:

"Free Bird" cover on Medium. (Yeah, yeah. Favourite song to PLAY, I said. It's fun.)

I'm doing okay on the first half of the song, but after it kicks into the next gear, I'm pretty much left mashing the buttons. I WANT TO NAIL THIS SONG SO BAD. But I've only got 70% accuracy rate on this song right now. (Oh, and DUDE, I just noticed it's almost ten minutes long. That explains why my hands and arms were cramping so badly after playing it all afternoon.)

*is still trying to get some feeling back in his fingertips*

Okay, some more vids unrelated to my own playing:

An 8-year-old kid playing "Psychobilly Freakout" on Expert. There's a bunch of vids of this kid, who apparently owns more than one version of the game. Check out the parts where he turns his back to the screen. Awesome.

(Less awesome: the fact that he's one of several Guitar-Hero-playing children on YouTube. Ooooh, your child can play on Expert and is only eight? Mine is FIVE! Well, mine is FOUR! Is there NO competition parents won't exploit their children for?)

Also, a double-necked controller! Actually just two controllers stuck together that someone in a pizza costume is playing very badly. Which is just LOL-worthy...that someone would go to the trouble to build that. TOTALLY POINTLESS.

And for even more lulz, the comments left on Guitar Hero vids are always full of people who don't know what the word "game" means. I mean, I could have embedded these, but you'd miss the opportunity to read the gems people leave each other over this game.

That's probably enough obsessive geeking in public for one day.
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Just finished watching my mother's taped copy of the Doctor Who two-parter that recently aired.


"The Family of Blood"?


And I think I may finally understand why some people think David Tennant is hot.

Cutting this because it may be a wee bit spoilerish, and I don't know for sure that this one has aired in the U.S. yet )

SO. Yes. I will be needing screencaps and transcripts.

And to catch up more, because I've only watched up to "Dalek" in whichever series-thingie has the Ninth. (Okay, Wikipedia calls it Series 1, but I seem to have a mental block going on here, because it cannot be the first anything after EIGHT preceding Doctors. That just makes NO SENSE.)

It's hard to watch around my work schedule. Gah, fitting in a HAIRCUT is almost impossible, but I also did that today. Along with (I think) kicking a bug that was about to sink its teeth into my immune system.

Witness my accomplishments.
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...They accept money orders. And ship to Canada.

Yeah, so technically...I don't need a cane. And? It's a collector's item - see? It even says so at the top.

I didn't technically need a new LIGHTSABER either (with replica handle, realistic movement-sensitive sounds, and vibration on impact!), but... Well, let's just say I have a small collection.

I probably shouldn't have admitted that, though.



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