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In the past twelve hours, I have:

-once-and-for-all-maybe deleted Alice 2.0 off my computer. +2MB (Yes, it's sad that 2MB was too much space for the program. Now that my sister's cleared all her damn music off, it hardly matters, but still.)

-downloaded Orbit setup -2MB

-saved 18 photos -2MB (approximately)

-downloaded Einstein and Eddington again, in three zipped parts -800MB total (approximately)

-burnt the first two parts to disc and deleted them (which I hope works, because I have the big file on a flash drive right now, and they love to eat .avi files) +572MB

NET TOTAL, if I've added this all up correctly, should be: -230MB, or thereabouts. I've also been using the internet, so I should have lost a certain amount of space to temporary internet files, but I'm not including that because I don't know what it is.

So explain to me why my free space has jumped from 1.20 GB to 2.14 GB in the past few hours? What the hell is my computer doing?! Some sort of room-making process? Defragging? Shouldn't I notice that happening? And why the hell didn't it do that when I actually needed more space?!

I'm a bit worried it's just eating stuff.
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A question for you guys:

Is there really any food or substance which (in your personal experience) ACTUALLY works as an aphrodisiac?

I know there's a lot of mythology out there (oysters and so on), but does anything really, truly increase libido?

(Other than any drug that's actually meant to, like Viagra. Viagra might not actually be officially considered an aphrodisiac, but considering some of the second-hand accounts I've heard of its effects on people, I think it might as well be one.)

I'm just wondering if there's something I'm doing or eating differently lately that I could STOP doing or eating.

I am taking more Dexedrine for school, but since I'm ingesting it orally, I would think that it wouldn't have the same effects as amphetamines taken recreationally. (Besides, I'm pretty sure that's just meth, and doesn't apply to Dex whether I was snorting it or not.) And the only thing I think I'm really eating that much more of is salad, and well.

Eggs, button mushrooms and spinach aren't aphrodisiacs, are they? I really wouldn't think so.

I have hoooomewooork! Eleven pages of how globalization is affecting the Muslim world, and a debate on the "clash of civilizations" tomorrow to prepare for - to say nothing of my geography quiz to study for, my programming readings, my film study readings, and all the math I'm behind on.

(Why yes, I did spend today in bed in agony with my shitty back! Missed my first class because I was so tired I slept in, and then when I woke up, I was physically unable to get out of bed. So I spent all day in bed with a heating pad, and finally made it up and loosened up with heat patches. FTL.

Which leaves me even more to catch up on. Sigh.)

And this is very distracting on a day-to-day basis. How do you some of you people cope?!

Edit: Apparently there's a keyboard shortcut for "post." Wish I knew what THAT was so I could avoid it.
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Nevermind, I'm a dumbass )

Edit: Oh god, the answer was like, *valleygirl* DUUUUH!
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Okay, guys:

How the HELL do you get avi. files OFF your computer and onto a disc?

I don't need it to be a playable video disc. (Unless there's no other way to do it.) I just want to back some TV eps onto disc so I can delete them off our computer, and I'd be fine with a data disc as long as I could later open the episodes on my computer.

But everything I've tried with Nero Express doesn't work, and I don't understand why. Is this not possible, or what?

HELP! Please! Anybody!


Jan. 31st, 2008 04:47 am
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So, latest news:

I might - mightmightMIGHT - be getting...

...a dog.

Well, a puppy. Still, a DOG. It's very, very up in the air right now.

You see, it was going to be my aunt's dog. She lives in a condo with two fluffy black-and-white cats already - Daga and Indy (and yes, they ARE named after race tracks, in case you were wondering) - but apparently her friend is a dog fanatic, and convinced Heather [my aunt] to get the brother of the little female dog she just bought from a local breeder.

And I'm all kinds of mad about that, because from the sounds of it, Heather didn't seriously consider this decision at all. Just...laid down the $900 for it, and bought the dog.

Although luckily, it sounds as if the breeder is VERY responsible and caring, and she offers a full-money-back guarantee on her dogs for the first 2 years. After that point, she will not give your $900 back...but she WILL take back the dog, no matter how old. She will not let her dogs be chucked out on a freeway somewhere. I like that.

It's a bichon/shitzu ("shichon", apparently) and terrier mix (I'm guessing a Yorkie), and Heather even has a tentative name for him. (Wicket, after the Ewok who befriended Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi. Being the Star Wars geek that I am, I approve.) He really does look a bit like an Ewok - snub-nosed, with a heavy eyebrow ridge and bright little black eyes. His coat is mostly golden/tan, with a little bit of black, especially on his tail...that's probably the terrier influence.

And Indy, despite being a coward at first, was getting used to the dog enough that he'd come close enough to taunt it. But it turns out that Daga...isn't eating as long as Wicket is in the condo. Apparently, the dog is between her and her food dish. And she won't come out of her hiding spot to eat.

Heather is deeply distraught and guilt-ridden over this, and contacted the breeder, Collette, to let her know that she would have to return the pup. (Collette: "Sometimes, you know, cats can take up to a month to get used to a dog in the house." Heather: "Um, my cat can't not eat for a month.")

Evidently her friend Colleen (the one with the sister dog) was supposed to pick up and hang on to Wicket until Saturday, when Heather can take him back to Collette. But she flaked out on Heather. So when my mom and I came back tonight from a dinner out at Swiss Chalet, we got an emergency call from Make One (where my aunt works part-time), which turned out to be Heather begging us to take him tonight.

Which of COURSE we did. We'd never turn a stray (human or otherwise) out.

After some discussion on the phone, my aunt is now seriously offering him to me. (Not my mother, because my mom could never afford it.) She's suggested I could pay the $900 to her in installments. (In actual fact, I could do the lump sum, but installments might be a better plan when I have rent and board to pay, plus my Dexedrine prescriptions, so I may just go with the installment plan if I do this.)

Mom and I will have to discuss this with Collette, and my sister would have to agree. (She's already expressed some opposition, although that seemed to center mostly around how our cats would react...she was worried they'd respond like Daga.) And of course our cats would have to show that they could adjust.

But yeah, we might do it.

My lap didn't need a dog, but... )

We will be keeping him until Saturday at least, so we'll see how that all goes.

Opinions, anyone? Keep the dog for a trial run, yes or no?

[Poll #1130521]
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Okay. There is a bug in my bedroom.


There is a BUG. In my BEDROOM.

Read more... )


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