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Enough emotime, though.

I have a new knitting project. Mom is teaching me her pattern for washcloths. She seemed pleased that I could read it, but it's really, really basic. It's different from the plain garter squares I've done before because it's knit on the bias (i.e. from corner to corner, rather than edge to edge), and it has an edge with lace-like holes in in, so I now know how to do yarn-overs. (Not like they're hard; I just didn't know that before!) I'm using a yarn that's yellow and white...Mom called it "corn."

So I'll be knitting a bunch of washcloths for my Aunt Krista for Christmas, because she specifically said she would LOVE knit washcloths as a Christmas gift. HINT.

Also, my cat blanket is coming along...I have about 16 inches or so of length on it so far.

I had it spread out on the floor to measure the width yesterday (looks like it will be quite close to the desired 24 inches!), and Callisto quite deliberately walked over...stepped on it experimentally with one paw...and then walked onto it and made as if to plunk his fuzzy butt down. But then got distracted and left before I had to shoo him off. (Geez cat, it's not finished yet.)

I think that's a good sign.
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Finally managed to sign up for the Ravelry beta; the link was malfunctioning for me before. But Mom and I are both planning to have accounts; she's noodling over our options as far as uploading photos goes.

Of course, I immediately checked my place in line, just as a point of reference:


Found you!

  • You signed up on Today
  • You are #38942 on the list.
  • 16724 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 1 people are behind you in line.
  • 56% of the list has been invited so far



(And wow, there's already someone BEHIND me!)
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Since I made my first Poverty Projects post, my knitting projects plans have undergone some shifts. For one thing, I keep knitting squares. Partially because I'm not satisfied with previous ones, and partially because they're fairly quick and simple.

I think I'll be moving on past squares now (not that I won't still be knitting them; just that they won't be my only projects on the needles). As a modification to the list in that post, I'll be starting with:

-some washclothes (which can also be donated)
-a cat blanket for my kitties

(They like to take turns sleeping in this open box in the basement, and they especially like it when we pile one of our afghans in it. Unfortunately, anything they lie on a lot obviously gets covered in cat hair - to the point where it isn't even washable anymore. And I don't want that to happen to our afghans. So I'm making them a blanket to line the box with.)

After THAT, scarves. Really.

And just in case you were wondering if I'm making this up (hey, if you knew how hopeless I am with my hands, you might!), here's a project dump! This may not be that interesting to other people (truthfully, these all look pretty much the same), but I like the idea of keeping records of what I've made - especially since most of it will be leaving my house and heading to various donation bins.

We can't get digital pictures onto our computer at the moment, so these are all scans. Squares are flat, so they aren't TOO bad to scan. The color is a bit funny when first scanned, though. I did my best to clean these up in Photoshop [CS2], but there's only so much I could do - these would definitely look slightly different in natural light.

(There's four images behind the cuts, and each of them SHOULD take about 10 seconds or so to load on a 56k modem. Unless Photoshop lies to me, which is always possible.)

Sorta-squarish squares )

And just for fun, I have one more image here. I scanned in the last square I did while I was working on it, just to see if I could show you guys one pair of my translucent needles. And if I turn them at an angle, it doesn't work out too badly!

Still looks like a scan, of course )

Okay, so that's it! Gonna go look for basic cat blanket patterns now. I have to hit the library, but I figure I can grab some more cheap yarn for said blanket while I'm out.

*waves to his list*
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A discovery made 0.2 nanoseconds after making the last post:

Acrylic yarn


acrylic needles

= OY.

An entire bathtub of rubber duckies would probably squeak less. And they'd definitely be easier to manipulate.

Oh, well! I made my bed, so I guess I'll knit in it. I'm having fun picturing Mom cursing over this combination of tools and material when I inevitably screw up and go to her for help, though. Heh.
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Completely Random )
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*major sulk*
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Working on my square still. (Six-and-a-half inches, yay?)

I had one stitch being a pain in the ass, and as I was struggling with it, I twisted my goddamn wrist. OH HOLY FUCK, that hurt. I've been having more trouble with my wrists too, so am not happy. (I would blame it on being online more, but this slight flare actually seems to pre-date my extra internet time.)

Remind me NOT to do that again. If a stitch isn't cooperating, I need to stop and regroup.

Seriously, I've done this more than once. Ow, ow, ow. I've been warned I have some HEAVY work shifts coming up in August, so the last thing I need is to seriously re-injure my wrists. *sigh*

In other news, I discovered this through a link listed in one of my mom's knitting magazines, and it's quite cute (it's for children):

The Good Scarf Project

Evidently inspired by this kid's book: Knitting Nell. Which looks like a good book to add to any list of inoffensive, positive children's books.

(I myself was raised on a fairly steady diet of "positive theme!" children's books and educational software, and consider myself not-much the worse for it - I did manage to miss a few classic films, apparently, but oh well. Also, I did sneak some DOOM in there, but nothing's perfect.)

Following links, I took note of this book on Amazon: Knitting For Peace. Weird, because I recognize nearly all the other books in the, "Customers who bought this book also bought..." section from my mother's collection, but not this one. Does she not have it? I'll have to ask.

Also, for anyone who knits but hasn't seen these communities, or who may become vaguely interested over the coming weeks as I occasionally ramble about it:

[ profile] knitforcharity
[ profile] knitforchange
[ profile] craft_for_cause
Edited to add: [ profile] knit_for_peace

...Because really, unless you have a child that's still too young to protest being shoved into whatever you make it (intending no disrespect to anyone, but I REMEMBER this indignity - awwww, MOM!), then what ELSE would you knit for besides charity?

(Well, I guess there's just because you like it. But still, I don't really know what my mother's going to DO with all those socks.)
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Some time back, on one of my days off when I was really bored, I asked my mother (who has recently gotten back into knitting - which is now apparently a craze), "So, how do you knit?"

She evidently thought that was a hilarious question. But she got me a pair of needles and a big ball of "practice" yarn, and got me started on an 8x8 inch square.

It's not a totally useless project. Apparently there's a yarn store in our city which is collecting 8x8 inch squares for an ongoing project - they collect numerous squares, and then knit them into blankets. Then they donate said blankets to the local homeless shelters.

So I'm knitting a square, out of this large ball of Red Heart yarn. (The store has asked for crappy-yarn-squares, because if the blankets are too nice, the poor homeless people will get attacked for them.) The official color of this stuff is "multicolor" - it's sort of an Easter-egg rainbow.

So far, I have 5 inches of length - w00t!

Weirdly, it's inches wide. I have no idea why this is, or whether it will be smaller when I get it off the needles, or what. (It also fans out at the starting end, but Mom and I think this due to the fact that she did the cast on and first row, and her stitches are much looser than mine.) I think I will check out some sites and books for beginners, and then ask in [ profile] novice_knitters if I can't find something to tell me. Otherwise, I guess maybe I'll make it 8½x8½ inches and call it a washcloth? (What happens to 100% acrylic when it gets wet?)

I also need to learn how to cast off, how to cast on (Mom did it for me this time), and possibly how to purl. Then, I have the following projects in mind (possibly to be edited for skill value, etc.):

List of Knitting Projects

-1 more square, for more practice
-2 adult-size scarves, for practice
-a "family" of scarves (two adult size, two somewhat smaller for children)
-2 adult-size hats, for practice
-a "family" of hats
-2 pairs of mittens
-a "family" of mittens
-...gloves, maybe? own blanket?

To be donated to shelters in time for the winter.

I'll be a bit busy with these, I think.


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