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1. Dear Doris Egan,

Thank you SO MUCH for remembering how to write House in character. I could say thanks for so much else, but this is the thing that means the absolute most to me. Other people have been complaining for a while now that House has been OOC this season, and while I haven't had quite as low an opinion of it as some, I did agree that this season's House was drifting somewhat. The thing that's really saved it has been Hugh Laurie's consistently brilliant performance; without him, this character would have been all over the place.

Not this episode. THIS is the House I fell for so many months ago when I watched the pilot; THIS is the House I know so intimately, and so adore.

Hopefully, the rest of the writing team will follow your lead. But even if it's only for an episode...

Thank you for bringing House back.


2. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!!!11!eleventy!


This subtext is rapidly becoming...oh, whatever, it's already text )
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My commentary on House fandom's [ profile] elicia8 wank:

I knew that she was a huge fake all along. I mean, I gave her the benefit of the doubt...but I just had that sinking feeling, you know? I haven't been commenting to her journal lately because my workplace is trying to kill me I was really starting to feel manipulated, and I didn't like it.

I don't know why other people didn't notice it, was really obvious that she was just Photoshopping screencaps.

For example:

The charcoal portrait of House is clearly a fake.

To prove it, I'll do the same thing.

Here's a basic screencap )

Here's the same cap run through a Photoshop filter )

...See how easy that is? I'm sure I could do an even better job with a program more advanced than Photoshop.

Also, the "scribblism" portraits?

TOTALLY a Photoshop filter. I'll post my examples of how that can be done just as soon as I figure out which filter it is.

IN CONCLUSION, 'tis a puzzlement how people don't think things through these days. I say they didn't get enough Sesame Street as kids.

On that note, have some Sesame Street! )
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Okay with the earlier rant out of the way, some brief commentary:

What a mighty good man, what a mighty mighty good man )

Blah. I'm tired. I cannot believe it's actually only 5 p.m. - it feels more like it's eight. Possibly because it's been dark all day. I should really go to the library and return books, but I don't want to. *whine*

My eye has been twitching all day. I don't know why, but Google sez it may be because I've spent too much time in front of the computer and should get off.



Nov. 7th, 2007 02:29 pm
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Dear House Fandom:

It's bad enough that you referred to "CIA chick" as the woman with the "horrible fake tan" when the promos for this episode were running last week.

And spending your time this week saying she's "ugly," "skanky," "whorish," and similar for doing the same thing every other female on the show has done, i.e. flirt with House? DOES NOT WIN YOU POINTS, EITHER.




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I woke up today with a nasty leg cramp, so I went back to sleep, and slept in WAY too long. I missed the opportunity to do a birthday dinner with my dad, but since I didn't feel like going out anyway, I don't really care. I forgot to call my Aunt Krista back, too...

Today has been a NOTHING day. I didn't even get the growing hole in my work pants patched. I feel like crap about that.

About the only dubious accomplishment I managed today was typing up a TL;DR application to [ profile] house_stamped. I think it's a bit biased (or maybe that's just how it looks to me), but after several attempts to "fix," it, it's as unbiased as it's going to be. I just avoided giving a direct answer to the "who do you relate to" question.

So yeah. My work for the day is here if you're a member.

I need a shower. And food.
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Since it was only two weeks ago, some of you may recall me posting about this House/Wilson slash author:

"I...had an accident."

I had no intention of sending people to pile-on when I posted that; I really just wanted to vent. And I felt sort of guilty for doing so, honestly, since it's really not my usual style to snipe at people in locked posts. As a general rule, I find that cowardly. If I have an issue, I take it up with that person, or post publicly, or say nothing.

As much as she annoyed me, I just wasn't willing to tell her that I thought her House and Wilson were way out-of-character when she'd already written 56 chapters. Whether or not it's professional to accept crit gracefully, I know I'd be crushed if I had that much invested in a story and was told that. And hey, a lot of people apparently enjoyed it regardless. She even seemed to clarify the drabble issue for me. So I was almost sorry I posted.

Well, I just went to [ profile] house_wilson, and at the top of the page is a new post from her. It opens with this note:

(Okay, you all have nagged me, so I'm doing this the "correct" way. Apparently, people don't appreciate the possiblity of character death without being forewarned. Silly me, I thought this was just fiction.)

And her "disclaimer" reads:

Possible Character Death; Story not told in order of occurence

So: she's apparently unaware of what the disclaimer is actually for (despite the fact that I've seen her comments around for ages); she doesn't bother to spellcheck her posts; she's unwilling to clarify whether the damn character actually dies or not (does she know?); AND she's willing to mock someone's attachment to a fictional character that she's writing about.

And I'd be willing to bet that she probably figures she should be entitled to the same privilege published authors receive, and not have to warn for character deaths to protect the integrity of her story. Which would be well and good if it weren't for the fact that she's writing in FANDOM, where people can choose another story about the same characters if they don't like YOURS, and it's just courtesy to let people know what they're in for. (Or alternatively, can look forward to.)

JESUS. What a wanker.

I'd actually say something this time, but you know, I'm getting the distinct sense it would be futile.
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...They accept money orders. And ship to Canada.

Yeah, so technically...I don't need a cane. And? It's a collector's item - see? It even says so at the top.

I didn't technically need a new LIGHTSABER either (with replica handle, realistic movement-sensitive sounds, and vibration on impact!), but... Well, let's just say I have a small collection.

I probably shouldn't have admitted that, though.

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From [ profile] hmd_tuesdays, of course.

Some relatively "standard" answers, some non:

HMD Tuesdays - No. 2 )
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If you're not a House, M.D. fan, there will be no reason WHATSOEVER to click the cut link. None.

If, on the other hand, you ARE (or you're just that curious), this is the first of my "HMD Tuesdays" answers. It's just like a "Friday Five," but House specific, and posted on Tuesdays. See?

I got the questions from this here brand-spanking new community: [ profile] hmd_tuesdays. If you like House, you may wanna add this to your friendslist.

I'll be posting my answers here (and probably not there) in the future, but they'll all be behind cuts, and lacking this preamble, so people can ignore them if they want.


HMD Tuesdays - No. 1 )

...And that's basically all I'm doing on lj for a while, because I have to run off and get some yay-my-day-off errands done. Gotta hit the library, go to the bank...go to the mall, maybe. We need BUG SWATTERS, ARGH.

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My fake shipper poll over at [ profile] hw_ot has a vote for Chase.

I saw that coming, but nevertheless find it hilarious.
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"I'm on SPEEEEED!"




/fangasm OUT

P.S. - I really need an icon of that moment, it occurs to me. NEED.

Edit: Drinking alcohol and blasting "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" to celebrate, and other thoughts have occurred to me:

Point-form spoilers for House, M.D., Ep. 3x22 )
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"'Night, Wilson."

"'Night, House."

...I could not love them more.
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There's a smallish discussion over in [ profile] house_md about "One Day, One Room," and how realistic it is for House to have abuse in his backstory. More yawning AND aggravation over people who Just Don't Get It.

However, [ profile] hry2007 linked to this site on emotional abuse which may or may not be of interest to some others on my list.

As a general rule, I would have ignored this link. But I had an OOC brainspasm a few months back, and bought a book at Chapters from the...self-help section.

Understand, I NEVER do that. Self-help books, in my opinion, are written by money-hungry con artists feeding on human insecurity, or they're written by namby-pamby touchy-feely therapists convinced there's deep meaning in the shapes you see in the clouds.

Nevertheless, I've been more and more bothered lately by the sense that my life is stuck, wheels spinning in the mud. Treatment for ADHD got me a few inches farther, but not by much. Now what?

The book I bought was Secrets You Keep From Yourself: How To Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness. (Also on here.)

As you might be able to tell, it's one of those namby-pamby ones that basically asks you to identify all your !Deepest Fears! and tell them to Bugger Off.

I've never been less happy than I was after reading the first few chapters of this book.

See, I've been under the impression that I've greatly improved over the years. That a lot of my past is past. Oh, I know - everyone with a yucky past says that! But really - a lot of ugly ways of getting by in this world that I used to employ are no longer at the top of my list of coping skills.

What this book taught me: I've just REPLACED THEM, and possibly increased them. The long list of self-sabotaging behaviours the author lists - I have almost ALL OF THEM. I reject the idea that it's necessary to go to therapy for this shit, but still, if I have THIS MUCH work to do, maybe flinging myself off a bridge would be easier. (Note: that's not actually a plan of action.)

Is it any wonder that watching House is so raw sometimes, that I relate to him so much?

The above book was maybe just TOO much of a kick in the pants. This list - slightly less so, and I clicked it and considered it for that reason.

From the link - Characteristics of Emotionally Abused People )

Probably I'll have more to say on this later, but House is on. Oh, and I think we need more cat food.
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I just realized...

Just now...

Locking at the clock, which reads: 12:32 am, WEDNESDAY...


Jesus god, how did I DO that? I've had all the relevant info: channel, day of the week, time and air dates for upcoming House episodes on my greyboard for weeks. Prior to that, I kept all that on electronic post-it notes on my laptop. I've written this shit on my hand to keep from forgetting it. And I've managed not to miss an episode since late in the second season.

But I missed this one. I didn't even tape it, man. I guess I'll ask Dana at work tomorrow if she taped it, but I don't think she does.

Hell, I even took Dexedrine at 7:15, and didn't remember!


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Okay, THIS is what I meant to post the other day when lj was being poopy:


This is very House, M.D. fandom-related. If you don't watch House, this will NO SENSE. Feel free to ignore.

I have been meaning for a long while to post my thoughts on recent House episodes. I've not posted much of anything about House at all in this journal, because 1) I wasn't aware of ANYONE on my list who even watches the show until just recently, and 2) I wasn't posting much, period.

I meant to post a near ESSAY weeks ago with regards to "One Day, One Room," but that was the point at which my home computer ran down the curtain and shuffled off it's mortal coil, AND I've been home sick for three weeks. It was really an essay in my head, although I've lost many of the main points to some random memory storage I can't access, sadly.

I came here to post a few thoughts behind a cut (as I'm sure you non-House fans couldn't care less) about the most recent episode, the subsequent hour-long conversation I had with my mother about TV characterization challenges and fandom perspectives, and how that ties into my thoughts on the WHOA promo for the next episode. I was just going to sum up "One Day, One Room" really fast - I was picturing some weakly "Bridget Jones"-style summaries.

Ep. amazing. Clinic hilarity nearly hernia-inducing. Conversation with girl v. deep. At least think conversation with girl v. deep, could be wrong.** House "secret" well-played, am reflecting on own past. Have new philosophy: Hugh Laurie world genius.

Have second new philosophy: fandom full of morons.

**In case anyone thinks that I really believe this is as "deep" as philosophy gets, I'm playin'.

...Like that. Possibly stuff about "Needle in a Haystack," too. But I realized when I got to the update box that there's some older stuff that I really, REALLY need to get off my chest which I've been swallowing. Should've just given in to the inevitable and said this sooner.

If you DO watch the show, feel free to follow along here.


'One Day, One Room' )

Pissy letter to fandom re: 'One Day, One Room' )

Okay, I'm going to have to run to work, so more recent stuff can wait until later.


Of course, I don't actually have to work tonight. But I DO need to go home soon. My freaking mp3 player needs to FINISH CHARGING ALREADY, jeezus.


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