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Wheee, so how was everyone's Christmas? *BOUNCE*

Ours was good )
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Finished getting all the [local] presents wrapped and put under the tree (and my mom's stocking stuffed and hidden) about an hour ago. Finally. Ugh, I think wrapping is just about the worst part.

Unfortunately, non-local things will NOT make it to their destinations by Christmas. In fact, they're not mailed yet. Now that my mom's sister and her husband and son have moved to Sunny Cal, Mom and I decided to co-ordinate our mailing efforts for that part of the world. She went scouting the Canada Post situation earlier this month however, and even THEN express post wasn't guaranteed to make it.

Which, um. Canada Post's "Xpresspost-USA" service is supposed to take 5 days max under ordinary circumstances. Understandable that they might not be able to guarantee 5 days at Christmas, but we had way more than 5 days to get stuff down there, and the woman at the post office said, "Um. Might not make it."

Since we couldn't be guaranteed a Christmas arrival, we mutually agreed to hang on to stuff and send it a bit AFTER Christmas when it's less likely to get lost. Which, in retrospect, was a very wise choice...given the massive storms that have been assaulting Canada the past little while. God only knows how the mail is getting around.

So yeah, Christmas gifts will be late. Big shock, I know, me being late. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. But they're coming, I swear it!

I also feel better because the gifts Mom got her own sister aren't going anywhere either.

At Christmas Eve dinner tonight, my aunt Heather reported that a friend of hers who works for an airline (WestJet, I do believe) admitted to her that they have EVERY PLANE in the air. None on the ground. No back-ups. None down for maintenance. They're ALL flying. WOW.

Meanwhile, the mall was utterly DEAD today, and we all stood around at work and felt silly. And heck, it was so warm today in comparison to the brutally nasty temperatures we've put up with all month!

But apparently, nothing slows Santa down! I SHOULD now be going to bed, but I'm hungry so I'm having chocolate frozen yogurt instead. And I've been watching Santa's speedy progress on NORAD Tracks Santa, since [ profile] darkrosetiger reminded me of it, and the concept never fails to amuse me. Santa's flight is over now, but apparently Calgary was his 293rd stop.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, happy holidays if you don't, and roll on 2009 next week!

Night, guys!
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My computer programming exam is in three hours.

I haven't slept because I took some Dexedrine in order to be able to wake up...and then took some more, just to be sure...and then it was TOO much Dex, and I was awake all night. Smoooooth.

Now it's 5:30 and I'm wide awake and have been up for the past hour and forty-five minutes. But I haven't studied because I'm too jittery and wound up.


Got a haircut yesterday, at least. And Christmas shopping for my coworkers done. Geeked for a bit over Restoration Hardware stocking stuffers, which I'm kind of hoping some of which make an actual appearance in my stocking, since I talked them up to Mom. (Click here and scroll down to "Tools and Gadgets" to see what I mean.)

Also found the December issue of SFX (the Who special) at Great White Games. I noticed some stuff behind the counter that they didn't have on display, so I guess next time I'll ask if they carry DWM.

I think I'll go to the school now. Maybe I can study there.

God, I don't even want to THINK about my Geography exam tomorrow. Don't even go there, self.


Dec. 25th, 2007 08:35 am
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I spent a large portion of Christmas Eve dinner reading The World Encyclopedia of Cheese (my great-aunt and uncle have quite the varied library), and with the help of that book and Wikipedia's article on cheese, I thought I'd share some of what I've learned with you all.

Curds and whey! )

Cheese can be made from the milk of any creature which makes milk; but the most common by far are the cow's milk cheeses. Sheep and goat cheeses are also commonly used, although goat's cheese in particular is tricky to make well, and so suffers from the public perception of it as bitter.

(And I've HAD good goat's cheese, y'all. Believe me, it is THE SHIT.)

But do you know what OTHER animal's milk they can make cheese from?




Traditionally made from reindeer's milk, Juustoleipa is a soft cheese toasted by fire, which makes it look rather bread-like. Apparently, it is considered excellent cheese to have for breakfast.

Cool, huh?

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY! Or holiday of your choice.



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