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Bad News: I don't remember chemistry.

I mean, it's been four years since I did any of this stuff, and I quite seriously do not recall ANY of this. I discovered last night that I don't really even remember how to balance equations. *FACEPALM* Although at least THAT's gradually coming back to me as I look over chem help websites.

Ugly News: There's no way I'm even going to pass my prelab. None.

As hideous as it is to contemplate having to do this for the FIRST wet lab, I think I will skip it, catch up on some missed math homework instead (I hear we have a quiz today), and contact the instructor as per the course outline to ask for make-up work. Claim I was awake all weekend (I was, actually), and that I slept in (I did, actually, since I was planning to get up in the wee hours and figure this crap out, and I didn't wake up until 6:15 because I forgot to set an alarm, ARGH). And that it will NEVER, EVER happen again, really.

(I hope and pray. *dies* Why, oh why, does this lab have to be at 8 am?)

Then I'm going to go find some tutors (electronic or otherwise) and I'm going to spend ALL AFTERNOON (since I have no classes) on REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW so that I'm not sitting in front of my lab manual next week looking at it going, "What's a mol again?"

I got a 98% in chemistry once. It HAS to all be in my brain SOMEWHERE, I just need to nudge it out.

Good News:


Um. I look really, really awesome in a pristine, white, knee-length lab coat. If I do say so myself.

Yeah, that's not a lot of good, but there had to be SOMETHING.


Dec. 10th, 2008 11:50 am
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Holy fuck, the internets are being so stupid lately.

I'm going through another one of those cycles (it always goes in cycles because I bite my tongue for a while, and then give up on doing so - lather, rinse, repeat!) where every. single. goddamn. reply. in my inbox is, WTF I AM NOT RACIST JUST BECAUSE I AM SAYING RACIST BULLCRAP STFU and YOU THINK YOURE SO CLEVER DONT YOU WELL YOURE NOT SO SMART STFU.

I hate you all, you ignorant jackasses.


Thank god I have a haircut to get, Christmas shopping to do, and exams to study for. I have excuses to make myself get off the stupid goddamn internet and away from all its stupid goddamn PEOPLE.

Now I just have to deal with the idiots at the mall.


P.S. To the newest person to add me (if you're actually watching this, you know who you are): adding only people in Native American-related communities (or so it appears) when you have no entries in your own journal kinda makes you look like a troll. Just sayin'.

If you're not a troll, I'd advise you to expand your interests and maybe post some things in your journal so people can get an idea of what you're like.

Also, I'm actually white.
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You guys notice that, "Writer's Block" topic the other day, about September being ADHD month? I did. I wish I hadn't. Oh lord, the level of stupid when I clicked. Why did I click, why, why, why...

I was doing my best to ignore the idiotic posts and focus on the funny ones, but one jumped out at me: a guy stating that he believes vaccines, food additives and "flicker rates" on our televisions cause ADHD. Yup.

I couldn't resist replying to that. Obviously, we didn't see eye-to-eye, but the brief exchange remained civil. I would have left it at that except for one part in his reply to me about how genetics might be the cause of ADHD after all because stupid people breed more. I replied to say that while, yes, ADHD people have more children at a younger age, ADHD != stupid.

I also said I was dropping the topic, as I didn't want him to get the impression I was going to drag out the [largely non-productive] conversation for days. I thought that was polite.

The reply I got in my inbox:

I really don't need to be informed of when you think you are done with a topic. If you are done, you simply won't reply; it really is quite visibly insecure to try to "drop it" so vocally.


And here I thought it was just web courtesy to let someone know whether the interaction will be continuing or not if you're not familiar with each other.

The rest was a bunch of nonsense about how maybe I'm insecure because I'm gay (because my info says I'm queer, and queer = gay, right?), and it was condescending of me to, you know, state facts about rates at which ADHD people breed. Er?




I really can't remember the last time I got an attacking comment like that which actually made me stop, giggle, and wonder if the other person was on drugs when they wrote it.



Aug. 21st, 2008 01:39 am
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To all the various people I owe stuff to: OH MY GOD, I AM SO, SO SORRY. It's...really late at this point, I know.

The past two days I've done basically nothing meaningful except post a couple of dumb comments to lj. I pretty much slept ALL of Monday, Monday night, most of Tuesday, and last night. It was simply stupid. Every time I got up I'd think I'd start on my MASSIVE to-do list, starting with answering emails, and then...I'd get woozy and pass out somewhere. I've done a lot of sleeping on the floor. Mustang (that's my cat, the one that's in love with me) is thrilled, he's gotten to sleep snuggled up to me quite a bit recently.

At least I finally figured out what was happening late last night TMI follows )

So I showered, dug out my old glasses to wear, scrambled into some clothes and went to work. Got to listen to people telling me all day, "Wow, did you not sleep last night? You look like you're going to fall over." THANKS BUNCHES, PEOPLE. My eyes still have that gritty feeling to them, as if I haven't spent most of the past 48 hours of my days off passed out on my face. WTF? It's totally bizarre, when you think about it...when I was in withdrawal from Dexedrine, I felt like this for two weeks, which doesn't seem like it should be possible. But that's the human body for you; makes up it's own rules, it does.

So...yeah. "Bad day," doesn't quite cover it here. More like one of those days where you wonder why you got up at all.

But I've got laundry going, discs burning, and I'm in the process of answering email. If I owe you something which can be sent via the internet, you should have it within a few hours, as I'm working on it RIGHT NOW. If, gimme a couple of more days.

Apologies again! I really feel terrible you guys, I'm sorry.

Edit: Whoo, add "HTML fail" to the list.
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Ganked from my friendslist:

Religious Americans: My faith isn't the only way
Survey shows growing religious tolerance when it comes to different faiths

Generally a thought-provoking article, but for one truly headdesk-worthy line:

Another finding almost defies explanation: 21 percent of self-identified atheists said they believe in God or a universal spirit, with 8 percent "absolutely certain" of it.

THIS JUST IN: 29 percent of Americans har, make that 21 percent of American atheists and ignore my math stupid (thanks [ profile] cacahuate) ARE TOO STUPID TO LIVE.

What part of "atheist" do these folk not understand?!

The prefix "a-" means "NOT" OR "WITHOUT," people!


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Dear Whofic author,

There is not actually any need to credit the actors when you are writing a fictional story about their CHARACTERS. Really. Truly. You don't! Trust me on this.

It's enough to cite the source material your fanwork is based on. (And make sure you say said source material isn't yours! True, we might not know if it'll actually keep one of us from getting sued. The principle is to be nice and, "borrow without permission," rather than, "steal," see.)

I mean...

You DO realize David Tennant and Billie Piper aren't actually APPEARING in your fic.

...Don't you?

Fondly facepalming,

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Er, what's the fannish etiquette surrounding swiping someone else's fic idea? There IS no real fannish etiquette for that, is there? Beyond, of course, "don't do it."

Because...I've done it. Had a conversation with someone about a fic they wanted to write. Sat around wondering how that fic idea would work. Got an idea for how to make it work. Started writing it...

And then, 2,000 words in, it has JUST hit me that I COMPLETELY SWIPED THE IDEA. I never once really thought about it, because honestly, my track record for finishing fic is so terrible. I never thought I'd actually finish it. (And I haven't, as a matter of fact. Not even close.) The idea of my actually finishing a fic is so laughable that I was treating this as...basically an abstract concept. And it might as well be, since I'm sure I wouldn't have finished this one either, except...

Except now I've realized that if I actually DID, on some off chance, finish this fic, posting it would be low since I stole the concept. *facepalms* Oi. So I guess I shouldn't bother working on it any more, then?

LORD, THAT IS TERRIBLE. I can't believe this has really only just occurred to me. That bothers me more than the actual swiping, as it's still only on my hard drive now anyway and thus still private.

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Dear MRC and SAIT,

Please explain to me why I should need to remember my student ID number in order to request transcripts? Why am I providing you with my full name and dates of attendance if that's not sufficient to locate me in your database?

Especially if I attended your school many years ago (MRC, I'm looking at you), there ought to be a way for me to look up this information which DOESN'T also require me to remember logins and passwords and such from an equally long time ago.

You're just going to have to look up this information for me, BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE IT.

No love,

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Best line from a porn story that I've read today:

Pleasure came at him from every direction like cars in slow motion as they smashed into one another at an intersection, and he felt his orgasm rising.

(emphasis mine)

Nothing more needs to be said, I think.

From a post at [ profile] weepingcock here.
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FOUND ON OKCUPID, in the profile of a 16-year-old Calgarian kid who opened his self-summary with a passionate defense of his underage use of the site ([...]You may think age gives you authority to dictate others choices and pass judgment, but really it doesn't. No one listens to old people[...]):

Personality Awards

More Lawful

Dear OKCupid:

Your amazing, unique mathematical approach?

Yeah, I don't think it works very well.


Dog update

Feb. 2nd, 2008 02:38 am
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Well, THAT was short-lived. Doesn't look like we'll be keeping the dog, after all. I have no idea what's going to happen, actually.

Thursday morning, things were looking relatively hopeful. Wicket slept through MOST of the night - he woke my Mom up whimpering around 7 a.m., but hey, that's still a decent number of hours. (I honestly can't recall when he went to bed - I think it was midnight, though.)

And the cats were doing a bit better about him, too - Manhattan bravely faced off with him a single stair away, until he charged her playfully. Then she retreated. Callisto even came within a foot of me holding him (begging for pets, as usual). Although he was careful to circle around my back (watching Wicket warily), and when he made eye contact with the dog after making his way around the front, he hissed and ran away again. Wuss.

Still, they were coming closer. (Mom suggested we could put him in one of our little kennels and let them sniff, since HE'S not at all afraid of THEM.) And they seem remarkably unperturbed by the fact that he insists on drinking from their water fountain. Mom got me to help her measure him, and his little doggy sweater is 99% finished today - she just needs to finish the buttons.

Then Thursday night, it all went to hell )

In the morning, Mom informed me that after THAT night, there is No Way we are keeping Wicket. She got - le gasp! - three hours of sleep, she tells me. (A fact which admittedly hardly rouses my sympathy, given how little sleep I've often gotten in the past few years because of work and school schedules. I wanted to tell her, "Great, do that for several more days in a row, and THEN you can complain.")

Just to prove how tired she was, Mom proceeded to be an absolutely evil bitch for the rest of the day. Like, oh, A CRANKY TODDLER. *grits teeth, pulls hair* I'd LOVE to see her in the service industry!


Me: So I guess it's a good thing you can't return children, eh? Babies are a lot more work than this.

Mom: You guys were better than this dog.

Me: Are you suggesting we wouldn't be here if we hadn't been?


She also told me that if Wicket didn't sleep well tonight, I could stay up with him. Which...uh, NO. If we (meaning me) aren't keeping the damn dog, I am NOT sacrificing MY sleep for HER [irresponsible] sister's dog. I, unlike the rest of the household, have a job to get up for.

(Oh yes, and dear mother complained to me too that she'd have to watch the dog in the daytime if we owned it. Considering that she depends on MY INCOME, I'd think she could manage to watch the dog. Ultimately, when he's out of puppyhood, he'd be barely more work than our cats - all four of which we specifically chose because they're highly social. And she's already watching the cats in the daytime.)

TONIGHT, Wicket is well again, and fenced into the kitchen rather than my mother's bathroom. Which works well enough, since he can only piddle and poop on tile, where it's easier to clean up. (Oh, and he's very cute crashed on his side.)

And my mother tells me that HEATHER WANTS TO KEEP HIM! *dead* WTF?!?

Mom: So we'll be "Doggy Day-care" until her cats are used to him. He'll stay there at night, but we'll take him some days so her cats get a break.

Me: More like "Puppy Foster Care for Puppies from a Broken Home." I did NOT sign up for that if we're not keeping him. This is bullshit - she can't just leave the care of him to us while she "owns" him.

Mom: Oh, like YOU'D have to worry about that. You're never HERE. You can't have a dog and never BE here.

Then she told me she's going to dig out the big kennel we used when we first got the kittens, so Heather can "crate-train" Wicket.


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Okay. Found the solution to the hair mystery JUST tonight. Been freaking out for days, and only a few hours after posting about it to lj, discover what a damn moron I am. Figures!

I went and asked my sister this evening if she'd noticed her hair getting lighter in places, thinking - if it's something environmental, maybe my sister's been exposed, too.

She said no, and why was I asking? I explained, pointing out that I avoid the sun, and I don't think it could be anything I'm putting in my hair.

She said, "Maybe it's something you're putting on your face?"

On my face...?

Oh yes, I put enough stuff on my face. I work in a grease pit, after all: all day, five to six days a week, and frequently these days in the greasiest position - rail. Now, left alone, my (adult) skin is rarely very acne-prone, but combine bad skin genes (no, seriously, really awful genes) with an environment this harsh, and you have a recipe for some really stubborn acne. So yeah, I've reverted to high school and its ubiquitous smell of salicylic acid.

The brand I'm using now, though, is NOT what I used in high school. Still, I thought nothing of swabbing it on without reading either the directions or the medicinal ingredients. I know how this stuff works, right?

(Which kills me now, because I ALWAYS read that stuff. And the one time I don't...)

When I realized that the reddish/blonde areas are all around my hairline, or directly on my face (eyebrow!), I went straight to the bathroom and pulled out the bottles to check the ingredients. And guess what I found listed?

1.5% Hydrogen peroxide

Fucking HYDROGEN PEROXIDE! I've actually been putting bleach DIRECTLY IN MY HAIR!

...Fuck. I cannot BELIEVE it took me this long to figure it out. It's just that I've never used a brand that had hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient before, and I would never have thought of it. *facepalm* Well, I saw my doc today and she gave me some prescription acne medication, so maybe I'll just set that OTC stuff aside.

On the plus side (*hair toss*), my pritty hair will be back to normal! ...Um. ...As soon as it grows out.

And HEY, at five bucks or so for what's probably several months worth of blonde I ever have a CHEAP home hair highlighting kit!
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It's "ES" people! "ES!"


T. H. R. O. E. S.

"THROES" of passion! Not that "throws of passion" doesn't conjure up some interesting mental images.

It's not that goddamn hard!



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