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For anyone who has not yet seen that video of Susan Boyle singing on "Britain's Got Talent."

Don't give up on those dreams, guys. This woman is 47 - that's an awfully long wait to get your dream. But I think it must have been worth the wait just to see the audience give her a standing ovation on the fourth lyric.

P.S. If you just want the audio, I've ripped it to an MP3. Let me know if you try to download it and run into trouble.

Sound quality is the best I could manage. It's the audio for the ENTIRE above video, so if you just want her singing, you'll have to crop it yourself. The only sound mixing program I had on my comp was free, and it ran out earlier this year. You can probably find a free sound mixing program to download yourself though, if you look.

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Date: 2009-04-17 11:18 am (UTC)
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Yeah i came across the vid yesterday? Or something? Lol. Wow. I don't know if she's the besst singer. But certainly good. And don't you just love how it shocked the judges...and the audience i suppose too but i didn't know if the standing was necessary or somehow contrived. Not that i don't want the woman to have a good spot light she deserved that moment...she almost ended it too soon by walking off! Lol.

But yeah. Awesome. And i saw that she got to to the rounds of a number of American tv shows this morning! Imagine that one day in a small village singing for yourself the next week flying to the US performing on TV...definitely a little hope in our lives still

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Date: 2009-04-17 03:52 pm (UTC)
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I think she must not even watch these sorts of shows. She really didn't seem to know that she was supposed to stay on stage. LOL.

And the people standing, I think that was partly the audience expressing their surprise and appreciation that they were taken by surprise and had underestimated her. I mean, I don't think anyone told them to do that - I know I've been a member of an audience where we all just sort of...did the same thing at the same time. The kind of "group mind" an audience can achieve is actually really eerie at times.

STOMP uses this. At the end of every performance, they do this thing (or at least, they used to...don't know if they still do) where they get the audience to clap out rhythms. Then they wind down to just a soft clapping that gets slower...and slower...and slower...and the performers stop clapping and the lights go down...and the audience is still clapping...and then suddenly, in the dark, everyone stops clapping at exactly the same moment. Every time.

Nobody seems to know how or why that works.

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Date: 2009-04-19 07:54 am (UTC)
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I just loved the expressions of the judges faces throughout her performance! Especially Amanda's rapt and joyful looks. LOL.

Ooh. Stomp huh? That's just opened here a night or two ago! I've been wanting to see it for years now...don't know if i'll go though. The place they had opening night in is pretty old and they said people were worried the balcony seats would fall as it shook in time with audience participation! I can imagine that...*shudders*

Devil's Advocate...

Date: 2009-04-17 02:48 pm (UTC)
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She has a great voice. That's not enough to be a great singer. She's no supermodel, but if she was serious about her passion for music, she'd have cleaned up nice a long time ago. Not crazy-dieting or anything like that, but singers are performers, and you have to present a package. That means pruning the eyebrows, a bit of makeup, dressing in a polished fashion, hair done, etc.

Singers don't just sell sounds. Right now, we're distracted by her looks, which limits a full appreciation/critique of the music. Case in point? The judges were too baffled by an "ugly" person sounding nice to say things like, great vibrato, lower register needs work, etc.

Re: Devil's Advocate...

Date: 2009-04-17 03:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, I noticed that about the lower register. She still has one of those voices you can't really get out of your head, y'know? That's why I ripped the audio; I went to get up from my computer and went, "No, I need that on my iPod."

Sometimes the judges do tend to let certain things slide in auditions that they come down on later on. I think they adopt a bit of a, "wait and see if they fix that," attitude, given that they start off with a fairly large pool of people to pare down.

What you're saying is true, but 1) I don't think she'd be such a media darling now if she HADN'T shocked the judges like that (man, it made my WEEK to see Simon's eyebrows go shooting up like that), and 2) I honestly don't think she has half a clue. (Did you see how she just kind of did a little bow and started to walk off? Like she didn't even know she was supposed to stay.) She comes off as someone who's mostly accepted her small-town life living alone with her cat, hasn't looked outside that for years, and just took this one last shot.

I think that's part of why people are so interested, really. This ISN'T someone who's been working hard at getting any kind of work as a singer.

Anyway - if she goes anywhere in the competition, they WILL see to it that she gets cleaned up. They always do in these sorts of competitions. Look at Clay Aiken, Bianca Ryan, etc.


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